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For Those of You Who Have Jumped of the Brownswagon – Please Stay Off!!

The Cleveland Cavaliers are getting ready for the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cleveland Indians are trying to find an answer to get out of the basement in the Central Division, and it is only 123 days until the Minnesota Vikings come to town on opening weekend.

The Browns have three mini camps remaining and training camp still to open, but I am excited about this football team. The draft was the safest draft since the Browns have come back. Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson are set to compete in another Cleveland quarterback competition in Berea.

This year there is no expectations for this football team but a lot of opportunity to get the bark back by the lake. Unlike many Steeler fans we are a different breed. I am sure you have noticed now that the Browns haven’t had much bite to them lately, there has been more and more Steeler fans at the Stadium and around the area lately.

It isn’t because they are die hard fans – it’s because there team has been winning and the Steeler fans are bandwagon jumpers. This year the recipe for success is much of the same as in years past, win inside the division.

The Ravens, Bengals, and Steelers all have had the Browns number during the Crennel/Savage era. With Mangini in town, why can’t things be different now then in years past? Baltimore and Pittsburgh like to physically beat you up, with the Ravens defense getting older by the second and the Steeler defense having obvious holes on the defensive line and cornerback position, the Browns could make a move in this upcoming season.

It is going to come down to winning in the trenches, in the AFC North. If we can keep our head above water going into the last five games of the season, four of them being at the Stadium good things could be on they way. So I ask all of you fans that have stayed on the Brownswagon to be patient are time will come.

For all of you that have jumped off, the pound is full and there is no room for you to join when you jump off the Steelerwagon. Destination Super Bowl Go Browns!!

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11 Responses to “For Those of You Who Have Jumped of the Brownswagon – Please Stay Off!!”

  1. Clayton says:

    Trench football is the only way to win in the AFC North. Pound Lewis, Harrison and Davis. Short, safe passes. Ball control and clock management. It won’t make a lot of highlight reels, but it will win us 7-9 games this season.

    Every second sports fan these days is a bandwagon jumper. Team loyalty is for us old guys. I met a fellow a while back who cheers for the Steelers, the Red Wings and the Red Sox. Gimme a break. Enough to make me puke. I should have asked him where his Tiger Woods poster was.

  2. Logan says:

    Randy, I admire your optimism but you have to be objective. The steelers and the Ravens have far superior defenses and having hope is not going to win games. It is also a known fact that the steelers and dallas cowboys have the largest fan base and have for years. In fact did a story on this not that long ago and it went , 1-steelers, 2- Cowboys, 3- Green Bay and we were number 4. I do nto see holes in the Shittsburgh defense, all of there DL and corners are better than ours and the bengals and most teams so how can we expect to beat them? The Ravens defense is not old, Ray lewis is old and he is not the entire squad. He also had pro bowl season, thats pretty good for an old guy. Disowning fans that look at the game objectively and accept the reality is not going to make the situation any better. We as fans have to demand a better product and not buy anything thats is orange or brown and watch the games at home. The game is about money, its not about hope and cheering (maybe for us, but its not for the people who decide how good our team is).

    We have holes…….Cornerback- Wright and B-mac have shown promise but they are inconsistant, they could develope into great corners but they need to be consistant.

    Linebacker………in a 3-4 defense the linebackers must be outstanding, in a 4-3 its on the DL. I will explain this by pointing to the steelers and ravens linebacking core… need more than one great linebacker. We have 1, Dquwell Jackson. End of story.

    Safety…..Abe Elam is a great player, but a downgrade from a healthy Sean Jones. Brodney Pool would not start on a playoff cailaber team.

    Our defensive line is OK, not as sorry as our linebackers, rodgers is the best nose in the NFL and corey williams was playing with an injury and the guy we got out of NY was a starter. We should be good there, possibly in better shape than our Rivals in the AFC north.

    we have to win at least 5 of those 6 division games to have the opportunity to goto the superbowl….right now I can’t see us winning 1……if you look at the game objectively. But remember the 07 season, nobody expected us to perform the way we did. I though we were going to get murdered and we went 10-6. Anything can happen but with a lack of a crystal ball I am going to predict a 8-8 season at best. I also predict with shittsburgh’s easy sdhl. they will at least make it to thr AFC championship game. Lets hope they have a superbowl hangover like they did in 06 and the giants had in 08.

  3. Deuce says:

    I have to agree with most points made by Logan. I need to add to it though, optimism and hope…..not resulting in success. As long as we continue to support this disaster of a organization financially, they will do nothing to improve. Why improve a team that already has one of the highest revenues? They make the money they need without even trying to win a game.
    Every year it’s a QB comp and if you look into teams like Indy and New England to name some, you see consistency amongst that position. Stressing the players to perform while dangling starting opportunitys in thier faces will do more harm than good.
    Though our draft was indeed safe, there was no reason to skip certain players available at the exact same position you drafted (Maiavia over Mauluga or Matthews?) I understand the money behind high picks and was impressed when they traded down, even when they did it twice. They stumped me by assisting the Jets more than us. Why does Mangina insist on bringing the players in from the team that got him fired? (though I think a lot of blame has to go to Favre the diva)
    So far I see another disappointment and coaching change by 2010. We cannot continue to sign every washed up name and over-aged player in FA, how far did we get with McGinnest? We have more holes in our team than termite infested pine-wood and we draft a center #1 with other intentions to trade all our proven talent for unproven rookies. We also need to stop relying on “hometown connections” to save the day around here since it means nothing to be raised here.Hence Charlie Frye.
    With another terrible season ahead I can honestly say I’m losing interest in my favorite team of all time, and no you’ll never catch me in black and yellow no matter how many championships they win.
    1 last for you guys though….if Cleveland was a media giant or winning team they would admit we have the largest fanbase WORLDWIDE over anyone, but who cares about lousy ass Cleveland anyways, why give them any attention? THINK ABOUT IT

  4. Dan says:

    I agree with both Logan and Deuce. Something needs to change, NOW!!! I went to my first Browns game in 1961. I was 4 yrs old. We used to see about 5 or 6 games a year back then. I lived and breathed Brown and Orange. In 1971, I won a contest from the Plain Dealer, along with about 11 more kids who got to go to the Browns Training came at Hiram College. Nick Skorich’s first year. Bill Nelson was QB, along with a few of Jim Brown’s old linemen. We played catch with the players, got autographs and pictures with them, and had lunch with them. I saw 1 Browns championship, in 1964. Since then it has been alot of hope, disappointment and cussing.
    My father was a good friend of Jim Houston’s, so I got to personally meet alot of the old Browns. Then I went into the Air Force for 30 years. While stationed in Duluth, Minn for 14 years, I used to drive home about 2 times a month so I could attend the Browns game, and take a days leave on Monday so I could go back to work Tuesday. Then Wright Patterson for 15 years, where I came home every weekend during football season, unless they played in Cincinnati that weekend.
    Then 2 years ago I started writing for Matt and Browns Gab. 2007 was a great year and we all had alot of fun. Disappointing end of the season but still exciting. Then in 2008 I wrote until about week 10 or 11. The Browns were looking so bad I could not continue. I figured that if I could not write anything positive about the Browns I shouldn’t write anything at all. I didn’t hate the Browns, but I figured, why write nothing but negatives about your team.
    I am still a diehard Browns fan to this day, but I also have to take a realistic approach on this year. Mangini is nothing more than a .500 coach. All the Browns have done this year is pick up 2nd stringers, both from other teams and the back ups that Mangini brought with him. The Browns had no better than a average draft. Unless they make a few more blockbuster trades, I don’t honestly see anything more than a 4 -12 or 5 – 11 record this year. I’m still a die hard fan, so give me and the rest of your Browns fans something to scream about this year. GO BROWNS !!!

  5. ButchGavlen says:

    While I agree we need to change things and we need to start winning and all the other points made above, I can’t believe they aren’t doing everything they can to the point of panic to change this situation and start winning. It doesn’t make sense not to try and I get sick of everyone thinking that just throwing money at it is the answer. It is not. I am so glad we have an owner with money AND THE WILL TO WIN, even if it is not working….yet. If you are indeed older you should remember the winning clubs didn’t start out automatic winners just by spending money or because they tried. I know it is hard keeping the faith and being patient; but for every move i see written on here by one of us fans, there are just as many reasons for that move to fail or be wrong. Like anything else in life it all depends on much more than most of us can comprehend at any one moment in our lives.
    Randy, keep trying to bring us a winner. we are behind you and will love you forever if you do spend the money and the effort and do what you truely see is necessary to accomplish that. and if you can see some way to vocalize that now, it would help us MUCH.
    Go Browns.

  6. Logan says:

    I think money talks butch…….Dude if Terrelle Suggs doesn’t get franchised again and we don’t pay him then its out failure. Dont listen to that crap about players saying they will never play for a certain team. everyone has a price…..If we would shell out the cash we could pay for players with amazing talent. For the past 2 years I have wanted to browns to snag him up in free angency but Newsome was smart so he franchised him as a DE one year and a LB the next so he could do it twice. Suggs wants “that paper” and so do players like, K2, Braylon, Jason Peters, Ray Lewis, Jared Allen, and after this year Shawn Merriemen. You got to pay people……we decided to be jewish and pay Terry Cousins instead of Ty Law last year…….look what happened

  7. ButchGavlen says:

    I partially agree. I think we need to build the organization first; the office, the coaches, the ideology, etc. Then and only then can you pay money to players, and even then you have to be very careful not to pay cancers and not start jealosy to eat at what you have built as a foundation. We haven’t gotten the office and personel there right yet. Let’s hope this time is either it or close to it, and the other stuff will fall into place within a few years.

    • Dan says:

      I can understand the frustration, because I feel it too. Whether it’s due to lack of spending, lack of talent or a lousy organization, the Browns are doing something wrong.
      The Browns made it to the Championship game each of their first 10 years of existance, winning the title 7 times. There was a period dating from 10/19/47 until 10/9/49 that the Browns did not lose a single game. That’s 29 games in a row without a loss. That is what dynastys are made of. They had 2 ties within that period but never a loss. They had a stretch of 18 wins in a row. They have been in the playoffs 28 times and won the Championship 8 times. Even though it hasn’t been since 1964, we have still had alot of teams to hang our hats on. After our big win in 64, every other year (after the 64 season) during the 60’s was a big winning year. The 70’s had a little better than .500 record. Nothing great but we still had hope. We had a good decade in the 80’s. We made it to the AFC championship 4 times, but came up short each year. Still a reason for hope. Then the 90’s roll around and give us fans nothing to grasp except the 94 campaign. The organization then rips our hearts out by moving to Baltimore. But with some dedication and hard work, we get our franchise back.
      Since the resurgence of the Browns this organization has done absolutely nothing. One playoff appearance with a 9-7 record. What makes that hard to swallow is when in 2007 you finish with a 10-6 record and can’t even make the wild card. So we have 1 playoff appearance since the Browns return home to Cleveland. We’re going into our 11th year back, and we have nothing to show for it. Fans expect improvement from year to year. How can you go from 4-12 in 2006, to 10-6 in 2007, then fall back to 4-12 in 2008? The new regime of Browns leaders can’t seem to get anything right. In my opinion, the blame has to start at the top. It appears the Lerner has the money to spend, but the General Manager doesn’t know where to spend it. Now we have a new GM. Let’s see if he can do any better. You CAN NOT keep changing head coaches, coaching staffs, and starting QB’s every couple years and expect to compete. If you bring in the right people you should be able to ride out the storm and continue to progress. Let’s hope this new leadership can turn things around. GO BROWNS !!!

  8. Logan says:

    that is going to be tuff to do in Cleveland because the fans are too crazy sometimes. They will be calling for Mangini’s head if we have a losing season.

  9. ButchGavlen says:

    I agree with so many points made in all these posts. It is hard to wrap your brain around sometimes. But the one thing that keeps coming backto me is last year I kept saying to the wife, the coaching stinks. They aren’t improving on things week to week. Like the dropped balls. The quarterback starring down the field at ONE receiver all the way…or throwing a 5 to 7 foot short pass at the speed of freaking light and so hard. Just obvious things. then all the mistakes using time and play calling. the team was a mess because the leadership was a mess. we need to settle in first and formost before we even know what we have in potential as a QB, a team, an identity. So IF we do have a loosing season but it doesn’t look like the disaster we’ve had it might be a different story. I get the feeling we might be an ‘average’ team for the first year; and may even surprise some people encluding us, and step back and say, hey, there’s the talent we saw in ’07. maybe not to the good extreme of that year, but you get the idea. God PLEASE!!!

  10. Realbrown says:

    Good input Dan! Someone said you can’t expect to win right from the start. They know nothing about Paul Brown, he was an instant success and so was the team he put together, largely from the team he had put together in Green Bay (no not the NFL Green Bay, the Green Bay Naval Station. Paul Brown was so succesful that every Coach in Football From College through the Pros was trying to learn from his formula and ideas. I won’t get into the discusting situation that caused him to go south to Cincnnati and start another team. Realbrown.

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