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Crennel Won’t Confirm or Deny Smith-Quinn Fight


Browns coach Romeo Crennel has been asked about rumors and reports of a rumble between defensive lineman Shaun Smith and quarterback Brady Quinn.

And Crennel wouldn’t say whether or not it’s true.

“If it happened, we’re keeping it in house,” Crennel said.

Let’s see, the options in Crennel’s mind apparently were: (1) “it didn’t happen”; (2) “it happened”; (3) “no comment”; and (4) “if, hypothetically, it happened — and I’m not saying that it did — then we hypothetically would have addressed the hypothetical situation in house, hypothetically.”

Crennel also wouldn’t say whether Smith was inactive on Sunday as discipline for any incident that might or might not have happened.

“Shaun was inactive and generally all the inactive guys are coaches’ decisions,” Crennel said. “That was a coaches’ decision for him not to play. I’m not going to talk about family business.”

Smith didn’t practice on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday due to a calf injury, and he was listed as doubtful on the injury report. So if Crennel is saying what we think he’s saying, then the Browns basically doctored the injury report as cover for what was in reality the imposition of discipline on Smith.

Also, Crennel acknowledged that there recently was a verbal altercation of some sort between Smith and an offensive lineman. Crennel said that he didn’t know whether things got physical.

Last month, it was rumored that Smith was the target of general criticism from running back Jamal Lewis regarding the perceived existence of quitters on the team.



  1. Jason

    December 23, 2008 at 8:36 am

    Romeo shouldn’t be worried about “keeping things in the family,” as he’s about to be removed from the family.

  2. Jason

    December 23, 2008 at 8:48 am

    One more comment, after stewing over a horrible season and wasting my money on season tickets.

    While I do think we need a good house cleaning, including Phil, Romeo and some of our awful defensive players, I really cannot tolerate a “5 year plan” re-set. I am really hoping that we keep the playbook largely intact so that Brady, Winslow, Dante, etc can get focused and comfortable, so that the blocking schemes are not “new” to the line, etc.

    I also think we should keep the 3/4 as well, and make sure that those defenders that do manage to come back have some consistency. I really believe our defensive issues are more of a lack of talent in key spots (and poor use of blitzing) vs a 3/4 problem.

    While we shake things up, let’s focus on an approach that keeps some things consistent, and really focus on a Miami-type turnaround.

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