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Where Do We Go From Here?

The quarterback situation in Cleveland took a decidedly horrendous turn Sunday in the loss to Baltimore. Brady Quinn played his way out of the lineup and Derek Anderson did so poorly that Quinn by default will still probably start Game 4. There are no real positives here. Every defense made for Quinn just doesn’t hold up.

I wrote last week that starting Quinn against Baltimore was the right thing because he needed the reps. I stand by that. In all honesty, I never expected him to beat Baltimore; I just expected a better showing. Something that proved he was beginning to “get it.” Unfortunately, the only thing I saw was an overmatched quarterback who seemed ill equipped to succeed at the NFL level.

Things don’t get any easier when you look around the league and see numerous young quarterbacks making their mark. Joe Flacco looks like a possible MVP candidate. Matt Ryan, despite his team’s loss to the Patriots is a bright star on the rise. Let’s not forget to mention Mark Sanchez. Crown him “King of New York.” So, how did we get it so wrong when we brought in the kid from Notre Dame, gave him three years to prepare, and are now treated to such horrible results.

Nobody on this team should be better prepared than Brady Quinn. He has worked and dreamed about this moment since he signed his contract. He wasn’t thrown to the wolves. His only saving grace is the coaching carousel that has defined the Browns experience since they returned. But, I don’t buy that Mangini’s schemes through Daboll are that different from anything Quinn had to digest from Weis or Crennel. They are all from the same coaching family, let’s be honest. This transition should be seamless.

So, what next? Where does this team go from here? I argue that we have to sink or swim with Quinn. He has the work ethic and leadership skills to turn this around. We must find out if the light comes on or not. It just seems like time is running out for him. The leash seemed pretty short yesterday regardless of his struggles. I can’t help but wonder if Kokinis, after yesterday’s debacle, isn’t busy looking for a possible Quinn replacement on another team’s roster. At 0-3, pretending we aren’t rebuilding is a farce, might as well go all the way with it.

Make no mistake about it though. No matter what happens the rest of the season, Mangini will be drafting a quarterback next year. He will bring in “his guy” to build this franchise around. He has no choice now. This current Browns team is at the bottom of the division and wins will be scarce. Quinn and Anderson, two of the three high profile players left from the Crennel/Savage era, may discover that their time is now up in Cleveland.

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7 Responses to “Where Do We Go From Here?”

  1. logan says:

    we should get Brett favre, he will retire and unretire next year…

  2. Denolakes says:

    While the QB “situation” is certainly a big part of the problems, by no means does it even come close to covering the entire spectrum of problems manifest with this team. Three rushing TDs given up from multiple yards away and the RBs were not even touched by a defensive player. An average of almost 200 yards rushing per game — and they were supposed to be so improved against the run. This is not just lack of execution, although that much is clear — something is terribly wrong with the schemes being used. And Brandon McDonald is starting to look more like Ralph Brown to me: one choke after another. If I were the NFL, I’d be having some pretty serious discussions with Browns’ ownership. Having this kind of product on the field makes a mockery of the game and the league. Nobody benefits and nobody gains by watching teams laugh their way through any game or season — and that is what is happening right now to Cleveland — which is tantamount to a scheduled bye week. This franchise has become an embarrassment to its history, its fans and the game. Imagine, 10 years after returning to the league. It’s like we transported GM management to run this team.

  3. lexi says:

    Another terrible start to a season, will the browns ever come out with a good team. Been waiting a long time in Cleveland

  4. MyBrowniesAreKILLINGME says:

    Mangina will draft a QB only the one we draft will be horrible and someone like Sam Bradford will be available and go on to have a stellar career for the Rams or something like that.

  5. MyBrowniesAreKILLINGME says:

    Oh and Lerner needs to sell the team. Or fire Mangini and get Cowher or another proven winner. These guys are distrustful of the last 2 head coaches and it shows by the way they play. No one believes that Mangenius is a genius or that he will deliver wins through solid coaching decisions. If lerner can’t see that then he needs to sell the team. If he doesn’t we might be looking at the future L.A. Browns.

  6. Dan says:

    Well, we did have another NFL Championship in Cleveland. Most of us missed it though. Before the Browns we had the Cleveland Rams who entered the NFL in 1937. We started out at the old League Park. Then we moved to Municipal Stadium in 1932. The new stadium was opened in 1931.
    After 6 dismal years (kinda like the present Brownies), football was put on hold for the war in 1943 because travel was restricted. For those 1st 6 seasons the Rams went 25-50-2.
    Football resumed in 1944 with the Rams winning the 1st 3 games, but they end up 4-6. Heading into the 1945 season, the Rams draft Bob Waterfield at QB, who goes on to win the NFL’s first and only unanimous MVP award. The Rams go 9-1 to win the division and beat the Washington Redskins to win the NFL Championship.
    The Rams did have some highlights during their tenure in Cleveland. In 1939, rookie halfback, Parker Hall wins the leagues MVP award. In 1945, Bob Waterfield QB wins the league MVP, also as a rookie, and then on Thanksgiving Day in Detroit, Jim Benton sets an NFL record with 10 receptions for 303 yards.
    I bring this all up because it would be completely feasible to see the Browns move to LA. They move the Cleveland Rams to LA, the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, and the “rebirth” Browns back to LA? Don’t be surprised to see the LA Browns. You just never know in Cleveland.

    • Denolakes says:

      LA needs a franchise. It is the single largest market in the country and does not have a team. With this type of play and utter disregard for the game or the fans, you gotta wonder if this is a “Major League” scenario. Adding another team depletes an already thin talent pool. It would be a financial nightmare, with the matter of the football stadium and all. The choices seem to be very few. Improvement and competitiveness are certainly not on the radar screen at this point. So, we can either support this fiasco or vote with our actions. We could start showing up en masse with paper bags over our heads or showing up and not going in, instead remaining outside the stadium, maybe watching other games. An orchestrated act could be held, where everybody leaves their seats for an entire quarter, at least, remaining in the hallways or even leaving altogether. Cincy is as good as any, I should think. There is no sense in getting angry; it doesn’t work. These are entertainers; they must have an audience. They need to be recognized as “heroes” or major players. They have already succeeded in destroying any hope of a national audience, other than ridicule. The opposite of love is not hate; it is disinterest.

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