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Look Out NFL – The Browns are Coming!


That’s right !! The Browns are coming for you this year. I am excited about the moves this off season and draft. They made some really needed trades in the off season and made some decent moves in the draft with the picks they did have. I still say we should have been 12-4 last year and possibly 13-3. Browns fans are looking for even bigger things this year. If you remember some of my needs from last year … get rid of Grantham (they did), resign Lewis (they did).

I also said that Bodden got beat more than anyone in the defensive backfield (he’s gone), and the other thing I said was to start Quinn. I still say he’s smarter than Anderson. Sure DA had a great year. He had plenty of TD passes and yards, but he also had 19 interceptions and he was worse than a pee wee football QB at the dump offs to the backs and the 5 yard slants to Braylon over the middle. Quinn on the other hand, when he got in, put the ball on the money and 2 TD passes dropped in the end zone (Winslow and Edwards), and a dump off on the money which was dropped by Vickers. I think Quinn is as accurate as DA, and a lot smarter. We have a tougher schedule this year but we have a better team. Here is the list of starters in the Doctor’s log book.

QB … Quinn DE … Rogers
FB … Lewis NT … Smith
HB … Harrison DE … Williams
TE … Winslow LB … Wimbley
WR …Stallworth LB … Davis
WR …Edwards LB … McGinest
T … Thomas LB … Jackson
G … Steinbach DB … Baxter
C … Bentley DB … Jones
G … Hadnot (Shaffer had too many holding calls last year) DB … Holly
T … Tucker DB … McDonald

K … Dawson
P … Zastudil
PR, KR, Spec teams tackler, WR, QB, RB, and anything else the Browns need done



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