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Can Mangini Hang On?

Reports of talks between the Cleveland Browns and Mike Holmgren have excited many fans. Most news outlets in their reports are saying that if Holmgren agrees to oversee the continuing reclamation project going on in Cleveland, Eric Mangini’s days would be numbered. Is this the right move?

After their big win over the Steelers, it is very possible for the momentum to push the Browns past their final three opponents. Kansas City, Oakland and Jacksonville are all playing well as of late, but like the Cleveland Browns, are mired in mediocrity. Jacksonville however, does have a chance to make the playoffs this year, and a Browns victory at Cleveland Browns Stadium in the roll of spoiler could be one of those victories fans don’t soon forget.

If that happens, could Eric Mangini save his job and the jobs of those on his staff? I think it’s a distinct possibility. Although it wouldn’t be business as usual. But, it seems winning out in 2009 provides a certain amount of consideration for remaining in 2010.

Mike Holmgren could make it work if three things are done:

1) Holmgren has to make it very clear that Mangini needs to change his ways. His dictatorship may have worked to weed out players that were cancers to the team, but the excessive fines, his handling of practice and his placement of young players in situations where injury was a probable outcome have to change. His work ethic can stay, but the rest of the Mangini circus has to go.

2) Holmgren has to make drafting defense his highest priority. Rob Ryan has worked miracles with a defensive unit in flux. Provide him some real talent and I think the Browns can quickly become a team to be feared. Keeping Rob Ryan in town allows for continuity and can provide the proper training ground for a coach who might well be a great head coach. This may go against Holmgren’s itch to bring in his “own guys” but keeping Ryan and Mangini can be the right thing to do.

3) Holmgren should make a change by bringing in a new Offensive Coordinator. Brian Daboll has shown us nothing that would constitute reason for keeping him around. Although the change will once again put the offense on pins and needles as they again are forced to learn a new system, it is the right move. Bringing in a guy who can simplify his system, teach young guys and put them in situations where they can succeed would be the best move for this organization. Making sure the pieces we have can be used optimally is priority one.

These three things would set Holmgren up for a successful first season at the helm. With a solid draft and a commitment to return this team to competitiveness, Holmgren can turn this all around in one year. Hard work, leadership, training and preparation in the context of a stable working environment can make the Browns a legitimate contender for the division title. There is hope, but it has to start with Mike Holmgren coming here and following these simple suggestions.

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5 Responses to “Can Mangini Hang On?”

  1. pyelor says:

    I agree with you on all points except that I would add one item to point number 2. The Browns need a top-ranked right tackle on the offensive line. Solidify that line and bring in a new offensive coordinator and things might be serviceable for a year.

    Remember the old saying…

    The best defensive is a good offense.

    Create an offense that can, at least, move the ball and eat up the clock a bit. Constant 3-and-outs tire a defense regardless of how good it is.

  2. Denolakes says:

    With 11 picks, Cleveland has some dealing room — to maybe get one of those established RTs. Defense is an issue, to be sure, but the turn-around success of teams like Cincy show that a power RB is essential to the formula, too. It seems that a lot of teams have found these type of players in the mid-rounds of the draft. So, a 2 or a 3 used to this end makes sense. As much as a lot of folks hate it, you gotta give BQ a full year under a new regime and a different OC. Daboll’s “system”, whatever it is, reflects his lack of experience and/or overall abilities.

  3. ButchGavlen says:

    If they start winning and Daboll gets experience and the guys get used to the system, finally, how would bringing in a new system and starting all over be any better; just to satisfy the cries from the ‘media’ who feel after screaming all year that something has to change, they can save face and say, see, we were right. Personally i hope whoever comes in makes very little change. every single ex-mangini player i’ve seen intervied, including Patriiots and ex-pats, sing his praises. It is only the snubbed media and the mindless followers who don’t know what he’s doing that bark against him. Stay the course a little longer; we need to build the structure/organization before we can build a lasting succesful team. the worst is over, so it’s all for the best from now on. not that there won’t be setbacks, but we have 2/3s an O line, for all those who complained aboout drafting Mack. Plug in the right side needs and a big back and the basics are there for the Offense. If Brady doesn’t cut it after another year, you’ll be ready to draft the big name QB. PErsonally I think he will. At the most I’d bring in Wiess and let Daboll study under him.

    • Denolakes says:

      If this team can win 2 out of the final 3 games — and I don’t want to jinx anything by asserting that it’s doable, then the pressure to sack Mangini will ebb — especially if the new GM comes in and finds a way to mold all this together. I am not a Mangini fan. I just can’t stand his press conferences, his way of expressing himself. It just sounds so feckless and without passion. But, many players who have played under him seem to think he is OK. Cribbs says it would be a mistake to fire him. I, for one, give those opinions a lot of credence — to a point. The players liked playing under Crennel, too, but that didn’t translate to the field. If they start to show they can win — and the next 3 games will show just that — then, to be fair and looking out for the best interests of this team — you gotta let him have next season, at the least. They will play a comparatively weaker schedule next year. And BQ, MoMAss, Moore, Robiskie and Mack will all have a year under their belts. Roth seems to be a find at LB, as does Bowens. Add D’Qwell and another solid LB and this group has potential. So, if they win, Mangini should be our coach next year.

  4. ButchGavlen says:

    How pathetic. Could you possibly attempt to color this guys image any worse than to headline, ‘can Mangini hang on’ and put that sorry picture up there with him reaching? How is this good journalism….Oh, I forgot. Those that can’t get that far do many time go into sports reporting. This from the same media that swears they did nothing to run Belechik out of town; and in fact do not influence public opinion on these matters.
    The poser of suggestion is a powerful tool, and is used carelessly and vengefully by many.
    It’s to the point with Grossi that you can see the emotions twist in his answers much of the time. I KNOW this isn’t Grossi…I’m making a point.

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