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Lerner Speaks Out on Talk of the Protest Before Ravens Game

There’s plenty of talk still about the protest that Dawgpound Mike was trying to put together for the November 14th Monday night game vs the Ravens. The Browns have gotten wind of it, along with questions about it, and now owner Randy Lerner is speaking out about it:

‘On the grounds of frustration and irritation with performance, then that’s the medicine I [we] are going to take, and I accept that. The goal this year was to rebuild the culture at the Browns. We felt at the end of last year that we lacked any overall philosophy, approach or direction regarding recruiting, drafting, coaching, preparation or training. As a result, each season was feeling like starting over and 4-12 following 10-6 felt painfully not all that surprising.

”It’s been way too long since the Browns have had anything to feel good about or invest in, and it’s clear that the doubt and negativity are taking on a life of their own.

”What I can say is that we, and I, have remained open to new and fresh ideas and thinking and people with passion for the Browns and football experience getting involved and with hope and luck and support, making a difference. We won’t become entrenched or stubborn and despite my allergy to be more conspicuous, I do remain eager to seek help and guidance from any and all corners.”

At the end of the day, these things usually go nowhere, and I would be willing to bet that the fans will be in their seats come kickoff for the game – no matter what.

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7 Responses to “Lerner Speaks Out on Talk of the Protest Before Ravens Game”

  1. Dan says:

    Well Randy, look at some of the moves you have made. You hired Mangini as head coach. The Jets did not want him, so they fired him. Why in the world would this franchise ever think he was going to be a good fit in Cleveland. So far he has turned the players and fans against him. Doesn’t that say enough right there? He brings an inexperienced goof ball with him named Daboll. OMG.
    Excluding the first couple years of the rebirth of the Browns, we have had some decent players. Certainly better than our 2-14, 3-13 and 4-12 records. 2007 was a good year. We had alot of hope to hang our hats on. We come back in 2008 with basically the same team. Why such a fall out? It’s the stinking wannabe coaching staff you have hired.
    My gawd Randy, you’re not trying to put a contender back in Cleveland. I honestly think the Browns are a tax write off for you. This is our 11th year back, and what do we have to show for it? I guarantee if you gave me Daboll’s title and an assistant who knows the play book, and I took no salary at all, that I could make that offense humm. At least more than Daboll. Open your eyes Randy and look at some of the changes that should be made. DA has got to sit. He is self destructive. At least give Brady a chance to prove his worth. Even if he doesn’t take us to the top, we can see what his trade value is worth. Furrey needs the ball thrown to him alot more. He is a possession receiver, like Brian Brennan. Find a replacement for St Claire. He’s getting whipped constantly. Sit Royal on the bench. I see flashbacks of Edwards dropping the ball every time you throw to Royal. Screens, sweeps, dump offs, off tackle runs, mis directions. I don’t see much of anything in the creativity department for Daboll.
    You can say you’re trying Randy, but until you prove it to the fans, we don’t believe you. Who cares if Ryan is upset with the upcoming protest by the fans. What has he done since he’s been here? Did he promise the fans we would see a greater pass rush? Have we? Will we? You can not expect fan dedication, with what we have been handed for the last 11 years. With this economy being as bad as it is, you can’t expect any fan to come to the game and fork over $50 for a ticket, $5 for a beer or $3 for a bag of old peanuts. I have a quote for you. It’s from the Kevin Costner movie, “Field of Dreams”. “If you build it they will come”….. If you put a contender in Browns Stadium the fans will come.

  2. Victor says:

    So far Randy Lerner is playing with his father’s money, the same father that helped the Browns move to Baltimore. Dan, I believe you’re right about the tax right off. The man took a huge hit the past year with the Bank of America stock received in the MBNA deal and the $11 million they are saving on Quinn is big. As for Mr. Ryan, the fans have been there, where has your defense been?

  3. cottontop070 says:

    I believe the ownership would LOVE to create a negative fan reaction so they can say, “Look, we are not getting any fan support in Cleveland.” Then the ownership would ask the NFL to move out of Cleveland…and give Cleveland another FIRST. We would be the first US city to lose a football franchise to a foreign country… I can see the BROWNS playing in a PACKED (130,000 filled seats)ENGLISH stadium.

  4. Denolakes says:

    Cleveland needs to play here. The key word in this sentence is “play.” The season is a lost cause. A lot of these stiffs won’t be here next year, either. Davis will return, as will D’Qwell. That leaves Kam, Rogers, Massaquoi, Furrey, Davis, dawson, Zastudil, Cribbs, and Harrison –as a quick list of those who remain. Your guess is as good as any about the QB except that those now have no value to anyooe. DA will be released, period. BQ — maybe another year under yet another regime. Can anyone say “Couch?” Lerner might as well start talking to potential football managers now, if he hasn’t already. Mangini has failed to put even a mildly competitive team on the field. If this is the best this team can do knowing the fans are revolting, then this experiment is beyond over. 11 draft choices coming. 7 of ’em better be playing next Fall — as well as the 2nd rounders from this year’s draft. Do you think Mangini can do all that — and settle on a QB, too? If so, based on what?

  5. Dan says:

    Well well well, are you die hard fans satisfied now? How in the hell can you have a 10.5 QB rating and still be the starter. We don’t know if Quinn will start the rest of the year or even in 2 weeks for that matter. This has all been done to avoid paying Quinn his bonuses.
    DA drops from a NFL low 40.6 QB rating to a 36.2 rating. Is this for real or are we having a nightmare. Fumbles, dropped passes blocked XP’s and interceptions. What more can this team do to lose it’s fan base?
    I watched the post game show with Marino, Sharpe and Easiason, and they said the only remedy is to fire the head coach now. We had a few sacks and a few good red zone stands, but we still got our butts handed to us. Ryan is upset due to the plans of fans to sit out for the kickoff in 2 weeks. Aren’t the Browns the lowest ranked defense in the NFL? Ryan has no business pointing fingers or questioning the fans decisions. Will he listen to the fans questioning his calls?
    The Browns completely blew the chance to get anything in exchange for DA. As soon as the 07 season was over they should have gotten a couple good draft choices for him. Now you’ll get nothing for him and you’ll have to just release him outright. It’s all the coaches. What has Kokinis done since he’s been here?
    Do you all notice a pattern here in Cleveland? Look at Belechick. He didn’t do anything here, but when he gets to New England he becomes great. Carmen Policy was great with San Fran, but when he gets here, he does nothing. I for one am tired of the same routine of starting over. You have taken one of the greatest franchises in professional sports and religated it to cleaning the commodes for the rest of the NFL.
    74 yards passing for a game total? 10.5 QB rating? 42.9 completion %? In the NFL? This is the big leagues guys. You all play football like the Pittsburgh School for the Blind. Lerner needs to take Mangini, Daboll and Ryan, put them on a bus and send them to Pittsburgh. Send us all postcards from the Steel City boys. I actually dread seeing what we do with our 11 draft picks next year.

  6. Dr. P. says:

    The Browns unfortunately are not the Browns of 1960.The lerners took a risk buying back the franchise.I think the main problem is lack of organization,beause it is difficult to get someone with winning experience to come here.Mike Holgrem is available and he built the greebay franchise.Also,You have Brady Quinn who has been waiting to have the oppturnity to develop.People may say he had his chance.3 games against the best defenses 2 weeks in a row and a Offensive co-ordinator who should be using his strengths and receivers now who don’t demand double coverage.He is a intermediate passer with a 2 to 3 step drop a short routes he and the Browns should be successful.Mr.Learne’s looking for philpispy this guy has been preparing for this give him a good chance DA has had 20 + starts.

  7. ButchGavlen says:

    I’m beginning to think of giving ryan a chance to run this team the rest of the way. i notice he was arguing a lot with mangini on the sidelines yesterday, and in games past. i wonder how much mangini is interfering in his D play call; if that’s the case, it is not ryan’s fault at all. bring in an O coord. and let ryan take a run at the rest of the year.

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