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Better But Not Good Yet – Browns Fall 28-10

The first play after the kickoff, for Baltimore, was a 19 yard completion to Mason. There wasn’t a defender within 7 yards of him. Shortly after that, D’Qwell gets an int. It looked for a while that the Browns were going to give the game away. DA steps away from center with the ball and trips and falls. For some unknown reason, when the Browns are 2nd and 10 or more, Chud likes to call a run up the middle. Later, in the 2nd quarter they had a 2nd and 15 and Chud calls Lewis up the middle for a whopping 2 yard gain. Let’s mix it up a little more Chud.

Harrison takes a screen pass in for a 19 yard TD. Browns run a blitz and forget to cover a wide open Mason for a first down. Adams then comes up with an int. The Browns have 2 illegal procedure calls in the same series when DA was in the shotgun and the center failed to snap the ball. Zastudil knocks off a 31 yard punt but Baltimore does nothing with it. There is no pass rush at all yet for the Browns. 10-7 Browns at the half.

DA throws and int after the ball bounces off the receiver deep in their own territory. 1st and goal for Baltimore. The next Browns series DA throws the ball right into the hands of Reed for another int. Penalties are biting the Browns in the butt again. Adams gets called for unsportsmanlike conduct. DA goofs around and gets a delay called against the Browns.

What is going to take to get DA out of there? KO and punt coverage stink today. Shaffer completely misses making contact with the Baltimore def lineman for a sack on DA. Browns are playing like a pee wee team. Defensive line has no rush or run stopping ability. Alex Hall comes up with a sack, finally. Today has been such a disaster. They did not give anyone any reason to think that the Browns will even be a decent team this year.

Another int for DA. My GAWD, what is it going to take to get some of these idiots out. DA is “NOT” a pro QB. Crennel is “NOT” a head coach. Tucker is “NOT” a defensive coordinator. With the 2nd and 15 runs up the middle, Chud is “NOT” and offensive coordinator either. The Browns have the talent on this team. It’s really too bad that this coaching staff is destroying them. Injuries, coaching, bad play calls, bad performance and everything else is wrong.

After a 10-6 finish last year and 3 of those 6 losses are games we had in the bag and should have won, things have obviously regressed. Lerner is going to have to clean house this year. Like I said, we have the talent now we need the coaching staff. If we lose to the Bengals next week, I will concede the playoffs this year. I’m beginning to think that my “fictional” post last week about seeing Stallworth in week 13 may not be fiction. One last note … would someone please ask Andre Knott if DA is still the man?



  1. Hank Hackl

    September 21, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    The 2nd half of DA’s 2007 season showed all the signs that this was going to happen in 2008. DA made the pro bowl mostly on the Cincinnati game but definitely on the first half of the season. He has some athletic gifts, but I’m not sure he’s a leader.

    Granted the 2008 injuries have made it tough to get any consistency, but every team has to battle injuries. What I see is a lack of confidence and a lack of discipline in our beloved Brownies. So I have to agree that DA and Crennel are ultimately to blame. I think Chud saved both their jobs last year and now even he is paying the price. We extended Crennel too early. I won’t repeat that whole argument. All you have to do is look at the team karma. Everyone has lost their edge.

    Where’s the fire, the edge, the leader out on the field. The players just look at each other when something goes wrong, like “what happened”. Final note is that Romeo Crennel was the “defensive coordinator” at New England. I know that is not his job, but what DC turned head coach has ever had the worst defense in the league?

    The thing that bothers me most about Crennel is that he’s stubborn to a fault. The fans are screaming for Quinn. Give him the ball. Watch and listen how the Browns fans can lift your team. Its not too late to make a change or you can ruin our hopeful Autumn and continue to take your ill-deserved paycheck.

  2. Jake

    September 21, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    Whats the chances of seeing Brady Quinn getting some throws in next week?

  3. chump

    September 21, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    My god. This was a horrible performance. WHere to begin??? Linebackers are horrible and in a 3-4 comeon. DA looks like crap. WHat happened to throwing the ball down the field? Stallworth is taking some easy money for freakin nothing…grrrr…Braylon? where are you?
    Wimbley????you suck
    Then there is the postgame of romeo. What a tard need I say more.
    Don’t know about everyone else, but If DA doesn’t light it up in the first half next week I wanna see BQ.

    One more note. Lerner is one of the non-existent owners in the NFL. I mean he flies in for a game and then leaves. At least Al Davis cares

  4. tardiac kids

    September 22, 2008 at 2:20 am

    why is donte stallworth getting away with hiding from his job? it’s not like we can hide from our fricken jobs and still get paid! i mean how badly hurt can you get by “warming up”? i was so excited to hear about him joining the browns and now i just think of him as the biggest pussy to ever wear our jersey. i don’t know if BQ can do better than DA but he certainly couldn’t be any more mediocre. crennel is definitely not cut out to be a head coach. he might have some of the players respect but he can’t run a team. he’s totally in over his head. i feel that if a team comes out in the second half totally flat and uninspired, it has to be blamed on the coaches. it’s their job to keep everyone focused and fired up.
    they showed so much promise last year and i never would’ve predicted this kind of depressing bs. i don’t even care if they lose to cincy next week, as long as they fricken compete! as long as they are in it till the end of the game and play with a high energy and don’t make too many boneheaded mistakes. that’s all i ask.

  5. ML

    September 22, 2008 at 5:44 am

    I imagine we will be seeing Quinn next week.. I have it on inside info that the Browns locker room is in shambles.. No cohesion, no commeradity, no leadership = LONG SEASON for Browns fans.. The hype from the fans & the NFL spells disaster.. Edwards need to watch some tapes of Lester Hayes – and get himself a gallon of stick-em.. DA needs glasses.. The Browns will be lucky to go .500 this year..

  6. Aaron

    September 22, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    I have not been a RAC fan since he started with the Browns. But for a short time after last season I thought maybe, just maybe we would have a team this year. of course Romeo had to screw everything up with his inept play calling and his stubborn refusal to play BQ who may be inexperienced but is hands down more skilled, athletic, and better manger then DA. I think its time we shake things up Savage needs to tell his coaches and players that their jobs are not guaranteed, and he needs to do this by firing the FAT BASTARD! And with all the teams looking at quin maybe we need to take a clue and use him, if nothing else he cant be any worse.

  7. Jasmine

    September 24, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    The Browns are having a hard time, Anderson is not great but can become better. Their d-line is decent if you seen their performance against the Steelers they have come along way. Their offense needs help big time. Brady Quinn could be the answer.

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