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The Fluke of 07

What do you DA fans think now? He has a miserable 43.5 QB rating. He’s only completed 46% of his passes. Andre Knott ( Browns Reporter) is burying his head in the dirt now. I think I will call him Ostrich from now on. He stated on last weeks Browns Red Zone that DA is the man. His bad showing against the Steelers was because of the high winds.

How high were the winds this week? It is looking more and more like the offensive line has lost confidence in DA too. DA is next to last in the entire NFL in QB ratings. He is tied for the most interceptions. He is next to last in completion %. He is next to last in avg yds. Last year was a fluke. DA is not that good or smart. He can’t scramble, he can’t read defenses, he can’t hit the dump offs to the backs, he can’t hit the short slants, he gets flustered when he sees blitz and calls too many time outs, he is not accurate, and he can’t get the players motivated.

Crennel said he was going to get Harrison in the game more this week. What happened? He was in on one play? The only Browns TD. He didn’t get to carry the ball even once. Crennel sucks as a head coach. Crennel needs to be fired immediately. He has proven that he is an excellent defensive coordinator, so stick him back on defense. Grantham stunk last year as defensive coordinator so they got rid of him and gave the job to Tucker. What has Tucker done? NOTHING!!! He cant create a pass rush.

The only reason Hall got to the QB yesterday was because Flacco ran around for 10 seconds, looking for a receiver. The Browns defense looked as bad as the offense. They couldn’t stop the pass or the run. Stupid penalties are still a huge problem. What has Chudzinski done as offensive coordinator? Nothing!! Where does he get off running Lewis up the gut on 2nd and 15 for a 2 yard gain? Harrison gets in for one little screen pass that turns out to be the Browns only TD. How often did he throw to Winslow? 2 catches for 14 yards? That’s piss poor play calling. Every one of the fore mentioned coaches needs replaced right now.

Myslinski is the conditioning coach. He has not proven a thing either. These players are not in shape at all. What happened to the off season conditioning program? What’s up with all the hamstring and leg injuries? Is that lack of conditioning? That would be my guess.

Can’t Lerner see what is happening? Time to clean house. Maybe the Browns are his tax write off. The Browns fans are the best and most dedicated fans in the country. I think we have waited long enough for a championship here in NE Ohio. Get off you lazy butts and fix this problem. NOW ! ! ! What do you think now Ostrich?

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