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Typical Browns and Anderson Start in 20-12 Win

Cincinnati started the game with a 3 and out. Lewis’ first four runs went for about 35 yards. Then they stopped running him. DA looking like his typical self. Indecisive, inaccurate, immobile and looking like he should be on the bench. Defense hasn’t put much, if any pressure on the Bengals QB but they held them to 1 first down in the quarter.

Browns can’t seem to stop the run in the 2nd quarter. Back to back runs of 12 and 13 yards, prove that. Bengals FG. Bad play calling, DA missing receivers and receivers missing passes are the main causes for “no offense”. DA gets sacked for a 11 yard loss. Browns have 3 off sides penalties. Two on Corey Williams and one on Leonard Lewis. One of the few highlights for the Browns is an Adams int, Lewis had a few nice runs and Wright had an int and a nice return only to fumble the ball. DA is 4 for 10 for 27 yards.

WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET HIM OUT OF THE GAME? I am kind of hoping Crennel leaves him in and loses his job over it. Even the announcers say they can’t understand why Quinn is not in there since DA can’t do anything to get the team moving. Lewis has 12 carries for 55 yards, Harrison has 2 for 22 yards and Wright is 3/13. A combined average of 5.0 yards per carry. Why put the ball in DA’s hands? Let’s hope Quinn sees some 2nd half time.

Cribbs starts the 2nd half with a 44 yard KO return. DA throws a 17 yard pass to Steptoe, then continues to run Lewis up the middle. DA throws another int. Edwards has a unnecessary roughness penalty called on him. His 7th penalty of the year. 3rd and 4 for the Browns and they run Wright up the middle for a 2 yard loss. DA and Edwards are standing on the sideline arguing. Lewis steps between them. The Browns are imploding.

DA misses a couple more open receivers with bad passes, and Lewis still running up the gut. DA throws Edwards a 4 yd td pass.Then the Browns recover a fumble which leads to a 1 yard Lewis TD run. DA still getting rattled and calling time outs. Browns have a 2nd and 15 and they run up the middle again for no gain.

Browns win 20-12 but it was a poorly played game with some very stupid play calling. They didn’t even wake up till almost the 4th quarter. Crennel still has to go, along with Chudzinski and his stupid play calling and Tucker with his lack of defensive command. This may be the win we needed to get rolling.

I think the players need next week off. They still have a tough schedule after the break. Even after today’s win I am dropping the Browns end of season record to 8-8. They have been playing too poorly to even think of anything better.



  1. Hank Hackl

    September 28, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Don’t know what to say about this game. Am clearly conflicted. The win was managed and that is all you can ask for as a fan, right? Crennel said this week that they have to protect against player’s weeknesses or injuries and that’s what they did with Anderson.

    The thing is, you have a better option sitting on the sidelines in BQ. Anderson is a natural athlete that can sling the ball, etc., but he’s not a leader and he has trouble adjusting to new looks and with his football instincts.

    Still concerned about the team chemistry. You need leadership to rally a team. Respect is the next thing to go. If that happens, we’re really in trouble. If the players don’t respect the QB and the coaches, then we might as well wait for Pitchers and Catchers to start back up in February.

    Just don’t get why Crennel is being so stubborn. By the way, could have been two more turnovers attributed to DA. One on the interception called off by penalty, the second on a fumbled handoff near the goal line. Just don’t get it…

  2. Bill

    September 29, 2008 at 7:49 am

    Why does everyone think that brady quinn will be so good. He choked in all his big games in college its bizarre!

  3. Hank Hackl

    September 29, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    What’s bizarre is that you can’t see it. Assuming you’re a Browns fan you probably know how DA has been sliding since the second half of last season. Its not just Browns fans that think BQ will be good. Its analysts, expert Scouts and the other teams that want him. Not to mention that he’s a leader with a natural sense of the game. If you don’t like him that’s your prerogative, but don’t act like you know something about him. You might want to be a political reporter, just speak your opinion without facts to back it up.

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