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Insane! Browns Move TE Winslow for Draft Picks

The first day of free agency has also garnered the first trade, and it’s a rather big one. The Browns have moved tight end Kellen Winslow to the Tampa Bay Bucs for undisclosed draft picks. The Buccaneers official team site has put up a post on the report:

On the first day of the NFL’s 2009 free agency period, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers acquired one of the league’s rising offensive stars…without actually dipping into the free agent pool. The Buccaneers acquired former Cleveland tight end Kellen Winslow II on Friday, completing a late-morning trade by sending undisclosed draft picks to the Browns. The sixth overall pick in the 2004 draft, Winslow has had two 80-catch seasons in the last three years and is considered one of the most talented players at his position in the NFL.

Winslow clashed last season with then GM Phil Savage, but now that he’s gone, it seems odd that the Browns would move Winlsow so fast. There must have been something in the new Eric Mangini regime that he saw that he didn’t think Winslow would fit, and now he’s ready to go play in Florida for Raheem Morris and the Bucs.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dan B

    February 27, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    And the hits keep coming! Undisclosed draft picks! That means nothing more than the Browns got crap for Winslow! If you can not even say what you received for a player you know it is not good.

    I am not sure what to think. On one hand K II was a pain in the ***, but he held onto the ball, unlike someone else we know. I am afraid if I say his name he may throw another “everyone hates me because I went to Mich” rant and go pout and take his toys and charities away. K II might have been difficult at times, but he played hard and with passion whenever he went out onto the field.

    But I guess we should get used to hearing NOTHING from the Browns now that Mangini nis coach. He never talked about the team when he was in NY so why would he here?! God forbid he try to get the fans behind him and the team by letting the people who ultimately pay his salary in on what is going on with their team.

    Lerner and Mangini better beware. The fans are not going to take too much more. We ALWAYS back our team, we take more abuse from other fans and the media than any other sports fans and we still show support. So why don’t the powers that be show us the fans some support and let us know what is going on with our team.

    Some era, disenfranchising our best player on defense and possibly the team, trading our best receiver for who knows what, what is next?!

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