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Disaster in Mile High Stadium

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What is there to say about the Browns after this debacle? They recover the opening kick off when Denver fumbles the ball on their own 22. Quinn hit Edwards for a 14 yard pass but we still have to settle for a FG. On Denver’s first series McDonald gets burned on one play for a 25 yard completion then turns around and gets flagged for defensive holding on Denver’s 3rd and 14.

The announcers commented on how Quinn doesn’t even look down field, and looks for his dump offs first. From what I have seen from Quinn in the 1st two weeks of the regular season, I would have to say he is not ready for pro football. He stands there way too long before he gets rid of the ball or gets sacked. You can’t blame the line for a QB sack when you stand there 5 seconds seconds. Quinn needs to make the reads quicker or roll out more.

Another thing that comes from poor coaching is the continuous running on 2nd and anywhere from 8 to 10 yards. The Broncos got to the point where they were waiting for the run on 2nd and real long. The example I’m referring to is, the Browns had 2nd and 10. Lewis runs up the middle for 1 yard, which leaves 3rd and 9. Cribbs is surrounded by defenders and Quinn throws to him for a 5 yard completion. 4th down and time to punt. Why settle for a 5 yard gain when you need 9?

Mangini, Ryan and Daboll have not impressed me at all. None of them have done a thing. Mangini started the problems by not naming a starting QB. You need to know who is starting so he can get into a rhythm with the offense and build some confidence. So I blame Mangini for the miserable start we have had. He’s the head coach so if he doesn’t like the way the other coaches are taking care of their business he can change things. I’ve said from the beginning that Mangini was a .500 coach at best.

With Ryan, we are seeing a little more of a pass rush but we go from 4 sacks the 1st game to 0 this game? What happened Ryan? Where was your defensive prowess? The offensive play calling? Does it even exist? OMG, is Daboll, Todd Grantham reborn? Can his butt right now and get an exciting coach. What have we got to lose? We have lost everything so far.

My prediction of 8-8 has flown right out the window in a big way. 4-12 at best now. We have no consistency, no guts, no talent, no coaching staff and most of all, “WE HAVE NO WINS”!!! Although I hate to say it, it might be the right time to bring DA back in. I can’t believe I just said that. Especially since I am the President of the “Anti Anderson” fan club.

We had 6 points, 3 turnovers, 200 total yards, a whopping 54 yards rushing, 0 sacks after we were tied for the AFC lead after last week and we’ve given up 9 sacks in 2 weeks. I don’t blame many of those sacks on the line. Like I said before, you can’t stand in the pocket 5 seconds without the line breaking down. We did cut down on the penalties but the few we did have were at real bad times.

The few highlights we had were Edwards had almost 100 yards in receptions, Dawson had 2 FGs and Zastudil averaged over 45 yards per punt. I think I’m going outside to bury my head in the sand.

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10 Responses to “Disaster in Mile High Stadium”

  1. jro says:

    The Cleveland Browns do not deserve loyal fans!It seems to me that the Cleveland Browns orginazation is destine to never win a Superbowl, EVER! Both their offense and defense looks worse than garbage! and it looks like they traded one incompetent head coach for another. I guess fellow Clevelander’s should start looking towards Basketball season!

  2. Dan B. says:

    Well some things never change. Great/loyal fans being crushed yet again. Same crappy no heart team. You could see that they gave up after Denver started the 2nd half and the Browns players were just going through the motions. Thanks guys for a wonderful game, I so enjoy being ridicculed for being your fan. I thought we had a new head coach and GM, doesn’t look that way to me.

  3. Dan B. says:

    Hey, we have the color, why don’t we change our name to the Buccaneers?!

  4. notafan says:

    Why would you compare Grantham and Daboll? One coached defense and the other offense.

  5. ButchGavlen says:

    Evertbody chill and take a pill.
    Yes it’s hard to take and watch this, but who thought it was going to be better??? Okay, I thought they’d win this one. But year after year we go into mile high and face the same lack of O2 problems as always, and refuse to take any extra bottled O2 with us. Did you see how they ran the ball left, then right, killing our ‘big’ d line in the second quarter. We’re just a couple players on both sides of the ball away from being competitive. we don’t have a great line or a great back; you need one or the other. the right side of the line is killing Brady and stopping the run. It’s time to play the new recievers or they’ll suffer form the same lack of time that BQ is now. this IS his rookie season as far as playing and DEVELOPING; not just a few starts.
    And Jamal, well it’s time hes the backup, and play one of the rookies. at least we’ll be developing the new talent. I feel certain BQ will be ‘good’ with some time and some talent. at least no interceptions when holding on so long. Did you see how fast the other recievers got open in their routes? Time with the QB will do that. By years end we’ll be a different team. but we for sure need a couple guys on each side of te ball NOW.

    • Dan says:

      I agree in most part. The only problem is that, Browns fans have been waiting and waiting. We’re in season 11 since the rebirth of our Brownies and we have nothing to show for our dedication. Every year it’s the same song and dance. Like I said, Mangini should have named the starter alot sooner than he did. Quinn could have had time to gel with the offense. Instead he must do it now. He could have had some experience if he would have been put in the starting position at the beginning of camp. Don’t wait until the season starts to get him his experience. It’s plain to see he lacks alot in the way he’s been playing. If he’d have had time to work with the starters, he might have more of an idea when to get out of the pocket. It’s like he can’t feel the defensive line breathing down his neck.

    • Dennis Thompson says:

      “Couple of guys on each side of the ball?” The single largest improvement typically occurs between weeks one and two. This team went the other direction. I do blame most of the sacks on the O-line — especially St. Clair. Everyone had to be expecting a bull rush at that point of the game — and St. Clair was hopelessly outmanned and outplayed. From what I recall hearing, his history at other teams was more of the same. Denver wasn’t a matter of not enough oxygen, for cryin’ out loud; it was a matter of extremely poor play and coaching — although I don’t know how you could conceivably coach out of this quickly developing train wreck of a season. What defensive scheme was that, anyway? These guys will be mathematically eliminated by week 4 of the season. I love this game and the Browns I used to know. For over a decade now, we have been forced to watch total incompetence and a high level while other teams have evolved or held true to their historic traditions. Baltimore is going to be a disaster. Cleveland has become, yet again, a scheduled bye week on anybody’s schedule.

  6. notafan says:

    Ah yes, Carthon was horrible.

  7. ButchGavlen says:

    I feel the same. However there is no way around it, so I’ve resigned myself to it. It’s that or stop watching. but having Fraley and StClair on the right side is going to continue to be a disaster until they can in some way get help there. but once they do, and the back develop and the new recievers catch on, it will be a different offense.
    Same for the defense, a couple good backs and a head hunter, all of whom can cover and whala.
    Dabol, I’m very concerned about him, but what can you do but wait and see. I still wish Bernie would at least assist him, and then he might ease into a roll himself. Who else???

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