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Before 08 Moves by Position

Anderson vs the Niners

Work needs to be done. Start now and do it right. We had a lot of highlights this year but there are a lot of things to be done before the next season starts. We’ll start with QB.

I think Anderson is an average QB at best. I’ve seen 3 ranking systems and DA is ranked 11th, 10th, and 15th. I admit DA has a strong arm. I have also said he doesn’t have the brains that Quinn has. He misses way to many short passes to the backs and short slants. Trade DA for a couple high draft picks. Give Quinn the reigns, and bring in someone more experienced than Dorsey to tutor him.

Running back
… Resign Lewis. He has miles left and he runs with wreck less abandon. He’s a punishing runner. I think you need to get Jerome Harrison in there also. He reminds me of Eric Metcalf. He’s small and can stop on a dime and change directions. Vickers has something to be desired but he’s ok as a blocking fullback.

Tight End
… What can be said about Winslow? He has it all. Physical stature, great hands, speed and determination. He might lack a little in team coming first. There’s no I in team.

Wide receiver … Edwards and Jurevicius are a great pair. Add to that, Winslow going long also. This is a great position for the Browns. Joe J is going to play at least 1 more year. Edwards has the ability to go high in the air and take the ball no matter where it is. His only fault is dropping a couple catches that should caught every game.

Center … Fraley did a good job this year, but he is 30. Maybe time to find a younger player to mold. Hopefully Bentley will be back next year. He’s only 28.

Guards … Steinbach had a pro bowl type year. Tucker had a decent year but he’s 32. I’d say he has a few good years left. Steinbach has several good years left.

… Thomas had a pro bowl type year also. With Stienbach next to him, they dominate any defense. Barring any injuries, this side of the line is the most secure 2 postions on the team. Shaffer had a decent year also next to Tucker. He has a few too many penalties but they put up a good fight on the right side too.

Defensive line
… needs a lot of work. Teams weak spot. Roye is going to be 35 this month. Robaire Smith is 30, and Shaun Smith is 26. Fraser played a lot too and he’s only 24. Roye and Robaire need replaced. This is where the 2 draft picks you should get for Anderson need to be used.

… Wimbley and Jackson are set. McGinest and Davis are getting old and didn’t do much this year. Peek, Williams, and McMillan should be ready to give some support.

Cornerbacks … Eric Wright and Leigh Bodden are decent. Holley is a decent fill in. Wright is going to be tough. Bodden got burned a lot at the beginning of the year but picked it up toward the end.

… Jones and Pool are decent. I think if this defensive backfield learns to play together they can be tough. Throw McDonald in there and I think they will be ok.

Special teams … Ranked 2nd in the NFL behind Chicago. They are one of the best. Cribbs is a return GOD. He gets it done and more. He’s awesome on coverage too, making tackles. No changes needed here either.

… Dawson will be 33 this month but he can still kick. He lacks on kickoff distance, rarely kicking it into the end zone but good enough to keep.

Punter … Zastudil is ok. He’s not a great punter but he does ok.

Coaches … I think most of our problems this year have been the coaching staff. If another team wants Crennel, let him go. I’m not impressed with him. He’s a defensive minded coach and that’s where the biggest problems were. The biggest problem on the entire team is Todd Grantham. Where was the pass rush? What happened to the Blitz? Why didn’t he send Wimbley more? Rip Scherer (QB coach) needs to teach Anderson some timing skills and how to not focus on the receiver you’re going to throw to. There is my opinion and a few remedies for this team.

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1 Comment

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