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Another Home Goose Egg; Browns Shutout By Bengals 14-0

While neither the Browns or Bengals had much to play for at Browns Stadium on Sunday, the two teams took the field to fight not only each other, but also the elements. With temps below zero with the wind chill during the game, the Bengals seemed to handle the cold better, topping Cleveland 14-0 to move to 3-11-1, dropping the Browns to 4-11, losers of now five straight and seven of their last eight.

The only two scores of the game came in the first half, as the Bengals Leon Hall made a break on a bad ball by Browns QB Ken Dorsey, stepped in front of Braylon Edwards and picked it off, taking it to the house 50 yards for a score that made it 7-0. The Bengals then put together a solid drive in the second quarter, going 90 yards in 15 plays taking 8:36 off the clock, ending the drive with Ryan Fitzpatrick for a 20-yard score to make it 14-0.

The Browns were awful once again on offense, and have now gone without an offensive touchdown in five games. They put up just 182 yards of offense, 12 first downs, and starting QB Ken Dorsey was 10-for-17 for 68 yards with three picks and a QB rating of 28.2. The team also threw in recent pickup Bruce Gradkowski, and was went 2-for-5 for 8 yards with a pick.

The Cleveland run game was led by Jamal Lewis, who ran for 76 yards on 16 carries, and he passed the 20,000 yard mark for a career. Lewis though was no match for the Bengals Cedric Benson, who had a monster day, setting career highs across the board with 38 carries for 171 yards. He broke a 46-yard run early, but controlled the day and wore down the Browns weak run defense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t throw much for the Bengals, and didn’t have to. He was just 5-for-9 for 55 yards with a TD and a QB rating of 110.9. The big news was that he mistake free, and never gave the Browns any free shots to get into the game. The best shot for the Browns was when they reached the Bengals 43, but then threw a pick, ending any real shot to score.

For the Browns, they will play at Pittsburgh in what will likely be the final game for head coach Romeo Crennel next week.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dan

    December 22, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Browns loss? Who would have guessed? You have the lowest rated QB group in all of football, Harrison gets the ball once, 3.75 yards per completion, no sacks, no interceptions, no QB pressures, we throw 4 intercaptions? What else would you expect from a team that thrives on angering their fans? How can the Browns expect to have any followers after this debacle of a season?
    Going into the game, the Browns were tied for most take aways in the entire NFL with 29. The defense can’t play offense too. When they give the offense the ball back, the offense needs to score!! 20 quarters without a TD? How in the world does anyone on this team actually get a paycheck? There is no way anyone can demand a raise this year, so we’re safe there. Is it really any wonder that everyone that does want out, wants out of Cleveland? After a 10-6 season, that should have been a 13-3 season, does anyone have any answers? Besides Edwards drops this year, everything else, I blame on the coaches.
    My list of shorcomings this year are as follows. Rogers … 4 1/2 sacks? What is so great about that? Sure, he is dominating on the line but why only 4 1/2 sacks? Williams … 0, that is ZERO sacks. Shaun Smith … 0, that is also ZERO sacks. I realize that the 3-4 is designed to tie the linemen up and let the LB’s get the sacks, but come on, 5 total sacks for the DL? Wimbley has been a disappointment since his rookie year, D’Qwell has done a fine job (leading the NFL in tackles going into this week). Hall has been a decent draft pick. McDonald has 5 picks. Big deal!! Look how many times he got burned earlier in the year and missed tackles. Brandon? The season is 16 games, not 2. Wright and Jones have been ok, but nothing to brag about.
    Now the offense. DA, Quinn and Dorsey? What a “huge” disappointment. Quinn needs experience, DA needs to be traded, Dorsey needs to go AWOL. Lewis needs the ball more. He is still a 1300 or 1400 yard a season runner. Harrison needs to get the ball more. He is another Eric Metcalf. We all remember how the coaching staff blew a great talent with Metcalf. Wright needs to take a back seat to Harrison. Edwards needs fined for his catchable drops, Winslow needs to hop on his motorcycle and ride out of town. The Browns need to get a refund from Stallworth. The O line wasn’t as good as last year but they still did the job asked of them, pretty much. At the start of a kick off or punt you could money on who was going to make the tackle. Cribbs did not have the quality year he had last year (return wise), but he still was pretty good. Not good enough for a raise though. Special teams over all was a disappointment. Too many long returns against us. Kicking game has got to be one of the highlights of the year so far. Dawson has been his usual steady self, and “Z” ( Cavs aren’t the only Cleveland team with a Z), has averaged over 45 yards a punt.
    I have already said several times, that the biggest problem with this team is the coaching staff. I hear 2 rumors now about the coaching staff. First is Cowher will come to Cleveland for 9 million a year. Second is Shottenheimer will come to Cleveland as long as Cowher moves into Savage’s position as General Manager. I didn’t blame Savage for this garbage at first, since he brought in the talent to make a run in the playoffs, but the way he sits back and watches Crennel and his boys destroy this team, he needs to go also. Chud has definately got to go. Tucker needs to go too. Myslinski needs to be a tackling dummy for a week or two.
    Last but not least. I have a “block buster” trade for Lerner. Trade the entire team to Baltimore in exchange for our old Browns. Seriously think about it Randy!!!

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