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Getting Pumped!

After all the disappointments in NE Ohio over the past 30+ years I am actually getting pumped up for this season. After going 4-12, then climbing to 10-6 and then back to 4-12, it gets kind of discouraging. Especially when you see the Indians fall apart and admit to having a closeout sale and starting over with younger players, and the Cavs folding under pressure AGAIN.

I am not expecting the playoffs, which I am getting real tired of. Especially since the Browns are one of the better franchises in football history. But I have been really shocked at the way this team has taken it’s good old time rebuilding since their return to the NFL. We the loyal Cleveland Browns fans deserve a lot better than we have gotten since the return. It does not take a decade to create a contender. If you have decent management, coaches and scouts, you should be able to have enough decent players to field a team.

Quinn will start. If he doesn’t, the fans will show their discontent. He is the face of the Browns. OK, you have Quinn at QB, Lewis and Harrison in the backfield. With a wide selection of TE’s, Edwards, Furrey, Patten, Leggett and Massaquoi, and throw Cribbs into the mix, the receiving corps should be above average also. Steinbach at LG, Thomas at LT, Mack at C, Womack at RT and St Clair at RG should be a match for any defense.

Rogers in the middle of the D line, flanked by Coleman, Mosley, Williams and Smith, should line up tough. With Hall on the left side, Wimbley on the right, with Jackson and Bowens in the middle and an array of switches waiting to get some time we should be set at LB too. Elam, Hood, Ivy, Pool, McDonald, Poteat, and Wright we should have a decent defensive backfield too.

Dawson has been consistent on FG’s and EP’s. Zastudil is a decent punter so we are just about ready to begin the season. If the coaching staff doesn’t implode and manage to keeps their heads on straight we could have a pretty good year.




  1. Clayton

    August 10, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    The key is the O-line. The changes will solidify that which will in turn improve our running game and give an inexperienced Brady extra time to throw the football.

  2. Denolakes

    August 12, 2009 at 1:56 am

    I always look forward to Fall and football. Being in Ohio, though, is a cure for this fever. We have suffered through the ongoing fiasco of watching this team for the past ten years. I agree that it does not take that long to build a contender. Is Cleveland cursed? Well, yes, if you think that perpetual mediocrity and chronic incompetence of senior management is a curse. It is only in the recent years that the early draft rounds are playing — and not at a game-changing level, at that, save for Joe Thomas. Couch, Green, Warren, Brown — all wasted efforts. We are starting to hear the “bust” label whispered around Wimbley. Edwards has to string together several years of good seasons to make his selection justifiable. And your franchise QB, now in his third year, is in a dogfight with a 6th-round draft choice with the touch of a bull in a china shop and who imploded during the latter part of his Pro-Bowl season and lost the starting job the next year. How ridiculous in this? As I see it, this should not even be a debate. I love the Punkin’ Heads, but the recent incarnations have not earned it at all.

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