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Week Two Preseason – Browns Look to Rebound vs Lions

Going into week two of the pre season, we have a lot of areas that need improvement. The Browns went out and signed two more practice squad “veterans” this week. Pat Murray, who was a Packers free agent sign, who was cut by the Pack, signed by Seattle to the practice squad, then picked up by Denver, where he was waived. Do you Browns fans notice a pattern here? We’ve even moved past the phase of picking up 2nd stringers from other teams. Now we’re signing players who didn’t even make the every day roster.

Then we sign Robert McCune who was drafted by the Redskins, played in 8 games. The next year he was with the Dolphins. The following year he was with the Ravens. Prior to those stupendous moves, we sign Paul Raymond, from the Jets. My god, he played on 3 different teams in 2008. The Jets, Lions and Giants. What does that tell you about his talent? I think we need to pick up more players that actually stand a chance of making the every day roster.

We need Quinn to start tonight, we need to get Harrison in the game more than 3 plays, we need to cut out the stupid defensive penalties, we need to put pressure on the opposing QB, we need to quit biting on the 1st move the opposing receivers make, and most of all,”we need to make tackles”!!! That all goes without showing any of our “secret weapons”. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but our biggest “secret weapon” is Edwards holding onto a pass.

In preseason he drops the ball on purpose to confuse the opposing team. The problem is, no one has told him when the pre season has ended. And I still can’t figure out how we get a holding call on an FG attempt. That was a gimme.

Let’s hope Ryan wakes up and creates a pass rush. One of the hardest teams for the Browns to beat over the years has been the Lions. Lets try to play good, smart football tonight. We play the Lions during the regular season this year, so use this as a warm up. If Quinn starts for the Brownies this year, I pick them to go 8-8. I do dread any injuries to our first stringers though, with practice squaders as back ups?

One more request to the Browns. How about an offensive TD tonight, without showing any “secret weapons” of course. GO BROWNS ! ! !

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