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Where Have All the Dawgs Gone?

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I realize, along with all the other Browns fans, that this was just a pre season tune up. But what did we tune up? The rookies made the biggest impact. Quinn still hasn’t got to play a full season yet as the starter. It was obvious to us fans that DA was a “one hit wonder”, and his stats in 07 were not that great.

Sure, 29 TD’s and 3800 yards looked good in 07 but it takes more than those stats to be a good QB. He can’t hit the dump offs or short slants, he can’t read defenses, he can not manage the clock, and he hasn’t earned his teammates respect. He should have been traded for draft picks when other teams showed some interest. We won’t get anything for him now.

There should be no QB competition. Quinn should have the reigns so he can get accustomed to the starting role. He had a 63% completion %, although he threw an int. The pass that was intercepted wasn’t that bad either. It’s just that Edwards had it wrestled away from him.

Harrison, 3 carries? This is the Browns new version of Eric Metcalf. Get him into the game. NOW! I still think and say Lewis is not done. Open a few holes for him and once he gets a head of steam, get out of his way. He’ll bulldoze you. Edwards? Her is turning into the Browns biggest disaster. Pretty bad when you get cocky like Edwards and you can, in no way, shape or form back your cockiness up. The O line was not terrible. They could have been a lot better though. The rookie receivers did a pretty good job.

The D was supposed to be a lot tougher this year. I realize we had Rogers and a few other starters sitting out, but the veterans who did play should have done ALOT better. Ryan promised there would be pressure on the GB QB. There wasn’t. Is Ryan blowing a lot of hot air? That’s yet to be seen. But even though this was only a pre season game we need to perform the basics. I understand the hiding of your weapons until the season starts, but you are not hiding anything when you don’t tackle. That’s a basic instinct, everyone does that. The LB’s, CB’s, and Safties got burned on some long passes. That needs to stop.

Special teams did not look very good either. Penalties are another problem. Stupid defensive holding penalties. Again, I think the Brownies have the talent to finish above .500, but they also did last year. Mangini is a .500 coach. I sure hope he starts cracking the whip and getting things done.

I have one question for anyone who knows. What was the reasoning behind the NFL going to a 2 man wedge on KO returns?



  1. Clayton

    August 17, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Dan – the NFL cited “safety concerns” on the part of coverage players for the kicking team as the reason for eliminating the walls on KO returns.

  2. Dennis Thompson

    August 17, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    The Dawgs have gone where the fans are going to go — anywhere but here. This team will get no respect from or in this league — and deservedly so. How this many professional athletes can consistently play this poorly against other professional athletes who make the same level of $$ as they are is amazing to me. I don’t see where all this “live” practicing is accomplishing anything; they still can’t or won’t tackle. The running of laps didn’t stop ridiculous penalties — from the starters, no less, wiping points off the board, to boot. Now 7 games without an offensive TD; we have to be approaching some kind of record with that, I should think. This team is easy to pick apart and easier to shred. It looks like we are in for another “Cleveland is like a Bye Week” season.

  3. ButchGavlen

    August 17, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    I know, I know. But think about it. It’s a brand new set of coaches; another new scheme; another new playbook; a bunch or new players, some rookies. Did you really expect more than this from the first game. The only truley bad thing i saw was first the dropped pass by you know who. then you know who not fighting nearly enough to stop the pic. and Cribbs, not knowing enough to break off to the side when Brady tried throwing it off to the side and away from the approaching defender for and incompletion.
    But what i saw settles the doubt; Brady is the man this year. period. ONCE AGAIN DA throws into DOOUBLE Double coverage; two recievers, both with double coverage. and that’s after he locked onto his guy. He is never going to learn. sorry.

    • Dennis Thompson

      August 19, 2009 at 11:37 am

      Yes, I did expect more. I expected to see players tackling and good line blocking. I wanted to see this “attacking defense.” Instead, I saw 10 points erased due to penalties. I saw a dropped pass — again — removing another 7. I saw a defense giving up 5 yards a carry with a line being pushed way off the ball. I saw GB QBs having 5-6 seconds to drop back and pass — over and over again. I saw our QBs being harassed and hit as they threw — against a defense that was missing its starting corners and top draft picks. This is pretty basic stuff. And against this same defense that GB did whatever it wanted, the offense is having trouble moving the ball and scoring during practices. It may be early and all that, but the initial signs are not very good. My guess is we are in the draft pick derby once again — and do not be surprised if we are looking a getting a QB.

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