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Report: Savage Already Out as Browns GM

In a move that wasn’t expected to come down till Monday, there are already reports out there that the Browns have canned GM Phil Savage. The report comes just about an hour after the team was crushed by the Steelers 31-0 in their season finale to wrap up 4-12. The report from reads as follows:

A league source tells us that the Browns already have parted ways with G.M. Phil Savage.

The move was widely expected. It has come faster than anyone anticipated.

Some reports suggested that Savage would be given a chance to stick around in a reduced role; it currently appears that there will be a clean break.

The next question becomes whether the Browns will try to stiff Savage with respect to his buyout. Arguably, Savage’s e-mail exchange with a disgruntled fan could provide the Browns grounds for terminating Savage with cause.

And Savage doesn’t seem to have the temperament to fight such a decision via the filing of a formal grievance with the Commissioner’s office.

There was a report earlier in the day that Savage along with current coach Romeo Crennel would be offered other jobs in the organization. Now that appears to be false, as Savage is out, and it appears that Crennel could be out as early as tonight or early tomorrow.



  1. MarkV

    December 30, 2008 at 1:10 am

    I honestly do not get this move. Didn’t Savage get us Quinn, Thomas, Frye, Anderson, Edwards, Wimbley, DQ Jackson, Harrison, J.Lewis,… These were good players that played meaningful minutes and all helped us win. Savage cannot make them play to their potential– that is the coach’s job. And removing Crennel was the right move because he could not keep them motivated in meaningless games.

    As for the disgruntled fan’s email, to say that Savage is worse than Butch Davis is 100% baseless!! Why didn’t someone write an article defending Savage from the jerk-of-a-fan? What did Davis bring us?! Pro-Bowl receiver? 1000 yard rusher? 10 win season? Did either Savage or Crennel pull a “Petrino” and leave the team in a classless manner? Did Savage and Crennel have a tumultuous relationship that ultimately hurt the chemistry of the team or destroy the team’s front office? ‘No’ on all counts!

    So I guess it is good riddance to Savage, right? Was his resume as one of Bellichek’s top scouts too impressive? Was the drafting of 10 ProBowlers for Baltimore in 9 years too intimidating? Was there really no room anymore for someone who added real talent, viability, and hope to this team? Unbelievable!!

    This is not a reflection on Savage, but on Lerner. Name me a franchise that has prospered by firing their coach every 3 to 4 years! None. This is the kind of crap that dooms teams to mediocrity. Hopefully I am wrong. But presently when I hear crap like “Strong commitment to winning,” I feel like I just threw up in my mouth.

  2. Dan

    December 31, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    I agree with most of what you say Mark. I, at first, didn’t blame Savage for the Browns demise. After all, he did bring in the talent to seriously compete in the playoffs. What did Savage do though, when Crennel imploded? He sat back and watched this entire coaching staff drag the Browns into the basement, and did nothing. I think every one of the coaches need to go. Chudzinski has no creativity with his play calling. What is the deal with running Lewis up the middle on 2nd and 10 or 15 constantly? Harrison is not a 25 carry a game back, but he averaged close to 6 yds a carry last year and he averaged over 7 yds a carry this year. Why didn’t Chud use him more? Why didn’t he give Lewis the ball more? How many sweeps or screens does he use? Tucker has no creativity as a defensive coordinator either. With Smith, Rogers and Williams up front, there has to be some different stunts he could run. Blitz? I don’t think he has ever heard of a blitz. Myslinski as conditioning coach? There has to be something to the fact that the Browns have had a terrible 2 years with the number of injuries they have had. Do you think that if the players were in shape and the condition they needed to be to play pro football they would have had this many injuries? I sure don’t.
    6 complete games without an offensive TD? What does that say about Chud? That should be enough proof in itself, to can his butt. Like I said in my last letter, I don’t look for much better next year either. This coaching staff has destroyed and base we had to build a team from. No one wants to honestly play in Cleveland anymore. Cowher doesn’t even want to come here and rumor has it, he even bought a house in Strongsville several months ago. I dread watching this team try and do what should have already been done.

  3. MarkV

    December 31, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    Dan, Thanks for your reply.

    So basically your retort was that did the same as every other viable NFL GM does — no mid-season coaching changes. So Savage doing nothing is Savage being a good GM. When the Chargers were 4-8, what did Floyd do? Nothing. The role of the NFL GM is:
    · Football Scouting player evaluation;
    · College Scouting and rating college talent;
    · Player contracts, player trades, acquisitions and Salary Cap manipulations
    · Football franchise and stadium operations
    · Negotiations with agents and players

    If your impression of GM responsibilities includes daily team operations, strategies, game scheming, player conditioning, and play selection, then you are confusing coaching with front office activities. Your ramblings on about how players should have been used is further lack of understanding of the coach’s job description vs. General Manager responsibilities. Number of games without an offensive TD definitely presents a powerful argument for Savage to fire Crennel, but not for Savage to be fired by Lerner. No one wants to be here because they are in the “hot seat” too fast (as noted in my earlier post) and they are being fired for someone else’s incompetence instead of their own. Lerner is creating the culture of failure, and he just canned one of those who generated successes — I would not want any part of that either.

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