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Ugly Not Harsh Enough: Browns Play Like it’s Preseason in 16-6 Loss

The Houston Texans had been a team known for turning the ball over quite a bit in 2008, even more so with Sage Rosenfels at quarterback. Sunday in Cleveland against a fading fast Browns team, it was Cleveland that was in the giving mood, giving up five turnovers in a Texans 16-6 victory to move to 4-7 on the season. The loss drops Cleveland to 4-7 as well.

Brady Quinn looked like a rookie in his third start for Cleveland, as he was pulled after throwing two bad INT’s in the second half, one of which came inside the Texans red zone with the team trailing by 10 late in the third quarter. Derek Anderson was not much better, as he was not able to move the team, going 5-14 for 51 yards with a pick of his own.

Rosenfels had his best game of the year for Houston, despite throwing two bad picks of his own, he threw for 275 yards with a TD on the teams first drive of the day to Kevin Walter from 17 yards out that set the tempo. Walter and Andre Johnson owned the Browns, catching a combined 17 passes for 219 yards with the TD.

For the Browns, it was a very inept day on offense for a team that felt it was coming into form after the Monday night win in Buffalo. Quinn was off most of the day, the running game did very little to help, and by the time Anderson came in, the team was basically fighting for their lives to get back into the game.

Houston also got a good day from their ground game. The combo of Steve Slaton and Ahman Green went for 112 yards, as compared to Browns backs Jamal Lewis and Jerome Harrison, who ran for 89 yards. The Browns again this week had to put up with distractions from a bonehead move from their GM, who sent out an email to a fan with an F-bomb in it.

Speaking of bombs, that is the season that the Browns have had, and believe me, changes are coming. For the Texans, they have had a tough season in their own right, but at the same time, they had lost 8 straight on the road, so a win in Cleveland will for sure be on their highlight film.

Cleveland will host the Colts next Sunday at home.



  1. Dan

    November 23, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    I have had it after this debacle. The Browns did nothing right and everything wrong. 13 for 32 passing? Cleveland is number 32, thats very last in completion % as a team in the entire NFL. Braylon dropped another 5 passes. Whats that now? 21 dropped passes? They got away from the running game, so they relied on a terrible passing game. DA was no better than Quinn in any way. 1 sack by Wimbley was it for pressure on the Texans QB? What’s up with that Tucker? The defensive backfield did nothing either. They gave up as many yards as Houston wanted.
    Special teams didn’t come to the game at all. Cribbs, 5 yard average on punt returns? 26 yards per average on KO returns? You can’t constantly start in a hole. Where was the special teams coverage team? They didn’t do anything either. Lewis averages 5.8 yds per carry but you only run him 10 times? Harrison averaged 4.4 and you run him 7 times?
    The Browns management all needs to be taken out and literally shot. I am so fed up with this crap, I took out every piece of Cleveland Browns memorabilia since the 1999 return, and it’s smoldering in the burn barrel as I type. This Cleveland Browns “new” franchise can never take the old Browns from me, but you sure as hell can have this group. I am done with them. If Crennel is still here then I am not. GO CAVS !!!

  2. Artthepro

    November 23, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Romeo oh Romeo….where for art thou Romeo?

    Me thinks Romeo is bye-bye very soon…hope he takes his coaching staff with him…another disgraceful performance by our one ilustrious Browns.

  3. Dan Bienko

    November 23, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    Well, another typical Browns game under RAC/Savage/Lerner. How pathetic has this team become?! Hmmm…let’s see, Houston can not stop the run…we have a pounder like Jamal Lewis and a speedster like Harrison and we only run the ball 17 times? We pull our QB after having one bad start (second INT was the receivers fault) when our original starter was given 8 games to screw up.
    Our Defensive Guru of a head coach has probably the worst defense in the league. Nice choice on Tucker by the way. Maybe if we would have ran the ball more and gave Brady a chance to compose himself, AND Braylon hang on to a few balls we might have had a chance against hapless Houston.
    Jamal and Josh hit the nail on the head. The team has quit, the coaching staff inspires NOTHING from its players and the front office is to proud and stupid to say they made a mistake hiring RAC. Maybe if we had the other teams play signals RAC might be able to have a great defense here as well.
    For once in my adult life I wold love to say that we are the best, but I do not see this happening any time soon. The fans have had enough as was evident by the lack of them in the stands. RAC/Savage/Lerner has managed to break the spirit of the most loyal and devoted fans ever seen. Up until today the stadium has been packed.
    I am sure we the fans will be responsible for this horrible team some how. Because we don’t fill the stadium anymore, the team will lose money and not be able to get good players….so on and so forth. To bad the front office, coaching staff and players do not have the drive and passion that their fans do, maybe they would be a better team!

  4. Doug

    November 24, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    I think a lot of this boils down to coaching. My biggest problem is Def. Cord. Mel Tucker. I know he’s a son of Cleveland but that only goes so far. As a former defensive backs coach you would at least expect our pass defense to be strong, which it isn’t. As for the run defense consider this. The Texans are up 7-0 and have a 4th and inches. Do they take the sure 3 point field goal to go ahead 10-0? No, the Texans… that’s right the TEXANS!! hold our defense in such disdain that they go for the first down. Did anyone else notice the size of the holes Texan running backs had to run through? Nuff said. On the other side of the ball, I think Quinn is our QB of the future. He needs work for sure, he consistently throws behind receivers or too low, but these are skills that can be taught. He seems to have pretty good pocket presence and he is much more mobile than DA. He and Jamal just had a bad day with 2 turnovers each. I’m not sure what is going on with Braylon, it has to be a confidence issue, and it would be nice if a COACH could help him out or find some solution. I think the Browns have the athletes to be a winning football franchise, unfortunately they don’t have the coaching staff to put then in the right places to make plays or the right mentality to win games. Romeo is not a professional caliber head coach. He proves this time and time again as do his assistants. Replacing Quinn mid game? That is the sign of desperation from a man who sees the end of his coaching career coming at him like a freight train. And by replacing Quinn mid game , he has effectively just tied himself to the tracks. In the words of Elmer Fudd ” good widance to bad wubbish.”

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