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Former Browns QB Dilfer Slams Team Over QB Switch

Former Browns QB and now ESPN anaylst Trent Dilfer is having a field day with the Browns decision to take the starting job away from Derek Anderson.  Appearing on talk shows as well as on ESPN after the move was made to make the switch to Brady Quinn, Dilfer gave the following quotes about the move.

“Public opinion has made this decision for the Browns,” said Dilfer. “I have spoken to coaches who have said, ‘This is not Derek Anderson’s fault.’ In fact, at times he’s played better than his statistics have showed. This is a function of the defense not getting off the football field; Braylon Edwards, a superstar receiver who’s supposed to make all the plays to make you better, having 14 drops at least. It’s about their playmakers, Kellen Winslow, not being there, not being dependable. It’s about people not being at their best and Derek Anderson burdening the responsibility for this.

“This is an organization that I played for for a year and I saw very closely that the organization itself is highly dysfuctional and cannot make decisions that are good for the long-term growth of the organization.”

Dilfer lost his starting job to Charlie Frye, who then flamed out last season after one game and got traded to the Seahawks.



  1. Hank Hackl

    November 4, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Trent Dilfer is bitter. I get it.
    We’ll see if he’s man enough to stand up and eat crow when the Browns improve with BQ at QB. By the way, ask the other players who they’d rather have leading them. They are towing the Team line at this point, but many of them have been ready for BQ for a while. I just find it funny that Dilfer got so bent out of shape…he’d rather have the Browns experiment with band-aid game plans the rest of the season than to see if the team responds to the potential franchise QB. Bitter…

  2. Dan Taylor

    November 4, 2008 at 11:33 pm

    Who is listening to Trent Dilfer? He has alot of room to talk. In his one year with the Browns he threw for 2321 yards, 11 TDs, 12 interceptions, but his biggest flaw was that he fumbled the ball 9 times. The Browns lost possession 7 times. His QB rating was 76.9. Not a great QB, and a spokesman that I would just prefer to ignore.

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