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Is it Sunday Yet?

The Cleveland Browns 2009 schedule was released and the wait is on until September 13th when the Vikings come to town, a team the Browns haven’t beat in over twenty years. Even though I have already gone over the schedule a few times looking at the opponents seeing who I think we will beat is all premature, because who is going to be our quarterback- Quinn, Anderson, and there is a third name to be thrown in the hat?

Don’t look now, but USC QB Mark Sanchez is high on the Browns radar. Then there is the question of who the quarterback is going to throw to if Braylon Edwards is traded away? If you take Edwards off the Roster your wide receivers look like this Syndric Steptoe with 19 receptions, David Patten with 11 receptions and Josh Cribbs with two catches.

This Mankok era began months ago and the only big move made so far is the Kellen Winslow trade. Big things are going on in Berea as we speak and these moves that are about to happen or not happen could will be the fate of Mankok.

What if Quinn, Anderson and Edwards are all dealt away with Mangini having no emotional ties to any of these players? Are you ready for a whole new Browns team? Are the season ticket holders ready for waiting another three years to contend in these tough economic times? Only time will tell.

Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl because these are the days that are going to make it sweet when we finally get to drink the juice.

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7 Responses to “Is it Sunday Yet?”

  1. Logan says:

    I do not think Mangini is dumb enough to deal Quinn….we need to have like dateline do a sting on Berea and find out what the hell is going on in there. Trading Braylon would make sense, even if we gave him money and long term deal he would leave b/c he is a cry baby about the fans being mad b/c he has so many drops. So we might as well get something for him. No ever superbowl team needs a big receiver to win….but they do need a QB and a defense. Look at shittsburgh……..who do they have in their receiving core that is a TO/Calvin Johnson/ B-easy size guy…..we need a damn run game that can wear people out and some linebackers and we will be fine.

    Mark Sanchez will be a bust, USC QBs are overated like OSU players are over rated inthe state of Ohio….He was a produce of a good program, but look at Quinn, Norte Dame was a product of him he was all that offense had and they were great. thats why Quinn won’t be a bust if he is given a fair chance, if they do trade him i am never giving The Cleveland Browns another penny b/c they would not deserve it. Would you get to keep your job if you put garbage product on the field since 99? Why should Lerner?

    Obama needs to bailout the browns fans……We are so paranoid as a fan base b/c Art Modell ripped our hearts out we need to stop the paranoid behaviors and stand up to the ownership and money talks…..if dont give them the money they will get the hint….Your telling me Cowher didnt want to coach……money talks once again if he would have offered him enough he would have taken it and giving a coach 8+ million a year he could afford….

    I hope Mangini learned from NY that you cannot treat a grown man (NFL players) like kids but also u cannot let them run aorund and do whatever they want like Romeo’s fat ass did. We need that “happy meduim” not 2 extremes….

  2. Clayton says:

    The Sanchez thing is not going anywhere. It makes absolutely no sense under any scenario, whether Quin or Anderson is traded or whether we keep them both.
    Edwards can be traded to the Giants for Dixon or Smith plus two draft picks in the first three rounds.
    I think it is realistic to think that the Browns can reach .500 football with this schedule. 10-6 would be a real treat. Anything beyond that is lemon pie in the sky.
    Go Browns!

  3. Logan says:

    Your on crack this team is garbage right now, we do not have any depth anywhere……and if there is “depth” the players are crap………..honestly the only player on our defense that could start on playoff AFC team would be Shaun rodgers……we stink….on offense the only players that could start on other AFC north teams (Balt/pitt) would be Thomas, Edwards,and Cribbs…..our strong side linebacker couldn’t even start at the weak side in Balt or Pitt…….we are a team that you can mark as a win if ur not brainwashed. we as fans need to wake up and accept the reality that our blind following has caused.

    Would you want to play in Cleveland if you were a big name free agent? Under the mangini regime? Would you want to play here if u were Braylon, Quinn, Rodgers or Winslow…..getting treated like “a piece of meat”….Name getting thrown up in trades b/c the plain dealer is bored and cooks up propaganda because they hate the gag order in Berea….

    I know this is off topic but Lebron…..Would you want to stay in cleveland when you cannot even root for your childhood teams? Who cares who he root for in NFL and MLB, he is going to end the championship drought and we treat him like shit and then when he goes to play for spike Lee in NY we will cry like we do when we lose to the steelers…

    There must have been something in the water in NE ohio after 1995…..we are the ones that need to check ourselves

    • Dan B says:

      So the current state of the Browns is the fault of myself and the rest of the Browns Fans?! What are you smoking?! Our devotion to our team is not the cause, the problem is this.

      We have an owner who I do not think really wants to be the owner of the Browns. He is more interested more in soccer overseas and in his credit company. randy Learner knows nothing about football just like his father. Look at the front office and coaching hirings since the Browns have come back to the NFL.

      Palmer/Policy/White, an OC made first time head coach, Office exec who put the 49ers into ruin because of the contracts doled out during his charge, and a 1st time GM who was Policy’s boy.

      Then we have Butch Davis, need I say more. Crennel and Savage. Savage did bring in a bit of talent, but RC never had control of this team. A DC who consistantly had the worst defense in the league. Maybe having the oppositions plays made him the DC he was.

      Now Mangini and Kokinis. An average coach and an untested 1st time GM, who actually is a front, don’t kid yourself, Mangini is calling the shots.

      Manginin has no people skills. He brow beats his players, the fans and the press. The players he brought over from the Jets were let go for a reason, Ryan did not want them. They are nothing more than yes men for Mangini to try and get the rest of the players to buy into their new coach.

      In any of this, tell me where the owners made a good, knowledgable decisions for this team. Is it because they know they can put crap on the field because the fans will show, no, the fans were not showing last year. It is because they either don’t care, don’t know, or both.

  4. Logan says:

    Why would Lerner not want to be owner…..being an NFL owner isnt about conquest…..its about what the rappers say “makin dat paper” They want money….yea lerner may not give a shit that was my point he sells out every game why pay guys like Albert Haynsworth 100 million? If we as fans did not buy his crap product he would be forced to invest in his product…..hence we are the problem……we are too loyal and i didnt blame u individually sorry if i offended you i blame us as fan base. Quit giving them money….

    • Dan B says:

      I know you were not singling me out, I am just a fan like you and others. But I disagree that we the fans are the problem. The fans have started not selling out games and we the fans have a big impact on how the owner does things. Why do you think Quinn got his start, because the pressure the fans put on the team.

      I really do think Learner has no clue as how to run an NFL team, that is why I don’t think he wants to be an NFL owner.

  5. Logan says:

    You said it yourself bro “[…] big impact on how the owner does things. Why do you think Quinn got his start, because the pressure the fans put on the team.”

    We do have an impact anf right now our impact is negative we boo players when they get hurt, chuck bottles at refs, and we don’t not goto games. The Browns are always sold out so I do nto know what you are talking about…..we need to not have enough people go so they are blacked out for weeks….. a few seats doesn’t hurt Lerner’s checkbook enough. We need to not buy any browns merchandise…..and we need to make this team a place where big name free agents would want to play……would you want to play here if the fans were known for booing you when you got hurt? They are people too and yes they get paind millions of money that comes from us however perfection is something is not going to be achieved especailly when we pay guys like Terry Cousins and Shitty linebackers.

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