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Problems All Around

I’ve said it all along, that Crennel is too soft. Change his scheme or get rid of him. Your players aren’t your buddies, they are your employees. Make them work. The stupid, unnecessary penalties are a huge problem. These players are old enough to know the rules.

If not, teach them. That’s what coaches are for. The Browns got plenty of boos today. It was a mixture of everything. Bad play choice, penalties, lack of defense, lack of offense, missed tackles (several on the same play), DROPPED PASSES FROM EDWARDS, sloppy and loose coverage by the DB’s and safeties, Anderson was true to form (11 of 24 … that’s 45% completion %), running the ball the Browns averaged over 5 yards a carry (why only run 18 times?), both kickoff and punt return teams looked terrible, Cowboys had 3 receivers over 82 yards in receptions. Edwards didn’t even make a good effort today.

I honestly think the biggest problem is Crennel. He gives the players too much time off. I don’t think he works them hard enough. I saw 2 or 3 runs by Lewis where he worked his tail off by keeping those legs pumping and carrying defenders with him. What did the rest of the team do? Next to nothing!! Where was that Multi Million $$$ defensive line we are supposed to have? I think it’s time the coaches get off their duffs and create a football team here in Cleveland, instead of a boys day out.

I heard one of the announcers mention the lack of conditioning when Edwards came back to the huddle panting like crazy. These players are making millions of dollars to do something they enjoy doing. Make them earn their money. Work their butts off. They obviously need to be in better shape.

I also think you better have Quinn ready to go. I think DA will implode here shortly. I am not a DA fan as you can tell. Sure he had 29 TD’s, 3800 yards passing last year but he also had one of the lowest completion % in the NFL and 19 ints (which was 3rd most). The last 2 games alone he threw 5 picks. 4 against the Bengals in the next to last game of the year. DA is not going to improve much more.

When you see that DA is not doing anything and he isn’t moving the team, you need to get Quinn in. I am not some little teenie bopper waiting for Quinn to get in. I am a Die Hard Browns fan who has been attending Browns games since I was 3 yrs old. That’s 48 years I have stuck with the Browns through think and thin. We started off thin (very thin) today. Let’s hope it gets a lot thicker next week against our rivals. GO BROWNS !!!



  1. Ryan

    September 8, 2008 at 1:25 am

    No more “Romeo should do this” and “Romeo should do that.” RAC doesn’t have to do anything except leave. He’s not NFL Head Coach material and he never was. Should have been let go after his first season with the Browns (4-12). Instead, he rides Chudzinsky’s offense last year along with a cupcake schedule to a 10-6 finish and the SEVENTH best record in the AFC in 2007. That doesn’t mean a thing. Believe me, there’s plenty of blame to go around here and not just with the players and coaches. Savage selling the farm for Brady Quinn is coming back to bite this team as well. The Steelers draft Manningham, Sweed and Dixon to name a few… and the Browns draft an unused LB in the 4th round. Whoopee! Believe me, I saw this coming from a mile away. The Browns will lose next weekend on primetime TV against the Steelers and they will finish behind Pittsburgh for the 19th season in a row as well (1989). Such garbage like “moral victories” and the like will continue until MAJOR changes are made. Not minor ones like giving Quinn some playing time, having Anthony Robbins give the team motivational pep talks or Romeo throwing temper tantrams in the locker room and taking away the team’s ice cream. Enough already. Implode these “puppies” and start over! Lerner did it once with Botch Davis and he can do it again. Honestly now, this team is barely better than the junk that returned to Cleveland in 1999. A complete overhaul is the only answer.

  2. Mark

    September 9, 2008 at 7:59 am

    I couldn’t agree more Ryan. Never at one point Sunday did I think we were going to win that game, and that’s becuase I have NO faith whatsoever in Crennel. He’s a joke, and to kick a field goal down 21 with 10 minutes left shows he has no idea what he’s doing! This team should have fired him after their 06 season and got Bill Cowher in here!

  3. brian

    September 9, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    before everybody goes into complete panic mode, realize that it was ONE GAME. there’s fifteen games left in this season for this team to turn it around. does anyone remember the slow start in the home opener last year? now im not saying i was happy with the loss, far from it. anderson was throwing into coverage, edwards couldn’t catch a cold, romo had all the time in the world to throw the ball which was disgusting. but the true test is against our rivals this sunday. maybe a butt kicking is what this team needed. i mean they rode the wave of last season into the preseason and the home opener. let’s see how this team does against pittsburgh in prime time. im not giving up on this team. they are filled with talent and once we get stallworth and cribbs back, they sky is the limit for this team

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