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Stallworth Told Police He Felt he Wasn’t Drunk at Time of Accident

Stallworth Pedestrian Killed Football

The latest twist in the Donte’ Stallworth saga is that the now jailed and suspended wide out feels he was not drunk in the morning hours of when he hit and killed a 59-year-old Miami man back in March. Stallworth told police he drank up to four shots of premium tequila while partying with friends at a Miami Beach club.

Stallworth went on to tell police that he met up with fellow Browns WR Braylon Edwards and some others at a hotel after 2 a.m. back on March 14th. Stallworth said in the recorded interview that he drank some tequila from Edwards’ table and later bought some shots himself. “Three, four at the most,” Stallworth said. “I wasn’t really counting.”

Lab tests later showed Stallworth had a blood-alcohol level of .126, above Florida’s .08 limit. He plead guilty to DUI manslaughter, and has also been suspended by the NFL indefinitely.



  1. Logan

    July 7, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    who cares the case is over the victims family is ok with it, the judge and prosecuters are……why is this still an issue. A lot of players party it up and spend 5 Gs a night on champange, patron, and grey goose. he happend to hit an idiopt jay walking. how many of you drank till 4am went to sleep, woke up at 7am and drove somewhere feeling “OK”………coulda happened to anybody in their 20s.

  2. Clayton

    July 8, 2009 at 6:08 am

    In addition to what Logan said, this is unfairly reported. The implication is that someone with Stallworth’s BAC would surely feel “drunk”. Not so – any toxicologist will tell you that a BAC at that level impairs the ability to drive but does not necessarily impair other faculties such that a person would feel drunk.

  3. Logan

    July 8, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    organizations like MADD (mothers against drunk driving, hysteria and paranoia are the reason why you can be legally “drunk” after 1 beer at 175lbs…..every knows deep down that you would trust anybody driving your kids with about 3-5 beers in them. The BAC legal limit in ohio is .008, that is about 1.3 beers. Thats Bullshit……I thought we lived in a free country……people are too scared to stand up to these paranoid people and tell them to STFU and that you can drive fine at .008. I read all the released court info from donte’s case and i think he was dumb taking the deal, they guy was jay walking on a street that had a posted speed limit of 45mph……..if he woulda had a BAC of .000 he wouldn’t have been charged with anything, its the DA being scared of MADD protesting. .126 would be about 6 drinks, he isn’t a lineman so i am sure its like the average person. like i said before this coulda happened to anybody in their 20s…..but everyone is to scared to say it.

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