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Let’s Get It Right

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In my recent article, R.I.P. Brady Quinn, I explained how his demotion two and a half games into the season signaled his time was up in Cleveland. The writing was on the wall I prophesied. Now, The Plain Dealer’s Tony Grossi is reporting that Quinn has put his Avon home up for sale.

The Browns are in full rebuilding mode. Braylon Edwards is gone. Now Brady Quinn may be leaving. Both are personnel moves that Mangini is hoping will be addition by subtraction. On both counts, I believe he is right. Regardless of how well Edwards played in his Jets debut.

Don’t get me wrong. I have always been a Brady Quinn supporter and hoped like many others that he would be the “real deal.” But, whether it’s timing or the inevitability that he cannot succeed on the NFL level, preparing myself to watch him go is exciting. His leaving entails a world of possibility that could help turn this franchise around.

The problem is that his stock is not exceptionally high. His performance as a starter has not been anything to write home about. But, there are teams that may recognize his potential when put into the proper system. Teams like the Seahawks, 49ers and Texans could all use a guy like Quinn. He is a hard worker and smart player. He still has a chance to succeed. Just not with this Browns club.

The right deal here can give the Browns some hope. Potential alone, which is just about all the team has going for them with Quinn on the table, should be enough to bring in at least one legitimate young player or veteran who can make a difference and a late round draft pick that can be used to bolster the team with more youth for next year. Not a very sexy outcome, but at this point anything this organization can do to bring new guys in is important.

Also, with Brady Quinn gone, all quarterback controversies go with him. The fans divided between Quinn and Anderson would be silenced and the annual “quarterback competitions” that end in a coin flip would be over. That is a move in the right direction. Continuity at the QB position is the highest priority now for a team that since 1999 has watched quarterbacks come in and out of an endless revolving door. Trading Brady Quinn would change all that.

I never thought I would be at a point where I would want him to go. I thought the day we drafted him that I would be watching him under center for years to come. That vision has been replaced by the possibility another chance to get this right can bring. Here we are Mangini, let’s do this one more time, but let’s get it right!

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6 Responses to “Let’s Get It Right”

  1. ButchGavlen says:

    Well it looks like you are probably right. I say probably because there is still a chance Mangini is protecting his guy (Quinn) from a not yet developed O-line. and there is still a chance that DA gets hurt in say the second quarter by say the blitzing steeler D, Quinn goes in and wins the game and who would dare pull him then; not for the next few years anyway. But kidding aside, I hope Quinn gets a trade if we don’t have plans for him as I’m sick of seeing Cleve. ruin potential QBs, and of the national media cutting on us about it. But also it is important to give the new regime a full length of rope to either hang or swing on, and the time to do it. But i don’t like Mangini giving the backup roll to his guy from the Jets when clearly the guy they sent packing, i forget his name already, beat him in preseason; and now this. it’s not a good sign.

  2. Jhaeman says:

    I honestly don’t understand what Mangini’s thought process is when it comes to the quarterback situation. Why settle on Quinn after a long training camp controversy only to dump him after two and a 1/2 games? What did Quinn do that made Mangini pull a complete 180? (an inability to throw the ball down the field seems like his biggest weakness, but that’s not necessarily incurable) Has Anderson played so well that he’s locked down the job with no possibility Quinn could ever get back in? I’m not a huge supporter of either guy. The whole process just seems sort of random and arbitrary.

  3. Dan Taylor says:

    I thought Quinn was going to be the man. But with his inability to move the ball downfield, I have reconsidered my thoughts on BQ. I have said since 2007 that DA is “NOT” the man, and I will continue to rant about this matter. My god, he is VERY LAST in QB ratings in the AFC, with a 39.0. He can’t even complete 50% of his passes. Even in his breakout year of 07, he was not all that his fans thought he was. Sure he had 3800 yards passing and 29 TD’s, but he was also tied for 2nd with 19 ints. and he can not, to this day hit the dump offs to the backs or the short slants across the middle. He misses wide open receivers with regularity and his quick decision making process is really lacking. The Browns will go nowhere with DA at the reigns.
    I am not saying that BQ should be the starter but DA certainly should not. I see all these remedies and long term fixes. Remember Browns fans, we are in our 11th year back in Browns town, and we have nothing to show for the effort. I mean “literally” nothing. This “wait till next year, is really getting old”. I would expect that from the Tribe, since that’s what we heard for 40 years. We have a coach who is turning the players and fans against him, we have a defensive coach that promised that we would see big changes in the pass rush and we have an offensive coordinator who never graduated from pee wee football.
    Mangini has done nothing to impress the team or fans, Ryan hasn’t created a pass rush to speak of and Daboll was hired because he was a Mangini groopie, who had literally no experience as an offensive coordinator. 3-13 at best is my prediction for this season. We had better do an awesome job in this next draft or we will be basement dwellers again.

  4. Jerryown says:

    Quinn is not going anywhere. The team has a backup quarterback who can come in and not lose the game.

    I don’t think the coaching staff is going to care about his contract when it comes to looking at the position’s depth chart. He knows the offense and he doesn’t make mistakes.

    Neither Anderson nor Quinn is ready to be a starter in the NFL. The Browns have two backup quarterbacks and one of them has been to the Pro Bowl. The Browns are more likely to get more trade bait for Anderson if he performs okay for the rest of the season.

    I thought the reason Quinn was started early was to end the bitching from the office and the stands. Mangini put the kid in to show that he is not quite there yet. Anderson has a little better grasp of the pro game right now.

    Don’t read into this too much.

  5. Denolakes says:

    Neither guy is the answer, as far as I can tell. DA still has the touch of a cannon on short routes and bad decisions everywhere else. BQ — well, I don’t know what to really think after but 2+ games. He could not get the ball downfield — against opponents that are a collective 13-2 going in to week 5 — and not much worse afterwards. Playing as bad as they have, they have only lost 2 more games than either Pittsburgh or Baltimore. They are going to have to learn to pass the ball. I don’t know anymore. I’m not sure I really care.

  6. Chris says:

    Two points come to mind as I read this.

    1: Unless either Quinn or DA does something miraculous, I can’t see Mangini ever being happy with either guy. He inherited them both and he has to play the cards he’s been dealt until the business season starts in the winter. The only Mangini QB currently on this roster is Brett Ratliff. And who knows what that is as far as pro QB’s go?

    I get a feeling we’ll find out sometime after the bye. But for now he could be anything. If Mangini’s the answer (and as much as he’s annoyed me so far I hope he is) our real QB of the future will probably be drafted in April.

    2: I’d scratch the 49ers from that list of folks who could use Quinn as an upgrade if were Brother Norton. They have a guy who’s pretty darn good and his name is Shaun Hill. Granted, Hill’s not flashy and he’s always going to be one of those guys less thoughtful observers are going to want to upgrade over. But like Orton in Denver, he keeps the game under control and produces the stat that matters most. WINS.

    With the run-obsessed culture that rules our division, if San Francisco were stupid enough to not know what they have in Hill and deal for Quinn, I’d be hoping and praying he was part of the package coming back. Let the vertical passing teams have the superstars and give me a Shaun Hill type behind center every game of the season for as many seasons as possible. Let him manage the game, get a Mack and Byner type combo behind him and let’s maul folks into submission. AFC or NFC, that’s North division football right there.

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