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Time to Fix the Problem

There is nothing in life that I hate more than a hypocrite. As this crazy season keeps on spinning further and further out of control there appears to be many of them.

It’s confession time.

Not long after the Browns hired Eric Mangini I went against my gut feeling that hiring Mangini was huge mistake and penned a article by the name off “The Eric Mangini Project” opining why, after much deliberation, I felt Mangini might turn out to be a good coach.

I wish I can at least pretend that I was under the guise of “The Almighty Blogger”, that like so many of my fellow bloggers I thought I supposedly new better than the average dude rocking a Lee Suggs jersey.

Unfortunately, in my case it was sheer stupid Cleveland sports fan bias. I knew Mangini was a terrible coach after closely following his exploits with the Jets. He was unimaginative, egotistical and pathetic.

My warped Cleveland mind came up with some crap that he was “struggling to reconcile his aggressiveness with his fundamentalistic approach to the game” to explain why he had previously been unsuccessful. I also “brilliantly” pointed out the similarities in character traits and career paths that Eric Mangini and Bill Belichik had.

My fellow bloggers have other rationalizations. Some operate under the presumption that the average dude rocking a Lee Suggs jersey is so stupid he is obviously terribly wrong on everything that has to do with Browns football. The more simple it seems to be the more complicated they have to make it.

Eric Mangini is the male mixture of Hillary Clinton and Roseanne?

“Nonsense”, they claim . “He is a misunderstood football genius/idiot savant who lacks social pleasantries”.

The Browns look three times as worse under Mangini than they did under Crennel? “Don’t be silly”, they’ll tell you. “Your out of your league. Don’t you know that since I know how to use Blogger or WordPress that makes me a football guru?”

They plead for patience. “We need to give him at least two or three years to see if he can get the job done.”

This is true. There is no chance he will succeed if he is not given time. The problem is we cannot afford the time.

Here is a guy that no team had any interest in and that all previous signs point to his failing. His G.M. was a hoax, best spelled out in this mind boggling article written by Jack Bechta for NFP. Players can’t stand him, agents won’t let their players play for him and his assistant coaches are a joke.

(Brian Daboll is approaching Maurice Carthon stature. Well almost. I still remember seriously contemplating that Carthon used to confuse Vickers and Winslow, which would explain why he repeatedly tried to portray Vickers as our premier offensive weapon. But I digress.)

All the things he preaches we have become worse at. Can we really afford to give him more time if things don’t improve?

Just because a man who uses the term “football” in a extremely profane and obscene way and whose actions have inspired this song to be written about him decided that Mangini was the right guy doesn’t mean we should sacrifice common sense and beer-fueled football I.Q. on the altar of continuity and patience, especially when it seems the very same American football challenged man who thought it was a good idea in the first place might have already changed his mind!

One can only use “The Time Argument” if the only thing lacking is time. If after this year the Detroit media lambasted Lions head coach Jim Schwartz for his performance you can use “The Time Argument”. We would not be able to accurately judge him based on his teams performance this year, thus he merits more time to make his case so we can truly see what he is made of.

But lets say Jim Schwartz decided that from here on out the Lions should start punting on first down. Would you still say we should give him more time to see if this is a viable strategy to win football games?

Of course not.

Now we can make a strong case that Mangini has fallen into this category just based on his performance in Cleveland alone and therefore is no longer privy to “more time.” One can also argue (incorrectly) that Mangini has not fallen into this category.

It’s a moot point.

Someone who you thought wasn’t qualified in the first place(to the point where the only two coaches I could say that I would not have rather had than Mangini were Art Shell and Herm Edwards. And yes, I left off RAC and Denny Green on purpose) and has done absolutely nothing to show you why your gut was wrong surely doesn’t deserve more time.

We made a mistake.

Now lets fix it.

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8 Responses to “Time to Fix the Problem”

  1. Jerryown says:

    I like Rob Ryan. Without Mangini, he’s not here and Oakland has 5 wins right now.

    That said, there is not much talent on the team yet. The veteran guys he brought in played okay. We should not have expected more.

    They started over rookies. That is a good thing. Guys stay a year in the system, develop and then come in to make an impact when they are needed. You cannot expect to find NFL starting linebackers in the 4th round who are going to put their team in the playoffs.

    I don’t think the “time” argument is out just yet. I would refer to the 11 draft picks and the 3 years remaining on Brady Quinn’s contract as positives going into next season. We have gotten a look at Jennings, not bad. M&M looks like he may be something down the line.

    I will go on record here and say I thought the Crennel firing did not make sense. The team is still paying him. Come on! He had one year left and so did most of his players. If it doesn’t work, you get a new coach and a new roster. Fortunately, if Mangini is let go, most of the guys now are on short contracts also. I still don’t think it makes sense yet, though.

  2. ButchGavlen says:

    It would be a huge mistake to change now. we just changed months ago, remember? It’s a new scheme, and new head coach; a new set of coaches; a changing of the guard, if you will. we hired this guy to get rid of the dead wood and infestation of the like of winslow and edwards; when he does we cry, ‘we have no play makers’. he got rid of the play makers’. Of course he did. he is drafting good, moldable players. it will take time. this time next year we’ll see improvement, not now. he is slow to bring along the draft pics for a purpose; not to get them killed and ruined. maybe he’ll need to change a few things, but right now those players that he brought from the jets will MOSTLY be gone after tne new team starts to get built. his draft pics are good ones. all the cry-baby nay-sayers who claim to be fans, mostly don’t know a thing about football. get the GM in place and let them work. the jets are the last ones who want to see him do good; what would that make t hem look like? and the espn media types think everything is NY; L James, the med mart, the rock Hall, etc. and the national media is ‘owned’ by the NY area. wake up and stick together.

  3. pyelor says:

    I have no problem keeping Mangini on the job assuming one things happens…a strong, credible head of football takes over and keeps Mangini on a very short leash and is not afraid to put him in his place when he steps out of line. If he fails to get back in line, you take him out of the line…permanently. He has to be a team player and not a “me” player.

    Mangini is the head coach. It is not his job to directly bring players in. That’s the GM’s job. The head coach can provide feedback but it’s not his job or within his authority to make the final decision on signing players. He should tell the GM what kind of player he wants and let the GM go after them so that Mangini can get back to “teaching to process”.

    The other issue I have with Mangini’s input is that we need to deal with teams other than the Jets. That well has been tapped and dried out long ago. Some say it was pretty dry before the Browns tapped it in the first place.

    There are other teams with quality players that would work well within this system. They may be in the starting lineup, sitting on the bench behind an entrenched veteran or on the practice squad but there are quality players out there on other teams…not just the Jets.

  4. Kellen says:

    I’ll bet that Mangoonie is a child molester. just llok at him–you can tell.

    • Denolakes says:

      There is absolutely no room for this type of stuff on any blog. We are inundated with this type of discourse all over the web — and frankly it shows to me, anyway, how low people have become. I do not care for Mangini as a coach or from what I know of him as a person. But he is a man with a family and children. He might be an idiot professionally, but there is no justification for accusing him of anything this nasty. Shame on you — and shame on anyone who relishes in this kind of garbage.

      • pyelor says:

        Seconded. Football talk isn’t personal…it’s professional. If you can’t keep it that way here, you have not business being here. Don’t you think that maybe a few young ones might be reading this blog?

  5. Dan says:

    I have to be one of the most disappointed fans out there. Even to the point of giving up any hope of the Browns rebuilding a team. But I would never call a coach a “child molester”, no matter how much I disliked him as a coach. He has no personality, no coaching skills (along with his buddy Daboll), the Jets didn’t like him either and fired him. He has not proven a single thing to me as of yet. He may be a loser as a person but but that’s as far as it should go. Do the Browns need any tackling dunnies? Can I refer someone?

  6. Jerryown says:

    Mangini will coach the Browns the next year and the year after that.

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