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A Plan of Attack Set for the Draft?

The Cleveland Browns have already made major changes to the organization so far in 2009, but the biggest moves might still be to come. I heard earlier this week that the Browns are interested in both Mark Sanchez and Michael Crabtree and if they have there way are going to try and get both players in the 2009 Draft.

With it being known that coach Eric Mangini isn’t to confident in either quarterback in Berea (Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn), the Browns would try to gain another high first round pick. If the Browns are willing to do that, do you start Sanchez right out of USC?

Would you trade Quinn to Denver for one of their first round picks? Do you try and make a package to move back up in the top ten? Do you keep Anderson for a year to start while Sanchez get some time to learn the ropes of the NFL?

If Mangini doesn’t even want to see a year with Anderson sign a veteran quarterback after trading Anderson. There are still many NFL teams needing a quarterback and the Browns have two. Would a combo like Sanchez and Crabtree be something you want? I know myself I want to win and would be intrested seeing that Combo light up the Squeeler Secondary.

It’s less then two weeks until the Draft and the fun is just about to begin…. Go Browns!!! Destination Super Bowl!!!

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7 Responses to “A Plan of Attack Set for the Draft?”

  1. Dan B says:

    I have never been a big BQ fan but the man has not even been given an opportunity to succeed or fail. So now we talk of getting another rookie, one who came out a year early and only had one year starting as QB. His own head coach recommended he play another year to get better.

    There is intrest from other teams for BQ so there is other people that think he has talent and can be a starter in this league. Do we want to start ALL OVER AGAIN? When does the “REBUILDING” end? There is some talent on the team, it just needs to be let out.

    I just don’t get the logic of letting go a 1st round prospect without ever giving him the chancce to prove himself. Yes we need recievers and possibly a QB, but that wreck we call a defense should be our #1 priority.

    Defense does win Championships, just ask the ravens. They won a champioship with Trent Dilfer for Pete’s sake! Give Quinn a chance and get a defense with some teeth in it, the Steelers and the rest of the division will understand a good punch in the mouth!

  2. Tommy says:

    I dare anyone to explain to me how Mark Sanchez is an upgrade over Quinn. Quinn is not old, has never been given a chance to succeed, is familiar with the Browns’ system (though I’m sure it’s going to be new to pretty much everyone with Mangini coming in), and under Charlie Weis, was more polished coming out of college than Mark Sanchez is NOW! Rebuilding only works if you actually build something. Trading away a cornerstone in that rebuilding process is completely counterintuitive. Fix the effing defense, and give Quinn a chance to fail before starting all over again. As for reports that Mangini is not smitten by Quinn, what exactly is that based on? We haven’t seen him! Does he not like his hair?

  3. Dan Taylor says:

    I agree with Dan and Tommy. Quinn needs a chance. How can Mangler Mangini (who is no better than a .500 coach) knock Quinn when he hasn’t seen him perform? I can understand his distain for DA. I can’t stand his innaccurate arm either. But, I think Quinn is alot smarter than DA. I have never in my life seen a QB miss the dump offs and short slants across the middle more often than DA. Mangini does not impress me. His quality assessment of this team doesn’t either. Run his butt out of town before he drags us down farther. Well, we do have the Cavs to hope for this year. The Browns picking up nothing but 2nd stringers isn’t going to help much and the Tribe isn’t looking any better than 3rd place. Let’s all pray for a miracle.

  4. ButchGavlen says:

    I agree too; and i say it doesn’t make any sense at all. that’s why i’m not going to bite. it makes perfect sense that they would keep one of the quarterbacks they have while they make all the rest of the changes they know they must make, and then if the one the keep doesn’t pan out in a year or two or even three, they can draft or trade for their guy and plug him in to a built up team, and wala.
    Cleveland sports reporters….very sorry.

  5. John says:

    everyone here is right. I got to think this is a case of people just wanting to think of something to talk about until the draft finaly happens. it makes no sense to draft sanchez. we may not know what we have in quinn yet but we have way bigger needs than qb or wide reciever. It doesnt take sexy moves to win championships you need a solid line and defense. The lines getting there, we need to focus on making a defense that will destroy anything that moves… dont give up on the tribe I got good feelings the way theyre hitting the ball, its early theyll come around. go cleveland

  6. Clayton says:

    Well, Dan, you started a good trend of posts here. Trying to acquire Sanchez in the Draft is just plain stupid. We have an ongoing QB competition between a Pro Bowler and a first round Draft pick who played decent last year until his injury and who at least knows the Team. To add a third to the mix is goofy to say the least. If the idea is to trade Brady and replace him with Sanchez, that makes little sense because Sanchez cannot likely step in right away and replace DA if things go badly at the start of the season. If the idea is to trade DA and replace him with Sanchez, that too is a bad idea because then we are stuck with two very young quarterbacks with little to no pro experience. No matter how you slice it, Sanchez should not be acquired by the Browns. In terms of Crabtree, I at least see the logic in that we are getting desperate for another WR, however, I still believe our first pick should be Orakpo or Curry (one of them WILL be available at number 5 overall). Yes, I know that means that we likely have to keep Braylon Edwards unless we get a good straight up WR for WR trade with the Giants. I will accept that fate. After all, Braylon showed in 2007 that he can put up numbers equal to Crabtree’s – and that is in the Pros!

  7. ButchGavlen says:

    I am still of the trade BE now, not only because he has proven how unreliable he can be, but that sort of thing will always haunt him at the worst times, like playoffs and when you need it most. But the biggest thing is he’s gonna want out of here next year, and it’s gonna be a huge distraction at a crucial time.
    and getting rid of BQ now before we see what we have, just to get another player who we won’t know what we have, and pay MORE money at a higher pick…..where is the sense in that. Everything about that would be speculation and we’d be right back in the same place a year or two fron now asking if he can do it…and what if BQ goes onto be at least good, and sanchez or whoever is a bust. we forget anderson sat for a long time before he even got here, learned, watched, and had a good long chance. do the same for BQ while building the team. trade anderson for picks, trade BE, get an older ‘teacher’ back-up for BQ and …..

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