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Let the Good times Roll!!!!!! Top 10 Moments of the New Browns Stadium


With everything that we have had to go through in 2008, I wanted to write a little bit about the good times in the New Stadium. There hasn’t been many, but we have had some good moments and while you read these, I want you to think of your list and put them in order and let me know, also  what you were doing when these good times at the Stadium were happening…..


The Cleveland Browns opened up the 2004 season at home against the Baltimore Ravens. In 2003 Jamal Lewis set the rushing record against the Browns (295 yards) in which the Ravens won 33-13 and beat the Browns again 35-0 in the second to last game of the year at the Stadium. In 2004 it had a different feel, atleast it did on that sunny September day. It was a 3-3 tie at Halftime before Jeff Garcia took over in his Browns debut throwing for a Touchdown and running for a Touchdown. Still to this day it is the only opening day win since the Browns have been back.


It was the third home game of 2007 season and the Browns were 1-2. After getting Blownout by those hated Steelers and lighting up the Scoreboard against the Bengals, traveling out west to take on Oakland that ended in a Blocked field Goal. The Baltimore Ravens were coming to town. The Game was highlighted after a Raven Turnover, Derek Anderson went deep to Braylon Edwards for a seventy-eight yard touchdown pass and it looked like it was Bernie and Webster out there with the Browns winning 27-13. We arrived in 2007 after that victory.


This game to me needs to be in the top ten, “BottleGate”.  December 16th 2001, We were still in contention to making the playoffs and Tim Couch was leading the Browns to a game winning drive after he completed a fourth and two pass to Quincy Morgan, got to the line spiked the football. After a play was ran referre Terry McAuley, went to the replay booth and decided that Quincy Morgan bobbling the ball. Thats when we as fans had enough, bottles started flying from the Dog Pound and before anyone knew it, they came from every direction in the Stadium.

The referees called the game but Paul Taglibue called the game supervisor and ordered the teams to finish. I think that showed the Cleveland Browns passion for this football team, Cleveland always gets the bad deal, and the fans had enough. As I look back on that day in Cleveland Browns history, I think it wasn’ a day that gave the city a  black eye it was the day the NFL the fans were back in Cleveland.


The undefeated Super Bowl Champion New York Giants were coming to the birthplace of Monday Night Football, October 13th 2008. You could feel something in the air that night. The Muni-lot was rocking as always and those Orange helmets looked a little brighter under those Monday night lights. Kellen Winslow was inactive and there was no way the Browns could beat the Giants the Media said. Seventy thousand fans and fifty-two Browns players thought differently and we were right. It started with Braylon doing a backflip during the introductions, then Derek Anderson and Braylon connected on a deep ball where Braylon got brought down at the goal line.

It ended with Eric Wright picking off Eli Manning and taking it to the opposite side of the Dog pound and the place when nuts. The Stadium was loud you could feel it shake. It was the loudest I have ever heard the new stadium and if you were there it is a moment you will never forget. On that day in 2008 we could of beat anyone in the NFL.


The Seatle Seahawks came to town for a four o’clock game by the lake. We fell behind 21-6 after a Nate Burelson ninety-four yard punt return with 3:49 left in the first half. Jamal Lewis had a career high four touchdown on the day but the day was highlighted, after it looked like Hasselbeck scrambled for a first down a third down and eight. The officials reviewed the play and he was stopped short by a half a yard.

The drama built when the Seahawks decided to go for it on fourth and inches and Maurice Morris was stopped again. We recieved the ball in overtime and after a big gain on a screen pass to Lewis, Phil Dawson kicked a twenty-five yard field goal to give the Browns the victory on November 4th 2007. The dog pound was barking that day a little louder then usual as the Sun went down!


The setting was your typical fall day in Cleveland, overcast sky and chilly. The Browns were taking on the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens (It does hurt me to say that) but on this day the Cleveland Browns defeated those ratbirds for this time in team history and it was at the Stadium. It was an emotional 24-14 victory for us fans. I had seen older men having tears in there eyes because there Browns, beat that team  that was once hear in Cleveland. It took five tries but that day happend and Cleveland smiled that day.


“The Snowbowl” Lake effect snow at the Stadium is the way football should be played. It is what we want as fans and on December 16th 2007 we got what we wanted. It was a frigid day with visibility almost at zero. The Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills played a football game that was a beutiful sight. Phil Dawson made a fourty-nine yard field goal which hit the support pole, just like he did the week before breaking the Ratbirds hearts. Dawson made two field goals and a Bills mishap on Special teams caused a safety. It was Jamal Lewis beating down the Bills defense, and the Stadium was alive that great day nine days before Christmas.


The Pittsburgh Steelers came to town on a day when the Sun was out and the Browns were ready to play football. The came out of the gate to take a 14-0 lead. Tim Couch threw for 310 yards and two touchdowns. Pittsburgh had the football on the Browns nine yard line with little time left decided to go for the win and not kick the field goal. Courtney Brown had other ideas sacking Kent Graham and Pittsburgh didn’t have enough time to get the Field Goal kicker on the field and the Browns beat Pittsburgh!!


Four days after Christmas in 2002 the Browns had a chance to make the playoffs against the Atlanta Falcons, Tim Couch went down early in the game and Kelly Holcumb came in to lead the Browns to Victory against the Falcons. The two plays that I will never forget is when William Green busted sixty-four yard with under four minutes in the game to give the Browns a 13 point lead. William Green had a career day with two touchdowns and 180 yards. As we know nothing comes easy and the Atlanta Falcons had the Ball on the two yard line but Earl Holmes stopped Warrick Dunn twice and the Browns went on to the Playoffs. It was a great day for Cleveland Browns fans across the world.


The number one moment in the Stadium is yet to come in 2009. I hope all of you reading this are ready for the Mangini era, It might not look the best right now, but the Steelers have to come to Cleveland and they aren’t going to leave with a smile.The Browns will be alright just like the fans, they are sick of losing also.If you haven’t jumped on board in Believeland just yet, we still have a few more spots open, so jump on board and lets get ready for the 2009 season.

Tomlin,Big Ben and Hines Ward your time will come. Squeeler fans we don’t want you in are Stadium and since now you won the Super Bowl, there is even going to be more bandwagon jumpers, just stay away, this is Cleveland the greatest city around. Go Browns!!! I hope you enjoyed reading this and it put a smile on your face. Go Browns!!! Destionation Super Bowl

Randy Ward, is a die hard Browns fan that hasn't missed a game since the Browns have been back in 99. Randy bleeds Orange and Brown and can't wait for that one day, when the Browns are on top of the mountain. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl!!!!



  1. Mike Hoag

    March 30, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    #4 the snowbowl i was there.

    warm whiskey cider and 60 MPH winds , u couldnt see outside the stadium. I remember Joe J and Jamal Lewis tearing it up. Phil Dawson making 45 yd field goals in that wind and snow was insane.. Phil the golden TOE Dawson!

  2. Clayton

    March 30, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Three comments. 1. Good selection of best moments in the new digs. 2. Please refrain from ever using the name Tim Couch in a post unless you really have to. 3. And I agree with your closing. Eric Mangini reminds me a little of a now deceased junior hockey coach named Bert Templeton. Templeton was fairly reserved with the media and almost unfriendly. He never coddled a single player. He ended up being one of the winningest coaches in junior hockey history, but he had some disastrous seasons along the way. The point always, though, was to make sure the opponent thought twice before the next time they came to town. Some said he was kinda dirty for putting enforcers on the ice for some rough-housing in the third period when his team was sure to lose. If that’s dirty, then I have no problem with filth. The country club in Cleveland is done. Good riddance.

  3. Anthony

    March 30, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Valid points…all of them Rand! Hey…Mangini beat Pittsburgh with the jets…now its his turn to actually coach some players in cleveland and kick some steeler ass. The best is yet to come!

  4. Logan

    April 3, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    I am bitter i guess……I think bottlegate should be #1. I also think that we are snake bitten, as a fan i feel like an alcoholic in a rock bottom moment feeling like nothing is in control.

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