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Steinbach Takes a Turn at the Tackle Spot for Browns

It was kind of a tough offseason for Browns guard Eric Steinbach, who was told in so many words that he was too small to play guard and needed to bulk up.

Steinbach is a good lineman, and it would be a shame to see him be wasted if he didn’t put on the weight that Eric Mangini wanted him to. For the first few practices in camp, Mangini is trying something else with Steinbach – a move to left tackle.

“I’ve been a part of a lot of different situations where a guy goes down and then what’s your next move? On paper for a long time, you’d say this is our next move, this is our next move, but you haven’t practice it,” Mangini said Sunday.

“The person hasn’t worked there and it’s a way to prepare for all different circumstances, not just from a strategic perspective, but also to allow the player to prepare for those things. You don’t know what that combination is going to be on any given game day. Practicing these things, at least they have something to draw on if it should ever happen.”

The Browns need that depth on the O-line, as it seems that every year the team struggles with injuries. Having Steinbach play the tackle spot is a smart move, and one that could pay off in the long run for the club.

“All of those guys have worked in different spots, left, right, guard, tackle,” Mangini said. “There’s been a lot of movement there and I think he did some good things out there, not his primary position, so there’s some things he’s got to get used to.”



  1. Clayton

    August 2, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    I wonder out loud whether Mangini may even switch Eric and Joe the odd time?

  2. Denolakes

    August 3, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    I like Steinbach. I thought he was a good addition at the time and still think that the left side of the line is far better than average with him there alongside Thomas. Add Alex Mack to the mix and if one of the guys added turns out to be the real deal, then the right side of the line looks to be pretty solid, too. This is where teams are built. An offense must be able to take control of a game when it needs to. If you can run and have a lead, then the D will key on run. This opens up a lot possibilities for a creatively drawn passing game. Terrific O-lines can make average backs very (and Davis might be turn out to be a steal in this draft) productive and make it much more difficult for LBs to just drop into coverage in mid-yardage situations (2nd or 3rd with 7 to 3 yards to go. I’m beginning to believe that in every draft, an O-lineman should be taken in the first 2 rounds, if the talent matches the pick. No reaches on the O-line. Good skill positions can be had in free agency.

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