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Please wake me up from this Nightmare in Cleveland..

The Browns got what they wanted, the Kansas City Chiefs selected Tyson Jackson, and Aaron Curry was still on the board after the 3rd pick came and gone Curry was still on the board, but the Seahawks decided to take the Linebacker out of Wake Forest.

The Browns were finally on the Clock and months of suspense and the wish finally came true the Browns were able to make a trade with the New York Jets. The Jets selected Mark Sanchez and the Browns received DE Kenyon Coleman,QB Brett Ratliff, and Safety Abrham Elam, The Jets 17th pick, and the 57th pick.

So after an hour and half of waiting and the Browns back on the clock the Browns decided to make two trades to acquire late round draft picks. When the Browns finally decided to pick they could of landed Chris Wells or Rey Mauluaga. They didn’t the decided to go after Alex Mack a Center out of Cal.

The Browns next picks would be in the second round and there is no way Mauluaga could of fallen to them there. Well it happened the Browns had another opportunity to draft Mauluaga and they passed instead the Bengals decided to draft Mauluaga. I said in one of my earlier posts this week Mauluaga would be add an identity to the defense, like Ray Lewis does to the Ravens and Troy Polamalu does with the Steelers, now you can add Mauluaga to the Bengals.

So three out of the four teams in the AFC North have hard hitting defensive playmakers and the Browns have nobody on defense. I hope it works out better for Brian Robiskie, then it did for Terry Robiskie. As of 8:09 p.m on Saturday, I feel like I do when I am walking back to the Muni-lot after the Browns got manhandled like they did seven times last year.

For the first time with this new regime I am utterly disgusted in are draft picks and how this draft has gone so far. The pick with Mack doesn’t make this team better right now. I am sick of rebuilding and new, going into this draft we had many holes to fill. We could of walked away with both Wells and Maulauga but we didn’t.

I don’t understand and quite frankly don’t think we helped are chances for competing in 2009. Granted I understand Mankok have a plan, but what about the Season Ticket holders that have to pay every year for this product (If you can even call it that) they put on the field. Where is the Defensive draft picks early on?

Oh yeah we picked a Center and a Wide Receiver instead. Even though we still have two more picks in the Second Round and still have Braylon Edwards this team really dropped the Ball just like Braylon does. Sorry Mangini and Kokinis I have backed you so far and now I hope this works out because I don’t agree with any decision that was made today……

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12 Responses to “Please wake me up from this Nightmare in Cleveland..”

  1. Dan B. says:

    Well Logan my friend, what do we do now? Can you believe this?! Trade down, and only got two 6th rounders for it, can’t remember who Bmore tradeed up with, but they gave a 4th and 5th for moving up. Oh, yeah we got more Jets rejects, I am sure Ryan is crying in his beer giving those guys up.

    When will the Browns learn how to make the other guy pay for moving up. Now our picks. We could have got a center later in the 2nd, Robislie I can live with but no defense till late in the second?! We pick a nobody Hawaii player who let Notre Dame run and throw ALL over them in their own back yard in the Hawaii Bowl!

    New coach and GM, same old results, same old Browns, no hope for the faithful.

    • BrownsFan_in_the_South says:

      I’m glad to see some Browns fans are disgusted by this…

      we need to be vocal…

      two years ago we had the buildings of a strong offense at least… now we look like an expansion team all over again… what happened?

      At least the Lions have Calvin Johnson as an upside. I’d contend that we are the absolute worst drafting franchise year in and year out in the NFL.

  2. Clayton says:

    It is ALEX Mack – Center from U Cal. I was disappointed that the Browns did not choose a linebacker with the 21st pick – Matthews or Maualuga, however, there is no question that the trade to the Jets with our fifth overall pick was a good one – we got two draft picks plus three players including a defensive end and Abram Elam. And there is also no doubt that our offensive line last year was abysmal – we got creamed up the middle and on the right side with blitzes from the opposition. Pork Chop Womack, St. Clair and now Mack with help Thomas and Steinbach up front, and give some reprieve to the aging Frawley. Both wide receivers Robiskie and Massoquoi as our second and third picks are good players. I know very little about Hawaii’s defensive end who we chose with our fourth pick.

  3. […] because you begin the day with five picks and end up with 10, doesn’t mean you’re doing things right. You still need to pick the right guys. It’s obvious that Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry was a […]

  4. Jerrytown16 says:

    This draft has made me sick as well. I think we got a lesson in how to run a business from the Seahawks. They drafted our man before us, then they trade their 2nd round pick for a 1st rounder NEXT year. That is good football business. This draft has sure put a damper on my hopes for next year. Just awful. I can’t even finish my hot wings.

  5. Logan says:

    I think taking the WR out of Georgia was retarded…. However when the Browns traded down I felt that same feeling I did when they moved up in 07 to get Quinn. Nobody in this draft was worth paying top 15 money. I think Alex mack was a good choice, Fraley is a good guy but he is nto a complete Center He is not good in the run game. If you watch Alex macks youtube videos he clearly can play the pass and run (and did so against USC).

    Mangini wants a certain breed of players and character has a lot to do with. Rey Malaluga had some of the field issues, so I guess he will fit right in down in Cinnci LOL. I would of been happy to get him However, I feel the OSU WR can replace Braylon after he leaves in free angency. He is a big receiver that played a high level in a competitve confrence. He is a complete receiver.

    I though Beanie wells would have been a good selection too but, Mangini likes Vets and with the Noah guy out of Green Bay aquired I did not see them taking a RB any higher than round 5.

    The 3 “scrubs” we got from NY, are not really scrubs, they started and to be honest with you they are upgrades from Terry Cousins, Sean Jones and shaun smith. So i am not going to complain I think we Jobed the jets in that trade. The later we take a player the less we pay him so i agreed with trading down.

    I rate the draft so far as a B-. But there were nto great players out there, this draft class was quite weak and I believe Mangini believes the defense will be OK and passing up on some of these offensive guys would be dumb.

  6. Logan says:

    and Dan B I would not try losing any sleep over this you do not need a ‘sexy’ player to have a good draft. for instance I believe Stafford might as well put on a Joey Harrington jersey and think how shitty it has to be for Lions fans right now…..

  7. Preachadawg says:

    folks, I just want to say I am thrilled with this years draft. We didn’t buy into the hype. We didn’t trade away quality players for nothing. We did pick up an offensive lineman and even though its not a sexy pick, this fellow is going to help us run the ball better with what we have, and he will enable us to slow down the ratbirds and squeelers blitzes something we didn’t do very well last year. Everyone is complaining about defense, but our offense ranked 30th in the league. I believe our defense would have looked better if they weren’t on the field all day. We didn’t score an offensive touchdown in five games, that is pathetic. So I like the offensive additions, especially after receiving two defensive starters from the Jets. Mangenius, took a couple players he knew would fit his system, rather than reaching for some folks who might, that sounds a little like bellichuckles, but hey he wins. Until we can develop some talent, we are in a rebuilding process, so why not pick players who can be a part of that process.

  8. Logan says:

    We didn’t score an offensice touchdown in 5 games, b/c our team quit (yes i am calling them quiters) and we lost both Quaterbacks….Dorsey and bruce G. were actaully picks up off of the east side mission.

    Also fraley had a bad year, and we all know about Braylon. I think a center is what we needed and none of the players in the first round would have made anything better. mack can also play guard so his flexability will help deceive the defenses.

    The Malauluga had off the field issues, clay mathews I am betting (this is huge acusation go ahead and let me hear it) did some steroids because I am a student of the human body and he put on a lot of weight and you cannot do that by working out and eating whey protien. He put on 3 inches in height and 55lbs of lean muscle mass in a 1 1/2 years, i know all about roids he was prolly on HGH and took some roids when he was redshirted b/c they don’t make redshirt guys piss.

    Cushing was not on the board when cleveland wanted to pick (they wanted to pick 20-25) any of these 1st rounders

    Big james out of OSU would be better in the 4-3….not a 3-4 guy.

    finally Mangini is content with the jets defensive players aquired. Mangini is a lot like Bill B. out of New England he prefers veterans…….I agree with this on defense, I like brains over brawm in a 3-4. New england won super bowls b/c their defense was smart. Pittsburgh is simular however they have the personal to have brawn too and sadly I think they have the ‘perfect’ defense. Dont cry if we didn’t get any big name guys for linebacking look at James Harrision he climbed out the gutter….its all about finding diamonds in the rough and then molding them into football players. I believe Alex Hall has this ability….

  9. Dan B. says:

    I know sexy names don’t mean squat, but we need an identity for the team/defense. I am not saying Maualga was the answer as 31 of the teams also thought, but someone to help out Rogers and or the lack of a better name, pass rush. Our DBs aren’t that bad (just no depth) they just had an unreasonable amount of time to keep the coverage up due to no pressure on the QB.

    I do like Mack and agree Fraley needs help, he’s been around for awhile and I love Robiskie, see him as a Brian Brennen, Joe J type reciever, I and think he is ready to play now, let’s just hope the Queen Diva gets back to his receiving form and gives DA or BQ a reliable target.

  10. bill says:

    I have read all your comments,and don’t agree with any of them you folks really believe the browns know what there doing. all I can say is expect another top 5 draft pic selection next year hopefully along with a NEW Coach and GM

  11. Logan says:

    I think everybody in Cleveland needs to just chill,the browns were not the only team that passed up on Rey Malauluga……there had to be something in that report that they dont release that made teams pass. So other than Malauga WHo the heck else could we have taken????? Seriously was it that bad a draft. The only bad pick was the kid out of Georgia….Who else was on the board that you would have taken…..can you even name anybody? after the 1st 2 rounds the players are pretty much scrubs and we as fans don’t watch film so its a shit shoot anyways. Alex Mack was a good pick for the 21st spot…..none of the guys taken in the top 15 were worth 20 million in guarantees……so I agree wit hthe trade downs however i do feel we could have squeezed a bit more out of the jets. I am not ready to give up on the season just yet. Well unless they trade Brady Quinn because then we are effed…and dont get mad that we didnt trade Braylon, his stock is alreayd ruined so if we want to retain him we put a tag on him and then do a deal or we can tag him and then trade him like most teams do….But DA has to go, seriiusly cleveland needs to committ to a QB

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