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Browns Impressive in 23-17 Preseason Victory Over Titans

Browns kick off to start the game. Wimbley has a sack in the 1st Titan series. Run defense looks decent but the pass defense is non existent. Quinn looks good in the Browns series but we have to settle for a FG. Browns block a Titan FG. DA starts to move the team but gets sacked and then 2 penalties end the drive. After Tennessee moves the ball, McDonald picks up a fumble and steps out of bounds. 7-3 Titans at the end the 1st half.

Royal drops a pass in his hands to open the 2nd half and we settle for another FG. 7-6 Titans. The Titans fumble the KO, Browns recover. Quinn hits Edwards for a 20 yard TD pass. 13-7 Browns. Barton puts pressure on Young while throwing from his end zone and Alex Hall intercepts and runs it in for a TD. 20 – 7 Browns. Young then has a 23 yard run but Wimbley is called for a facemask. Add 15 yards onto the run. Young then throws a 15 yd TD to mulligan. 20-14 Browns.

Lawson has a 58 yard KO return for the Browns but it’s called back for holding. Browns run out the clock for 2nd win in a row. They had some big highlights tonight. This was a productive win against a playoff caliber team 23-17.

The rookies who looked good were Francies who broke up a few passes, Rubin is putting some pressure on opposing QB’s, and Maiava has been playing decent. We still have stupid penalties. Tonight we had the topper of all Browns penalties. Derek Anderson was flagged for being too far out on the field while he wasn’t in the game. Offensive holding on Lawson’s 58 yard KO return. Un sportsmanlike penalty for 15 yards, pass interference, along with the normal illegal procedure calls. We have to cut out the stupid penalties. DA too far out on the field? Get real!!

Tonight we played a playoff team and we prevailed. That was a good showing for the Browns, even though it’s only preseason. Both QB’s looked decent tonight, and I’m liking this Furrey at WR. He reminds me of Brian Brennan, who didn’t drop much of anything thrown his way.

After tonight’s game, I think we have a chance to go 8-8. Playoffs are still a bit out of reach, but that’s just my opinion. One thing I have not understood for the past 4 or 5 years is why the number of injuries the Browns get during pre season. Build on tonight’s game and let’s keep rolling. GO BROWNS !!



  1. clayton

    August 30, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Those who dissed the Barton signing must be eating their words. That guy plays like a beast. Finally, some pressure on opposing QBs

  2. Denolakes

    August 30, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    While glad to see a W, it is pre-season and we are not seeing the game planning that we will see in a couple of weeks. A Rogers-less D is still very soft and easy to exploit. Best evidence is the ball-control that Tennessee exhibited with their ones on the field. MAybe it is the vanilla defensive schemes; I certainly hope so. This is not the “attacking” defense we heard so much about. Tackling is still erratic and often very poor. I like Barton, too; he was a good addition; with D’Qwell, this could be the start of a good core group of LBs. Francies could be another late-round find, as well. I sincerely hope that we are not seeing the Jamal that will be playing from here on out and I hope that Wimbley becomes what we all believed he would from the outset; the missed tackle/face mask was not pretty. We haven’t seen the hurry-up offense used during normal playing time, either. We’ll see when the games start to count. Right now, they certainly look better at this point than the 2008 version of this team.

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