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Browns Sign LB David Bowens to a Four-Year Deal

The Browns have signed former Jets linebacker David Bowens to a four-year deal worth $7.2 million according to the Newark Star-Ledger. The former Jets LB was released awhile ago, but the team was talking about bringing him back.

The Jets wanted to bring back Bowens at a cheaper price than he was making last season, but the Browns with new head coach Eric Mangini swooped in and took him away from his old team.

It’s no secret that the Browns do need help at the LB spot, so the signing of Bowens is no shock considering his relationship with Mangini.



  1. Dan B.

    March 11, 2009 at 9:33 am

    People say that I am always negative with my remarks here. Well when the Browns give me something to be positive about I will. Till this point they have not.

    Whether it is firing people then the coach spending 1/2 a million to rearrange offices instead of walking his fat behind up and down stairs to brining in more and more Jets castoffs.

    There is a reason that these players Bowens, Poteat, Mosely and Elam if the Jets don’t match our offer were let go from the Jets. Too old and or not good.

    Rex Ryan knows defense and he does not want these players on his…hmmm….naw, could not mean anything. Like I said when they give me something to be posistive about, I’ll write it, till then I am buckling down for another year of heartbreak and abuse from other fans and the press.

    Expect a ton of speculation from everyone during the season because Mangini DOES NOT talk to the press or the fans. Oh I soooo look forward to this season…NOT!

  2. Clayton

    March 11, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Dan I agree with you on Poteat and Mosley especially, while Bowens is questionable to a lesser degree. I disagree on Elam. That guy is exciting and can actually win games for you. He was the catalyst of two plays that won the Jets both games against the Bills last year. And he’s not too old at 27. He is the best of the bunch you mentioned.

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