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A Win is a Win

Well, the Brownies got their first win of the 08 season. It was not pretty, but it still counts the same. The Browns didn’t wake up until the end of the 3rd quarter. The 4th quarter was quite good if you ask me. We have a tough schedule the rest of the year. I honestly don’t think we can expect any better than 8-8 with no playoffs for the Browns this year. They self destructed in the first 3 games of the year, and that has put a damper on us Browns fans plans.

I hate being so negative about the Browns. Last year was so much more fun to write about. It did have it’s low points but compared to how well the Browns have done since their rebirth, last year was a breeze. I’ll give you some stats. I’m not sure there are many if any really good stats to give.

Anderson first … 58 of 117 for a 49.6 completion %. 3 TD’s compared to 6 ints. QB rating of 49.9. Lewis … 69 rushes for 235 yards for a 3.4 avg per carry. Winslow … 19 catches for 170 yards. Edwards … 11 catches for 95 yards. Dawson hasn’t missed yet. Dawson has the only positive stat for the offensive. 6 for 6 on FG’s and 4 XP’s. Zastudil has also punted good.

Defense is looking a little better. 6 sacks for 4 games is nothing to brag about, but I am seeing a little more life from the line. The defense is 9th in points allowed (average per game) with 19.5. They are 10th in average yards per game given up with 313.0. They are 10th in average yards per game given up passing with 187.0. They are 22nd in average yards rushing per game given up with 126.0. I think the defense is a few steps ahead of the offense. With the big games coming up, the offense better catch up. The stats for the offense are quite different. They are close to 32nd in all the categories.

DA had a good 4th quarter today but I still think he’s going to fall apart (worse than he already has). DA needs some Prozac. When you play like crap you should get depressed. DA needs to quit following the receiver from the time of the snap until the pass. You’re too easy to read. If Lewis continues to run the ball he will use up the clock and get the yards.

Quit running him up the middle on 3rd and 15. Open up some holes on the O line. Off tackle, sweeps, traps and some draws, not put your head down and straight into the D line all the time. Get Winslow into the game. The 4 and 5 yard dump offs to him haven’t produced anything yet. He’s got great hands and speed. Get him out in the open more. Don’t throw the ball right to Edwards. Make each pass to him difficult to catch. Get Harrison the ball more. Create some different pass rush schemes. Mix up the types of blitzes.

You hear Obama and McCain saying change is needed? Well, change is needed in the Browns offense too. We have this next weekend off, so make those changes, because we are playing the Super Bowl Champs and they will have us for dinner if the coaching staff doesn’t change their ways.



  1. Section 120

    September 29, 2008 at 7:56 am

    Dan – you see us winning 7 more games?!

    Which ones?

    Teams that we probably don’t belong on the field with through four weeks are:

    Giants Monday night
    Redskins there
    Jags there
    Bills there
    Titans there
    Eagles (will this game be moved from Monday night?)
    Steelers there

    8-8 Means we got to beat:


    and 3 of the “good” teams.

    Unfortunately with our schedule, QB, injuries and coaches I’m looking at 4 wins and a high draft pick…

  2. Jaime

    September 29, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    I don’t think you’re being negative, you’re being honest. The Browns are terrible this season and until someone steps up and makes the changes we both agree have to happen, you can expect to see more of the same.

    Sunday’s game, win or no, was painful to watch. Derek Anderson should have been benched immediately following the half. For those like Crennel who state he pulled it out in the 4th quarter I can only say it’s how Anderson plays – he’s a rhythm passer. But shake him up and he’s silly putty out there, inconsistent and icky.

    If you’re correct and we have an 8/8 season I’ll consider it a blessing.

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