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Complete Turn Around For Browns

DA has to have a good game for the Browns to win today. He is still in the bottom 5% in the NFL for completion % and QB rating. He’s looking like his normal self so far. In the Browns first series, DA misses 2 wide open receivers. DA misses his 2nd dump off to Lewis.

What have I been saying for the past 2 years? He “can not” hit the dump offs to the backs. DA single handedly blows this entire series. He misses a wide open Winslow by no less than 10 yards. Edwards has dropped 3 passes right in his hands. 59 total yards for the Browns in the 1st half? You can’t win games like that.

The Browns have called Lewis up the middle on 2nd and 10, 3 times now and he has got 2 yards each time. DA misses Stallworth on a long pass when he was wide open. He over throws him by 7 or 8 yards. The Browns can’t stop the run. What happened to our revamped, run stopping, QB pressuring, multi million dollar line? They sure didn’t show up in the first half. DA completed 1 of his first 7 passes. 6 of those 7 in completions were to wide open receivers.

DA is 3 for 17 for 17 yards for the half. Lewis has 11 carries for 38 yards. Like I said earlier, the offensive line last year used to open huge holes for Lewis to run through. Now Chud runs him up the middle all the time. Zastudil didn’t make it onto the field Monday night. He had “NO” punts. Today he has 6 punts in the 1st half as the Browns only have 4 first downs.

Browns have given up 240 yards for the 1st half, so they are not dominating on defense either. I have been telling you Browns fans that DA is not the man for 2 years now. Last week was a big fluke since he had no pressure at all. I don’t remember DA having to scramble even once, so he had all day to throw. Now you are seeing the true DA. No pressure and he still can’t complete a pass. It’s also time to question Chudzinski for his play calling.

After DA chokes with 5:47 left to go, and the Browns decide to go for it on 4th and goal and miss, I have decided that I am going to stop writing for BrownsGab. I am still a die hard Browns fan, but since I don’t have anything positive to write this year I must quit. Until they bench DA and get rid of Chuzinski and Crennel I will just attend the games and watch them on TV.

I’m sorry that I have to do this and I’m also sorry that the Browns won’t give us fans anything more than they are giving us. You see, if Crennel would have taken the 3 points with 5:47 to go, then the Browns recovered the fumble by the Redskins and score like they did, the score would be tied right now with 2:28 left to go.

If DA would not have thrown the ball so far out in front of Edwards on the final drive, we would have been no less then FG range to win the game. DA sucks and the Browns will never win big until they bench him, get rid of Chudzinski and Crennel.



  1. Dave

    October 19, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    I can’t take it anymore!! Avergae quarterback play and we beat the Skins. Average quarterback play and we would have beaten the Steelers. It is crystal clear, Giants game aside, that D. A is not a professional quarterback. He is another V-INT-Y Testaverde, a tempting blend of physical tools, who cannot consistently lead his team to victory. What are the head coach and offensive coordinator waiting for? There is no way we are going to make up 3 games on the Steelers anyway. Switch quarterbacks and let’s start getting ready for 2009.

  2. ceomike

    October 19, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    I am with you. I started watching the clock with a little over 9 minutes to go down 14-3. DA (chud and crennel) took nearly 37 seconds per play. Are you kidding. Not once dod they call two plays or go to the no huddle. With 4 minutes and the ball back they did the same thing. Not until the very final drive did they even remote look interested. I am so tired of DA, of Crennel’s game plans, clock management and plain old horrible fundamentals. After throwing things around the house today and 40 years of this crap, I am really done. I am not sure BQ is the answer, but DA is not. Until he is done and crennal is gone, I am done. Just sick of this…

  3. ceomike

    October 19, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    what was this guy today 13 of 30? eliminate 3 games from the worst 3 teams in the league last year and keep the stnking giants game this year and DA is unconditionally the worst quarterback by every measure in the NFL. We have what could have been a top 10 pick from notre dame sitting on the bench. The season is over with the steelers at 5 and 1 with no wildcard even remotely possible in the afc north. When will they just let the kid play? This coaching staff is absolutely clueless. Never seen anything this bad, never..

  4. Chicago Gary

    October 20, 2008 at 7:09 am

    Hard to believe that our quarterback of the future sits on the bench while the season slips away. I was stunned when Crennel told the media that the reason he didn’t pull Anderson in the Baltimore game was due to believing that the game was still within reach. With that kind of logic it’s no wonder it took Crennel so long to get a head coaching position.

  5. Annoyed

    October 20, 2008 at 10:59 am

    This team is going to go no where with D.A. under center and Crennel calling the shots. This team needs to do everything it can to get Cowher at the helm for next season. ANYTHING.

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