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Can the Browns Make the Playoffs in 09?

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Browns season is officially right around the corner with the home opener being only 89 days away when the Minnesota Vikings come to town. The Browns are going to need to come out of the gate strong this year if they want to be able to compete in the AFC North and make the playoffs for only the second time since the return of the Browns back in 1999.

The first two games are both winnable games that the Browns need to win both for a morale booster and to keep pace in this tough AFC North Division. When the Vikings and Brett Favre come to town it is going to be crucial for this team to do two things that they haven’t been able to do to much of since 99, win the Season opener at home and stop the run.

Robaire Smith and Corey Williams are both coming back from injuries and should be ready to go once August 1st starts. With Robaire Smith going down in week 2 and Corey Williams not being 100 percent all season that should be a big boost for this team stopping the run.

Kamerion Wimbley for this time in his career is being tried out at different positions on the front seven which hopefully will help him return to his rookie form. Rod Hood adds major depth to the secondary, with Brandon Mcdonald and Eric Wright are both two young cornerbacks entering there third season and are ready to take the next step in becoming an elite cornerback duo in this league.

On the offensive side of the Ball this team has a Quarterback in Brady Quinn who can be a top five quarterback to play on Sundays. If Braylon Edwards has the year that a lot of people are anticipating him to have this year he can be the number one playmaker in the AFC North on the Offensive side of the Ball.

Jamal Lewis had surgery in the offseason to repair an ankle that has taken a lot of beatings of the years but is eager to begin the 09 season and show that he still has a lot in the gas tank. Jerome Harrison will be a nice change of pace back for the Browns who has shown some playmaker ability in his last two seasons for the Browns.

With Brian Robiskie being a possession receiver something the Browns deeply missed in 08, this offense can return to the explosiveness it had in 08. he offensive line has nine players on the Offensive line that could start on many teams in the NFL and could possibly be the deepest O-line in the NFL. As Browns fans know the Offensive line is very important to be successful in this league.

It is very important to keep the quarterback clean and open holes for the running game, and this team has that ability to do that on offense. Josh Cribbs also needs to get back to the Cribbs in 07, when the offense starts at the 40-yard line it makes it a lot easier on the offense to be able to get points on the board with that field position.

The Browns can be successful this year and can make this fall a special one in the Browns are going to need to be more focused on doing the little things in which I think Eric Mangini has made them a better football team in that area. The first month of the season is going to be crucial for the mental aspect of the game. If they can travel to Denver and Baltimore in weeks 2 and 3 and get a victory in two very tough environments this team will be onto something special.

The first month of the season should tell you everything you need to know about the Browns 2009 season. If they can go 3-1 in that first month of season which this team is very capable doing they will set themselves up really nice to make a run at the Playoffs. The second quarter of the season is going to be difficult as well but has winnable games even though three of the four games are on the road with Green Bay being at home.

The second quarter has some intriguing matchups in it. Starting with going to Buffalo a team the Browns have been able to beat the past two years and should be able to compete again this year with. Week six is the week we are waiting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is just a matter of time before the Browns do beat these guys so this is a very winnable game for this team who knows if they can and will but they can compete with Pittsburgh. It is going to come down to this team making a play when they need too.

The Browns then play to NFC North opponents in the Packers at home and Bears on the road, where they should be able to at least split those games. With the first half of the season a realistic goal for this team is 5-3. If the Browns can get to there goal of 5-3 the last eight games will be a lot of fun at the Stadium. With the Ravens,Lions,Bengals,and Chargers being the third quarter of the schedule.

This part of the Schedule the Browns need to win 3 out 4, which could make them 8-4 going into the last four games of the season and a date with the Steelers at the Stadium on Thursday night, followed by the Chiefs, Raiders, and Jaguars in which the Browns if healthy can win three of these final games of the year that make them 11-5 and AFC North Champions. Browns stadium will be rocking in January this year you can count on that.

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9 Responses to “Can the Browns Make the Playoffs in 09?”

  1. Logan says:

    Great article Randy, It would have to be a perfect world for this to work. The key are the division games……..if we cannot beat the ravens, steelers and bengals then it doesn;t matter how “soft” our schedule is. I do see the Steelers as beatable this year because they did not make any moves in the offseason to improve. They lost some key back up players (nate washington, a O lineman, and Larry Foote) this will hurt them. Also most teams that win the superbowl statistically play bad after a superbowl victory. As for the Ravens I see them as only being stronger….they added a great O-lineman in the draft that will help an average O-line. They have a great QB in Flacco and there defense will still be top knotch w/o Bart Scott. Their only weakness is WR. As far as the Bengals go I believe they will be drastically better this year b/c of the moves they made, they added a great lineman in the 1st round, a great LB in the 2nd (Malauga) and also got a better TE. towards the end of the 08 season their defense played great. With Carson Palmer being back they will be a hard team to beat. Remember they had no QB for most of the season, look at how shitty we got once we had a number 3 QB playing….They will be A LOT better trust me. As for the Browns we made good offseason moves. The only problem I have is how they took 2 WRs in the second round, they should of taken malaugua in the 2nd round and snatched up any of those 2 WRs they got. The O-Line will be better with Mack and Tucker. The loss of Winslow is not that bad, we will do better in the run game. Part of the reason defenses killed us last season was b/c they knew that when winslow was in and not Heiden that it was a pass play and the defense could adjust. Now with blocking tight ends this will throw off the defense and make our offense less predictable. I watched that and noticed it towards the end of a the season 4 out of 5 times when Heiden was in it was a run unless he was out wide. when he lined up off tackle it was a run. Winslow would of left in free angency anyways at least we got osmething for him. I feel like a browns w/ less penalaties will help us drastically in the win factor. We lost a lot of games due to mental errors and penalties. Look up stats on and see how the Jets had the fewest penalaties in the NFL while Mangini was there. I like the disapline and we will get more out of our players than Romeo ever got out of them. i predict Quinn will be our starter but he is not going to be that much better than DA was in 07, it will be a smash mouth run offense with short to intermedate passes with a lot of “flash/wilcat” plays like Mangini ran, I predict this due the defenses we will be playing against. They are tuff and we will have to play uncoventially to beat them. I also predict that the following oponets are underated right now ans will be tuff to beat as well……Vikings (if they aquire farve), Chicago (Cutler with a decent O-line…),Kansas City (Cassel and a new regime), Jacksonville (They had an “off year” in my opinion), San diego will also be a tuff game, they will have “Lights out back”………I am sorry Browns fans but i do nto think our SCHDL. will be that easy, i think its going to be tuffer than last year…..especially within our division we have 3 tuff teams to out play….if we can’t win in our division we are going to be picking high again and chanting COWHER by week 8…….

  2. Clayton says:

    I love the optimism in this piece as I read too much doom and gloom about the Browns. Some of these miserable fans should just move to Pittsburgh where they seem to win everything.

    Having said that, although my heart has faith in more, my head is pretty sure that we won’t make the playoffs this year. 9-7 is possible.

  3. Edward says:

    The Browns are not on the same level as the World Champions! it is not even close!

  4. Edward says:

    34-0 in the last meeting says all you need to know!

  5. Logan says:

    I am no Pittsburgh fan………..eff them. I am a browns fan but I am an objective Browns fan and I expect nothing but the best from the players and coaches. I will not follow blindly and let their failures go unnoticed so go ahead and call me a “bad fan”. I hate referencing the Squellers but have you ever watched a Pittsburgh post game press confrence after a loss? they shark attack the coaches and players after a loss, they hammer them way worse than any clevelander or cleveland journalist does and this might be why they do well b/c they don’t get a chant or a pat on the back after a loss. We need to let them know we support our team but they suck and should be fired/traded/or waived if they aren’t going to play like champions. We have to stand up to these losers when they lose. No go spend more money on a Browns polo so lerner gets more money……money talks people

  6. ButchGavlen says:

    Most cases say 9-7 MAKES the playoffs.

  7. Dennis Thompson says:

    I have watched this team for over 4 decades now, of late more out of morbid curiosity than anything else. I love the Punkin’ Heads, but if there is a way to botch anything, Cleveland will find a way to do it. They have achieved a level of consistency, although at the opposite end of the spectrum as Pittsburgh – just a couple of hours down the pike. There are no rivalries in the AFC North between Cleveland and anyone; it is Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the 4 bye games of Cleveland and Cincy. One 9-7 season will not restore my faith in this franchise. It will take years of consistent play-off caliber performances. Is Mangini the answer? Don’t know. Do I like some of the changes and players? Sure, I do. Will it translate to a difference on the field? I certainly hope so, but am jaded by history. I’ve watched too much for too long to believe in anything anymore.

  8. DPrall says:

    I’m guessing we’ll finish 9-7 AT THE BEST. I wouldn’t be surprised to see anything from 6-10 to 8-8. We’ve made some nice improvements on both sides of the ball, but I’m not sure enough to be a playoff contender in the AFC. Honestly, I don’t even think 9-7 will get a wildcard spot this year in the AFC.

  9. ButchGavlen says:

    I’m seeing a probably much closer race in our division this year. I see (trending) Cincy if they get a good start doing much better; I see Pitts struggling to maintain; I see (hope) the second year for both Flaco AND the head coach showing a downturn; and hopefully we’ll surprise some people and with the changes we made we’ll do better. To what degree th is all plays out is only a guess, or hope. but I’m a Browns fan. been one for too long, abouot 45 years. so….

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