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The Numbers Are Screaming for Change

I’ve changed the television I watch the games on, the remote I change the channel with, the clothes I wear during the games, absolutely everything. I’ve tried it all as a Cleveland Browns fan and I’m finally starting to see that my superstitions have no say in how effective the team is on the field. Peer into the bottom third of practically any major stat category and you’ll notice a trend, the Cleveland Browns.

You’ll find them toward the bottom of rush defense, pass offense, and scoring (offense and defense). The numbers don’t lie. This is something neither we as fans nor they as an organization are proud of. The problem is, I’m making more changes as a fan in hope to win a game than they are as an organization. We don’t have enough fingers to point in blame of our failure, but it’s got to start somewhere.

One change the Browns have made is putting Derek Anderson at quarterback and actually sticking to him. The result thus far, 40.6. Let me spell that out, fourty-point-six. That quarterback rating ranks 35th in the NFL this year. I’m finding a problem with this because there are only 32 teams in the NFL meaning three backup quarterbacks have performed better than “DA” himself. So, why not make it four?

The question all year has been, “Quinn or Anderson?” If it hasn’t become obvious, neither of them is capable of getting the job done. None of our options are going to save our season, but why not let Ratliff get some snaps and see what he does? If I was a betting man, I’d bet he could at LEAST put up a 40.7 quarterback rating.

Another stat highly credible for starting 1-6 this season would be 170.6. You might ask, “what does that number stand for?” That number is how many rushing yards we give up a game, on average of course, putting us at 31st worst in the league just in front of the Buffalo Bills. You could say it’s time to try new schemes, stack more men in the box, but in my eyes, it’s a defensive unit as a whole that lacks intensity. There isn’t one player in the front seven that should feel any type of job security.

“Mangenius,” whom I like to call “Mangidiot,” and the rest of the coaching staff need to be breathing down every defensive player’s neck. I’m sure there are some scout team players who would love to get the chance to lay into an opposing running back.

With that said, yes, the Browns do have many more problems they could tend to. Starting the season an awful 1-6 is normally time to start thinking about the future and getting some new faces a chance or two to prove themselves. It doesn’t get much worst than where we’re already standing, so why not take a new stance?

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6 Responses to “The Numbers Are Screaming for Change”

  1. Ryan says:

    11 draft picks.

    Do you trust Mangini with 11 draft picks?

    I don’t.

  2. Dusty Prall says:

    I hate to bash a guy, in Mangini, who hasn’t been given a fair chance yet. Obviously, he isn’t going to be winning games this year, but when I refer to him as “Mangidiot,” it’s based strictly on the fact he hasn’t tried any new faces this season when the faces on the field aren’t playing with passion. With that said, no I don’t trust our front office at all with 11 picks. Using some to trade away for a PROVEN NFL quarterback would be nice, I’d say. We’ll see. It’ll be a long off-season that is, hopefully, full of front office activity.

  3. ButchGavlen says:

    I dont trust anyone in the organization at this point except Bernie. somehow, some way get Bernie into the flow of what’s goin on and let him advise and report. PLEASE.

  4. Dusty Prall says:

    No, no, no. Butch, you’ve got it all wrong. We’re bringing Bernie out of retirement and putting him under center again. haha.

  5. Dan says:

    How can you go from a NFL worst 39.0 rating to a (still league worst) 41.7 to a 40.6 rating, and still have a starting job? You go from a miserable 44.4 completion % to a 43.8, also a league worst. Wouldn’t he be better off just handing the ball off? Hell, he even fumbled 2 snaps yesterday. He can’t do anything right.
    I’m not saying Quinn is the answer, but get him in to at least see if he has any trade value. He has a 62.9 QB rating and he at least has a respectable completion % of 60.8.
    What happened to the sweeps we were running in pre season? What about a screen pass occassionally? Is that not in your play book either? Must be a “brain fart” on Daboll’s part. Mangini (who was FIRED by the Jets) gets to bring all his cronies from the Jets with him? What good have they done us? HEY RYAN? What in the hell happened to the pass rush you promised us? Aaron Rogers was in the league lead for times sacked, and still is. Could the Browns even get 1. NO WAY!!! How about a pick? No, nothing there either.
    Like i said, it’s kind of fun picking on the Browns, because you give us so much ammo. You call yourselves a franchise? You are nothing but a bunch of pansies! Mangini has not had a year yet, but he has had plenty of time to show us something. But we haven’t seen a thing yet. It’s going to be a disgrace when you can not sell out a Browns game. We only have one more game sold out as of now. NE Ohio has the best sports fans in the entire country, but your going to lose them all, if you don’t get your heads out of your butts, and show us some old Browns football.

  6. Denolakes says:

    This game was a disgrace — a word that has been used to refer to the Browns far too many times this year. When the highlight is Eric Wright catching up to Don Driver — but still missing the tackle — then you know how poorly everything went. How can Mangini be “comfortable” with his QB? This team is obviously not even trying to win this year. When is the last time you saw a No. 2 QB play almost a full quarter in the NFL during a regular season game when nobody is injured? Yet, that’s what Green Bay did. From the parts of the game that I forced myself to watch, the crowd sounded more like the last game of a baseball season for a team finishing 15 games out of first place: empty and disinterested. Lots or orange seats. TV blackouts would be a blessing. Something better happen and soon — or this team faces the reality of persistent irrelevance — to the league, to the players around the league and most critically, to the fans.

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