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Is the Turning of a Decade Mean Good Things to Come in Cleveland?

With the Starting of a new decade in a couple days, there a lot of top 10 list for many NFL teams, but for Browns fans can we make that list up for this team, or have a all decade team,it would be more agony then anything else.

Instead here a some things I would like to see in the next decade. The Browns start winning on there home openers something they were only able to do once since they have came back. I have heard that Browns next year are going to unveil there Championship banners with all the All-time greats at the Stadium the day of the home opener what better way to start the season to with all the greats there to get a win and start the Holmgren era off right.

Also Michael Stanley Band playing Born and Raised on the Cleveland Browns as some added pregame festivities. The Stadium would be rocking (it will be regardless) but if this team ends a season on a four game winning streak it gives hope that this team his headed in the right direction.

How about regaining the overall record against Pittsburgh, All you hear from Steeler fans is how they are so much better then the Browns and how great Big Jen is. It took the Browns to be horrible for ten years for the Steelers to take the series over at 60-56.

The Cleveland Browns are THE CLEVELAND BROWNS remember that means something and hopefully this next decade we can get that feeling back out. How great was it to beat Pittsburgh in the Stadium under the lights? It was the best moment in the stadium this year and could go down as the best yet other the the Run William Run game.

The Browns have had some bad luck and with that comes some bad years but maybe Holmgren can turn this around. It looks like Mangini has us headed in the right direction and with some help with Holmgren we can do this in this decade.

How about beating AFC North teams on a regular basis, The Ravens Defense is getting old, I think the verdict is still out on the Ravens offense and overall as a team they are going to have many question marks in the coming future, the Browns are rebuilding at the perfect time to win multiple division championships if they do this right.

The Bengals are the Bengals and Carson Palmers health is always going to be in question. He is either going to be healthy and the Bengals are going to be good or not healthy and they are going to stink. Ocho Cinco is head case and you never know what you are going to get with him of if he is going to demand a trade anytime soon.

Is Cedric Benson and Larry Johnson the future running back duo in the AFC North, I don’t think so it worked this year and maybe next year also but after that I highly doubit it. The Squeelers are showing there age this year with Hines “CryBaby” Ward numbers down and calling out his quarterback. Worthlessburger has already has had at least six concussions in his life and also a Rape Trial coming in this next decade.

Troy Polamalu hasn’t been healthy for two straight seasons and they Squeelers tying up most of there money in Worlessburger and Polamalu this team has won two Super Bowls but could that be it for this era. Mike Tomlin is getting questioned for many of his coaching decisions and the Steelers look like they are running on fumes with this Cower built team. With all this going on in the AFC North the Browns need to get this right because this could be a special decade for us Browns fans.

How about a FLEX game, one Sunday late in the Season the Browns will be fighting for a home playoff game, AFC North Crown, Home field Advantage, or even an undefeated season. Wouldn’t it be nice to be thinking all year you are having a day game and then the week before you find out your CLEVELAND BROWNS are playing on Sunday night football in front of all the nation in a meaningful game.

I am looking forward to that night in Cleveland, when the Orange Helmets come out of the tunnel under the lights in front of a sold out Browns Stadium.

How about HOME PLAYOFF GAMES in this next decade, what would the new Stadium be like after all these years having a home playoff game. I bet you it will be the most intimidating place in the NFL if you are the opposing team coming into are Stadium are first playoff game.

I hope its Pittsburgh when it happens. I also hope there are Squeelers fans in the Stadium and they all leave half way through the game to put on there Browns jerseys those front running fans. The place is going to be rocking and rolling and it is going to be a glorious sight to see and hopefully you will be there when that day comes..

How about a HOME AFC Championship Game in this next decade, the Browns at home in a AFC Championship game would be the greatest thing to hit Cleveland since 64. This day is going to come and Cleveland is going to be the greatest place on earth that day when the Browns win the AFC Championship Home game. Another game that I hope its against Pittsburgh to see all those Squeeler fans put those urine colored towels between there legs leaving the Stadium.

Last but not least and you know what it is HOW ABOUT A SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the Arizona Cardinals can go the Super bowl the Cleveland Browns can make it to one and win one. We have Mike Holmgren and the two teams that he has been with have gone to the Super bowl, now he is on his third team lets hope we get the same results. Go BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to “Is the Turning of a Decade Mean Good Things to Come in Cleveland?”

  1. dale says:

    Randy,you need to spread the hate around for all of our division rivals,not just the steelers. In fact when you write about the cincipussies you give them way too much respect. The Browns need to have intense contempt for all their division foes,so we can quit having 1-5 division records in the new decade!F the steelers,F the bengals & F the ravens!

  2. Denolakes says:

    Calm down! It’s a nice fantasy, but that’s just what it is. That being said, I do recall saying to my good friend while we watched Cleveland finish the Oakland game that we might want to remember this game, because it was when Cleveland starting to really look like a football team with a purpose. I measure excellence by consistency of high performance over a period of time. Ain’t nobody accusing the Browns of that. This needs to build properly. We need our homies — like Cribbs, Thomas, Harrison, maybe Bowens and Roth and not the revolving door of recent years. We’ll see what happens. I am optimistic, but a Browns sort of optimistic. We need to exorcise some demons to set things right. And, as I see it, there is only one way that those demons can be reduced to harmless shadows . . . and I’m not sayin’ it.

    • dale says:

      Deno RU retarded nobody uses the term homies anymore! U need 2 quit listening 2 the gig radio stations!

      • Denolakes says:

        Ummm . . . I think I disagree with this — mostly because I don’t listen to the radio but also because, well, I am not sure what my being “retarded” has to do with the subject matter. And I wish my mom would stay off this site.

  3. dale says:

    Also Randy you need to get to get your facts straight. Roethlisberger does NOT have a rape trial it is just a civil trial. No criminal charges were filed. Please improve to a more competant level or let someone more qualified take over!

  4. Chris says:

    I hope you’re right Randy. Being a die-hard Browns fan comes with a certain social stigma. When people find out I cheer for the Browns, the reaction is usually WTF – how could someone (especially in Newfoundland) root for such a consistently bad team?

    Well, the Browns weren’t always this bad and there is no team with as rich and storied tradition as Cleveland’s. And it takes a true fan to stick with a team through thick and thin. But, as we know, there been some thin years over the past decade.

    That being said, I think your wish list is doable. Baby steps first, like playing more consistently within their division and building from there. The Browns will make the playoffs within the next two years and will win a Superbowl by the end of the next decade. Mark my words.

    Cheers and Happy New Year from North America’s most easterly Browns Fan.

  5. dale says:

    Randy,I need to add one more thing. THE MICHAEL STANLEY BAND SUCKS! I won free tickets to one of their concerts and could not even give them away,so others must agree with me!

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