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Browns Top Steelers 13-6 for First Win Over Rivals Since 03

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It’s been a long time coming. For the Browns, Thursday night in the most frigid of conditions they finally got one over on the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. The win may have only been the 2nd of the season for the Browns, but it was the sweetest win the team may have had in sometime.

The win was cemented by a defense that hounded Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger all night. They sacked him on his first two pass attempts, setting a trend that saw him go down 8 times for minus 60 yards. The Browns on offense used a simple attack that saw Josh Cribbs rush for 87 yards, all of which was is in the wildcat. Chris Jennings added 73 yards on 20 carries, including a 10-yard touchdown to give the Browns a 13-0 lead in the second quarter.

Brady Quinn didn’t do much, but the big thing was he didn’t make any major mistakes that cost the Browns points. He was just 6-for-19 for 90 yards, but hit a big 37-yard pass play on third down to Mohammad Massaquoi to set up a second Browns field goal.

Cribbs took back and punt return 55 yards to set up the first Browns field goal. The Browns on the night ran for 171 yards on 37 carries. The Browns D held Pittsburgh to just 216 yards, this after Pittsburgh dominated the Browns defense earlier in the season during a 27-14 win.

Cleveland also held the Steelers down on third down, holding them to 3-for-14 on the night. “I think our fans are going to have a Merry Christmas,” Cribbs said.

The Browns will have a very enjoyable 10 days off, and then will be back on the field December 20th at Kansas City.

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8 Responses to “Browns Top Steelers 13-6 for First Win Over Rivals Since 03”

  1. Matthew Dauch says:

    It’s good for the browns to win aginst the steelers

  2. ButchGavlen says:

    I can’t help but notice, watching espn this morning looking for some highlights, there were non. Every tuesday morning i get sick and bored with sooo many from monday night, and on the occassion of thursday night football the same is true friday morning; but not when the browns, and now ESPECIALLY when it is Mangini is involved, not so for us. the predjudice toward cleveland, and now Mangini, is so obvioous it is sickening. they do not want us and they really do not want Mangini to do well. it would mean they were wrong and show their cards for what they are. we really should give this guy time, and hope he works well with whoever they bring in. if you think about it, the bashing of Mangini started the minute he left NY; and picked up when someone had the audacity to hire him; that lowly cleveland. the pain in their sides who won’t relinquish the R&R Hall, the medical mart, and LeBron.

  3. pyelor says:

    Well-put comment, ButchGavlen. Here’s something else to chew on.

    Could it be that Cowher’s influence is finally waining in Pittsburgh and Tomlin is being exposed as simply a coattail rider?

  4. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t go that far about Tomlin just yet, Pyelor. Look what the history of the defending Super Bowl champs is. Pittsburgh’s off-season this year is hardly unprecedented. If the Steelers repeat this season next, maybe then we start talking that way about Tomlin.

    Remember, we’re 2-11. Sure we should feel good. Sure we got a couple big monkeys off our backs thanks to Chris Jennings and his TD last night. But we have little to no room to be talking smack about other people’s coaches when ours is smack.

    And Bruce, truth be told, ESPN can take their respect. Then they can shove it right up their backsides as a prelude to kissing mine. They have been a joke for years. If we EVER get to the point they speak glowingly of us, I may start to worry about my loyalties. They want flash and dash. Our division isn’t and has never been about that. The day ESPN starts giving the Browns the love we fans do is the day we quit being Browns worth loving.

  5. ButchGavlen says:

    Tomllin’s a hack. He hasn’t done nothin, in the words of SW. I’m not all the impressed with Cowher either. Give anyone that kind of talent with that deep of an organization and all they have to do is stay out of the way and get emotional on game day. Romeo would be great in that org.
    Like i said before, we hired the guy to reconstruct the team; in’s still in the early stages and just out of de-constructing parts; don’t even judge him on that. if you do you’re just selling yourself short. and to not like him for no reason is your choice or right, i guess, but doesn’t make a lot of sense. no one knows how it’s gonna turn out, but i see little things i like.

  6. Denolakes says:

    I would have taken Cowher in a heartbeat. He has the approach and tenacity that this organization has lacked since forever. Plus, he played for us as an LB. Anyway, his ties to Carolina make any discussion about him and Cleveland irrelevant. One game does not a season make. But, we have seen signs of life the past few weeks. For me, this only means I am more curious to see how they do against Oakland and KC, then JAX. JAX is in the playoff hunt — just like Pittsburgh (was). Both KC and Oakland have won more games than us. I want to see more of Evan Moore and Matt Roth. I want to see if this defense can coach with the talent it has. Obviously, Corey Williams can play; it makes me wonder what these coaches were doing with their mindless devotion to the “system”, whatever that is. I like the “bunch” defense — which looks like an upgraded version of the UFO defense laughably used a few years back. I also like the no huddle offense. I don’t like the missed passes — overthrows to open receivers. 6-19 is not the stuff of starting QBs. On the plus side, it was awfully cold and the misses were not by much, for the most part. Chris Jennings is an interesting guy. These next three games could start to show that the younger talent on this team does exist and is motivated; it could also show that it does not. And, sign Cribbs, for cryin’ out loud. It seems odd that the most life shown by this team are when the starters began to leave the field and mid-season replacements made their appearances.

  7. Dan says:

    I can and will judge Mangini on this years play. The Browns have some talent, so inheriting a “lame duck team” is BS. Isn’t he the big cheese? He took on the responsibility of being the Browns head coach. He did nothing to help this team out. So I blame him as much as anyone else. If he’s the boss, he has no business sitting back and watching Daboll making these idiotic play calls. Yesterday for example. How many times did Quinn let the ball go? I’m not talking yards after the catch, I’m talking airing it out. NONE ! !
    I was really impressed with the D. Plenty of sacks and pressure, the longest pass they gave up was 24 yards, the longest run was only 10 yards. They ran alot of 4 man fronts instead of the 3 man, which led to alot more pressure on Rothlisberger.
    On offense, the running game looked real good, we did not have a receiver drop a pass that should have been caught, the O line only gave up one sack, Brady threw no ints. There is still a big problem with getting into the end zone. Quinn threw downfield last game and 3 games ago. What happened last night? My gawd, he can not connect on the wide open 5 yard passes. Reminds me of DA. He overthrew, underthrew, threw behind the receiver. The receiver is 5 yards in front of you waiting for the ball. Being only 5 yards away you could almost reach out and hand it to him. How can you or any pro QB miss so many wide open short passes?
    There seem to forms of life on the D. And noone can say we beat the Lions or some other 1-11 team. We beat the defending Super Bowl Champs. Good job Brownies. Finish out the year on a high note, have a great draft and get ready for next season. I have that phrase recorded, because I hear it every year.

    • Denolakes says:

      I like the 4-man front with this personnel group — actually, with most personnel groups. From what I have seen, you need some pretty extraordinary players in the 7-man D front to make it really work as a status defense. IMO, Cleveland doesn’t have it and won’t get it in one draft, esp. considering the offensive needs. I wonder if these coaches are beginning to figure out that you coach (read: deploy and scheme) to the talent you have — not to the “system.”

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