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Mangini Denies Quinn is Sitting Over Money

Today’s PD asks the question about if the benching and not putting back in of Brady Quinn has to do over the cash bonus that he’s set to get for playing time:

Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini said today he’s sticking with Derek Anderson, despite the fact he’s the lowest-rated passer in the NFL with a 40.6 rating. Mangini said he still thinks Anderson “gives us the best chance right now to move the ball. I know his numbers haven’t been impressive, but he hasn’t been alone in producing those numbers.” He cited the dropped passes over the previous few weeks. He also pointed to good plays such as the 21-yard pass to tight end Michael Gaines to the Green Bay 1-yard line that almost went for a touchdown. Mangini also stressed that not using Brady Quinn has nothing to do with keeping him from getting 70 percent of the plays, which would trigger $10.9 million in contract escalators. “Nothing,” said Mangini. “Zero.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Denolakes

    October 27, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    (Yawn!) Is it time to talk about Cleveland’s QB “controversy” this week already? The only thing controversial is the fact that anyone cares enough to even want to discuss it. Conversations might be better spent on topics like interim coaches; organization management: plans for the draft; signing core players — not necessarily the best, I know, but serviceable if playing beside better talent; free agency targets — and how you sell this debacle to any player of value (hint – new management, who then gets new coaches & player acquisitions). Another hint for those who think we are “only a few players away” from being competitive: we are not. We are much farther away than that. Look, other teams that were — and still are — laughing at us are now also starting to get pissed. It is no fun playing a bunch of stiffs or watching it, either. We weaken the AFC North Division. We weaken the conference. We weaken the league. We weaken the game. A win against Cleveland is meaningless these days. How bad is it when the opposition’s scout team plays your defense better than you do? I don’t want to hear excuses anymore. Or about the “process.” Or that the coach is “comfortable” with what the QB is doing while that same QB is achieving record lows for the league and franchise. Or how he “respects” the fans or the history. This team quits early, often and easily. That is a coaching issue. The talent that exists is largely his own: 23 players on the roster are his acquisitions or draft choices. This team is far worse than last year — and they totally sucked last year. There is no “progress” here. Frankly, unless and until someone in power recognizes the lack of talent at the organizational level, nothing is ever going to change on the field.

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