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Oh No, Not Another Top 5 Pick!!!

In the 1999 draft the Cleveland Browns select…. Tim Couch. Ten years later and with the fifth pick in the draft the Cleveland Browns select …… Who is going to be the next Cleveland Brown draft pick? We don’t know who it is going to be today but that player is going to make a lot of money.

Couch received a seven year, forty eight million dollar contract with a twelve million dollar signing bonus. Courtney Brown received a six year forty five million dollar contract and Gerard Warren receiving a six year thirty six million dollar contract.

That my friends is the reason why the Browns are drafting again in the top five. 132 million dollars on two players who are out of the league,and Gerard Warren is wearing out his welcome in Oakland. You mess up three major draft picks it is going to set you back ten years.

Hopefully with this new regime we can get it right which worries me about drafting in the top five and tying a lot of money in one guy again. If the opportunity arises the Browns should no question trade down and pick up extra draft picks in the first day.

It might not be the sexy move on Draft day but Joe Thomas wasn’t either, and he is are best draft pick in the past ten years. If the Browns do not find any takers to trade down what do they do with that fifth pick to make sure the past doesn’t repeat itself?

The Browns need multiple players to fill multiple needs on both sides of ball. If you are drafting a defensive player in the top five you better make sure he is a Game changer. What changed the Tampa Bay Buccaneer franchise around was drafting Warren Sapp in the first round and then hitting on Derrick Brooks in the second round.

Two defensive guys that eventually turned the franchise around on that side of the ball and won a Super Bowl. Pittsburgh and it irks me to say it hit on drafting a MAC Quarterback in the first round and that longed haired freak in Troy Polamalu with the sixteenth pick in 2003.

The Browns need that in this years draft selecting a players that are going to make an impact early and stay around for a long time. Could those players be from USC in Ray Mauluga and or Clay Matthews Jr. Wouldn’t it be nice having are own long haired defensive player making plays all over the field against those hated Squeelers.

Clay Matthews Jr. sacking Big Ben Roethlisberger in front of the Dawg pound seeing seventy seven thousand barking dogs. I feel drafting either one by moving down or receiving another first day draft pick would be a safe pick for the Browns.

How about Chris Wells and Jamal Lewis both in the backfield together pounding the Baltimore Ravens defense. Chris Wells might be a gamble on staying healthy but wasn’t Adrian Peterson? Chris Wells could make Jamal Lewis fresher and Lewis could mentor Wells and we wouldn’t have to worry about are Running Back situation for years to come.

The draft is less then a month a way and the Browns are almost on the clock. So I ask you with the fifth pick in the 2009 draft the Cleveland Browns select…..

Randy Ward, is a die hard Browns fan that hasn't missed a game since the Browns have been back in 99. Randy bleeds Orange and Brown and can't wait for that one day, when the Browns are on top of the mountain. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl!!!!



  1. Logan

    March 27, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    Its such a hard decision, I would not want to be the “decider” but I would lean towards trading down or taking Wells or Curry if they are available. I think what will be a game changer will be our 2 2nd round picks. Lots of great talent comes in the the 2nd round. That Braylon Edwards trade (2nd and 5th rounder and any of the NY receivers) sounds good, we could maybe take Wells at 5 and package a deal and move up in the late 1st round and snag up malaluga. However i think a linebacking core is more important than a RB. Many great offenses just plug in any RB and look ok (NE, Denver, ect.). Willie Mac is garbage, “kamerion” sucks and all we have is Jackson so I am all about drafting an OLB and a ILB.

  2. Mike Hoag

    March 27, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Theres too many different scenarios Ward… If Aaron Curry falls to #5 we draft him. Hopefully we will have moved Anderson and Edwards by then to have another 1st round pick (Malaluga) and another second round pick… Robiskie WR, Lesean McCoy RB or Donald Brown RB

    3rd and 4th round should be used on TE and C.

    2nd day get a QB OL and a WR and see if we can develop them

  3. ButchGavlen

    March 27, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    Your choices seem to me to contradict your own logic in what one should beware. But i am for trading down, and the rest falls on your ability to assess talent, which is a direct relation to the people you are working with. So here’s hoping they’ve put the right people in place and not had to settle for second or worse choices of assistants and scouts.

  4. Anthony

    March 27, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    You’re dead on…drafting in the top 5 and selecting “busts” sets a franchise back. That is why the NFL needs to restructure the pay of NFL rookies as well as the point value chart on draft day. Reasons: If you draft a “bust” the team is stuck with a big salary cap hit that sets them back and puts them in a difficult situation and The current NFL point value chart makes it difficult to get the proper value for trading down in picks.

    What does this mean for the Browns? They will draft the best player available to them. It will NOT be Beanie Wells. Sorry OSU fans…he’s simply not worth the top 5 money and has questions about health issues. IF…and a huge IF…Aaron Curry is there the Browns WILL take him at #5. However, he won’t slip past Kansas City with Scott Pioli running the show there so there’s not a chance we even get to sniff his jock strap. Look at team needs LINEBACKER, CB, SAFETY, DL, OL, WR, RB. Basically everything. What i’m getting at is…if we stay at the #5 pick…don’t be suprised to see the Browns select….DE/OLB…the beast…Brian Orakpo out of Texas.

  5. Logan

    March 27, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    thats part of making the right choice it may be a “burden” to draft high, but as Browns fans we must admitt we are paranoid about drafting high……..look at Manning, Mario williams, warren sapp, orlando pace, Joe Thomas, adrian peterson, McNabb and the list goes on for bust as well. there were also 6 round picks such as tom brady but we must remember its all on the shoulders and brain power and additude of the guys we pick. who knows what if we picked McNabb instead of Couch, doubt he would of taken us to a superbowl like he did to Philli. There are so many variables that are out of the the control of the draftnik and as Browns fans I think we do put a lot of pressure on our 1st round picks, if i were tim couch i would sue the city of cleveland for emotional damages, Butch davis did nto ruin him we did. yes he sucked but we are about to do it to DA as well. we are good at ruining high draft picks.
    As far as wells goes i think every Rb has health issues its a hard position that requires thug mentally. You have to be crazy and backs do nto have 15 year careers they get beat up. I remember how Kiper said AP would be horrible b/c his health and look at him now he reminds me of barry sanders. its not that easy either the AFC north is a tuff division develope in as opposed to the NFC north….

  6. Logan

    March 27, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    also that DE out of texas scares me b/c look how Mangini failed with our OSU DE convert to rush OLB. I am nervous about convert somebody from a 3 point stance to a 2 point stance while they are already adjusting to the most competitive game ever. If curry and wells are not availiable trade down and get Jenkins or Malaluga. forget Clay mathews jr. he just has a name and story line like Chuck frye did……maybe if he is still around in round not in the second round. when it comes to defense and the backfield you need straight thugs, guys that will ripp peoples faces off. not pretty white boys. look at ray lewis he murdered 2 people thats what you need….guys like mike tyson with that killer mentality not some white boy from the suburbs that says his prayers every night after a glass of milk. i want a guy that will rob old women rushing toothlessburger.

  7. Clayton

    March 28, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Tim the Sofa takes the cake as the worst Browns’ Draft bust ever. Remember when everyone was saying he would be the next John Elway? I doubt John would have let him fill his water bottle.

    The 2nd round of the NFL Draft always has been and always will be the best round in terms of value for money. The talent level between the first and second rounds is not that different, yet the prices are not even comparable.

    Aaron Curry will not be available for the Browns. KC will take him if he is still available at #3.

    If we stick with number 5, Orakpo is the most likely pick since his health was the only question mark, and that seems to have been alleviated with his workouts since the Combine.

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  9. joe mili

    April 4, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    nice article ward. first of all browns fans need to realize that the 2009 season is going to be a wash. we have 2 receivers right now (cribbs and edwards). we have no depth at any of the offensive line positions, although i do like the signing of john st. clair. i think were ok at the starting cb spots although we have no depth their either. safety is a huge question mark(keep your fingers crossed we have another bad year and can get taylor mayes out of usc) personally i think wimbley will have a good year(sophomore slump happens to a lot of players) and eric barton is a pretty good ilb and alex hall showed flashes of brilliance at lolb. if rogers continues to play at his level and him and mangini squash this beef we should be fine at nose tackle. also give corey williams at least another year to acclimate himself to a 3-4 he has never played in that kind of defense. shaun smith will be gone(fighting quinn even though he probably deserved it). for the rb position lewis is obviously on his last legs, id really like to see harrison get more than 2 carries a game.

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