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Cribbs Releases Statement Wanting Out From the Browns

Josh Cribbs is the newest Brown that wants out of Cleveland under the new Mangini,Kokinis era. Josh Cribbs did have a excellent year two years ago but last year was slowed down like the rest of the Cleveland Browns. Cribbs should compensated for the Job and here is his statement…

“I humbly and respectfully come to Browns’ fans and the Browns letting all know that I have given my all to this team, on and off the field for 4 complete years selflessly without regard to myself and my own family. I have sat by while good players came and went, either due to contracts or injury. I have witnessed a lot of families uprooted from their stable homes and forced to move wherever the money came in from. I realize that this is not a fair sport for the players, it is a business and we are products.

“Contracts are one-sided in favor of the team, yet we as players are told to honor our contracts without the team honoring them. We are not doctors and lawyers, we don’t get paid for 25 years of work. If we are lucky, we get 10 years at best to make all the money we can to last the rest of our life. We sacrifice our bodies and our health to make our owners wealthy. I am not asking for nothing that I have not already earned and will continue to earn. This is not personal, but I have to be a man and take care of my family for not just a year or two, but for as long as I am walking this earth.

“I have always given the Browns’ team and its fans respect and my loyalty. I have stepped into many different roles for the betterment of my team and have brought honor to Cleveland, in the way that I play on the field, and serve in the community.

“I have been blessed with this opportunity to be somebody and ask that I be treated and compensated on the level of my peers, fairly, according to my work completed, and on the promise that my future will brightly upheld in a manner gracious of this team and its fans.

“I want nothing more but to wear the Browns’ logo on my chest until my career has come to an end, and I am deeply disappointed that the team I put my hard work, blood, sweat and tears in will just write me off as though I am collateral damage. I maintain that this is not personal to Coach Mangini, Mr. Kokinis, or Mr. Lerner, for this is a situation that I could not keep in any longer.”

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6 Responses to “Cribbs Releases Statement Wanting Out From the Browns”

  1. Logan says:

    Once again it is all about $$$$……….. he has a big heart but $$$ is more important than the team. I guess its to hard to support a family on 600K a year…..I mean come on he has to “take care of my family for not just a year or two, but for as long as I am walking this earth”…………josh your one of my favorites but WTF dude…….bitching about being able to take care of your family when ur making drastically more than the average browns fan in a town full of ppl laid off is not going to help get the fans behind you, even me a owner of your jersey wants to take a shit inbetween the 1 and the 6. Just say you want the money you deserve dont talk about how you need to support your family because a lot of families in this town are scraping by on unemployment checks……you greedy fuck…..go down to the east side and then you will see the people who need to support their families. You have a college degree from Kent state so dont talk like this is your only way of making money after u retire you will prolly land a job where your making 6 figures just because of your name……. BTW how much money did Giant eagle pay you for the “get go” commercials……you gross more than a mill a year from being a brown so dont at like your scraping by to feed your kids……I love ya josh and u derserve to get paid but dont bitch about taking care of your kin in this city when ur making that much already…..

  2. ButchGavlen says:

    What a crock. So get a job like the rest of us after football. You should be lucky you are in a position to do what you do for a while.
    Trade him now.

  3. Clayton says:

    This is the stupidest thing he could have done. How will this statement endear him to the Browns fans? Saying that all contracts are one-sided in favour of the Team – where is the foundation for that statement? And how are the Browns any different? The best is the part about only being able to work for 10 years or so compared to a much longer career for other professionals like doctors. Yeah, OK, but he will make more in 10 years at over $600,000 a season than a heart surgeon will make in a lifetime. Besides, his income earning is not over after 10 years. And the timing of this statement is disgusting – Mangini meets with him in private after the workout and then this is the reaction? Cribbs is a special teams player for crying out loud, an excellent one, but that has been his role. If he stayed and played 18-20 snaps at corner per game and a few downs at receiver (like Mangini said he planned), then next year is when he could have made a new contract demand. Not now. Gimme a break.

  4. ButchGavlen says:

    Cry-Baby Cribbs.

  5. Dan B. says:

    Cry me a river Josh! I was one of your biggest fans because with you the team came first, or so it seemed. I spent 22 years in the Navy, the pay was not always the best, but it was my choice and I and my family lived with it.

    I could have got out and found something better to “take care of my family” but that was not who I was and they were ok with it. If it is so hard to scrape by on 600k a year, get out and find something better. I believe that is your name on your contract, no one forced you to sign it.

    I would have respected you had you just said that you believe you needed to be paid fair market value instead of this “family” crap, that is the cowards way of saying I want more but want to look good in asking. You are a GREAT special teamer, check what the others are getting paid then complain.

    I am sure there are many people who woul love to scrape by with what you are being paid!

  6. Anne says:

    Man you people are mean. Josh is a great asset to the team. And he is not getting paid what he should be. $600k a year, is not a lot for what he does. He is right, he’s probably got about 10 years to support his family for life.

    And he does give a lot back to the community, he does have other business ventures.

    Not to mention he is a really nice guy, and has a lovely family… esp that little girl of his.

    Don’t condemn him for wanting to ensure that his family is taken care of, and asking for nothing more than to get paid for what he is worth.

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