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Look Out NFL – The Browns are Coming!


That’s right !! The Browns are coming for you this year. I am excited about the moves this off season and draft. They made some really needed trades in the off season and made some decent moves in the draft with the picks they did have. I still say we should have been 12-4 last year and possibly 13-3. Browns fans are looking for even bigger things this year. If you remember some of my needs from last year … get rid of Grantham (they did), resign Lewis (they did).

I also said that Bodden got beat more than anyone in the defensive backfield (he’s gone), and the other thing I said was to start Quinn. I still say he’s smarter than Anderson. Sure DA had a great year. He had plenty of TD passes and yards, but he also had 19 interceptions and he was worse than a pee wee football QB at the dump offs to the backs and the 5 yard slants to Braylon over the middle. Quinn on the other hand, when he got in, put the ball on the money and 2 TD passes dropped in the end zone (Winslow and Edwards), and a dump off on the money which was dropped by Vickers. I think Quinn is as accurate as DA, and a lot smarter. We have a tougher schedule this year but we have a better team. Here is the list of starters in the Doctor’s log book.

QB … Quinn DE … Rogers
FB … Lewis NT … Smith
HB … Harrison DE … Williams
TE … Winslow LB … Wimbley
WR …Stallworth LB … Davis
WR …Edwards LB … McGinest
T … Thomas LB … Jackson
G … Steinbach DB … Baxter
C … Bentley DB … Jones
G … Hadnot (Shaffer had too many holding calls last year) DB … Holly
T … Tucker DB … McDonald

K … Dawson
P … Zastudil
PR, KR, Spec teams tackler, WR, QB, RB, and anything else the Browns need done



  1. BX

    May 20, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    You’re a bonehead if you think Quinn should start. You base nothing on facts, other than your “gut feeling”. Is Butch Davis running this site?

  2. Dan

    May 20, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    I based by entire article on facts. DA was 17th in QB rating (82.5), 27th in completion %(56.5), 3rd in interceptions with 19 (only 2 QB’s threw more), how many times did he miss the backs out of the backfield and Edwards on short slants over the middle by throwing behind him? When Quinn came in that one game, he was 3 for 8. 3 passes were dropped by receivers that had the ball right in their hands. Twice for TD’s, once by Edwards and once by Winslow, and a dump off to Vickers out of the backfield. There’s the facts.

  3. Russ Loede

    May 23, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Injury-prone Baxter starting – sure you can count on him? Pool will still start. Though Baxter was solid “back in the day” w/ Baltimore.

    Holly is now out for the year that means insert undersized Eric Wright.

    Watch out for Leon Williams to take away snaps from both Andra Davis and Willie McGinest.

    I think Rogers is too fat and slow personally to be a DE even though they play a 3-4.

    Jerome Harrison starting… that’s some boldness and intrigue! I like it! Jamal is getting old and isn’t as quick as Harrison.

    Quinn over DA – now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Joe J. will start if he’s healthy with Stallworth being the slot wideout. Donte’ is just too inconsistent and is better suited for slot while Joe on the other hand is tough and a great run blocker as the #2 WR.

    Hadnot over Schaffer is a great choice!

    Is Doctor your nickname now?

    Good post Doc Taylor!

    But I’m sorry – your Cleveland Browns will once again not make the Playoffs and they will also finish under .500 because of a lackluster secondary, an offense that will take a few steps back, and because it’s a new year and everyone will be ready to play against your team with that tough schedule.


  4. Dan

    May 23, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Great rebuttal Russ. I like Baxter as long as he can stay healthy. Also McMillan should get some time at LB and hopefully Orr steps up. Last year I mentioned they need to look for some help at LB, because McGinest was an old timer and Davis just doesn’t seem to be getting it done anymore. Hopefully Rogers will pick up on the word “DIET”, I think with the additions to the DL Wimbley will have a real productive year.
    I am anxious for Quinn to get in there. DA had a decent year at best. The bad passes on the dump offs and short slants turned me off to him alot. Those are the 1st passes you learn to throw in pee wee. I have been impressed with Harrison since I first saw him. He reminds me of Metcalf at times, but everyone in Cleveland knows the coaches didn’t have a clue on how to use Metcalf. Get Harrison in there.
    I’d love to see Joe J. in there all the time. Great possession receiver. Friends on AOL gave me the Doctor name 10 years ago. Thats my e mail too. lol. I would have to agree with the points of not having the record they had last year, but with the team we have right now (barring any other major injuries), I can see a 9-6 and with a break or two 10-6. If the Browns win the division this year then we will change it to Doctor permanently. GO BROWNS ! !

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