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Cribbs Whining Isn’t Helping

OK, I’ll give Mangini another year. After all, he did turn the team around, the last 4 games. I still don’t like him as a coach but he did make some progress. Daboll has got to go!!! He is a waste with no experience. Don’t you just love the way he lines the offense up with all 11 players in the box?

There is no surprise to his play calling. No room for options. Spread the offense out a little, which in turn takes some defensive players out of the box. DUH!! Then run Harrison through the line. Now, there’s Cribbs. I’m sure every Browns fan would admit or agree that Cribbs is the best, most exciting player on the team. But what’s up with his whining? He signed a contract.

Why start whining 3 days after the season ends? There are a lot more important things to be done with this team, than getting you a raise. Besides, Holgrem just got here. We have 8 or 9 months until the 2010-2011 season starts. That’s plenty of time to get a contract upgrade or new contract. Play football, quit whining and be patient.

You should have had a different agent. You’re not scaring anyone with your threatening to hold out, or that you will never play another down with the Browns when there is still 8 months before the season starts. You can’t go play for another team until the Browns say you can. Cribbs does deserve a pay raise, but he’s going at it all wrong.

Cribbs does not have the greatest of hands when it comes to catching a pass and he is not the most efficient route runner. If he knew how to throw, he would be a lot more valuable. A scrambling QB in Cleveland? It would open up a lot more options if Cribbs was taking snaps, with his ability to run. But you need to be able to pass as well. The only thing he is productive at on offense is the Wildcat. No defense really fears him as a wide receiver.

Special teams is not going to take the Browns to the promise land. Sure, Cribbs has talent, but he was an UNSIGNED free agent. I think he is worth $3 mil a year but, you signed a contract and you have 3 years left on it. Accept your mistake if you signed for too little. If you think about it, Cribbs is also a valuable trade option.

I’m sure there are a few teams who are set, except for a viable return man. See what offers we can get for him and make a decision then. Do Winslow and Edwards bring back memories of distractions that this team does not need? Cribbs needs to shut up, play football and wait his turn. He’s a one dimensional player at best. Special teams. He hasn’t proved he deserves a raise for his offensive play nor defense. Wait your turn and things will work themselves out.

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5 Responses to “Cribbs Whining Isn’t Helping”

  1. pyelor says:

    As much as this may irk Browns fans, Dan, I believe that Cribbs should be shopped a bit. If not shopped, the team should at least listen to offers, especially just before or during the draft.

    If you can get more for him than you’re willing to pay, why wouldn’t it make sense? Give me a second and a third round pick and he’s yours. Just don’t give him the new contract until AFTER the draft. A low contract value could give other teams more incentive to deal for him.

    This whole thing is about building a team, not an individual. I completely understand that Cribbs is underpaid for the services he provides. What I don’t understand is all his whining. Haven’t we had enough of that in the Browns’ locker room the last 10 years?

  2. Chris says:

    You know, there’s something that seems to be getting forgotten in this rush to tell Josh to pipe down. Not that I don’t agree to a point with the sentiment.

    The problem with “Oh just quit whining and wait your turn” is that Cribbs has been doing so since last offseason. He piped down and played like a pro should during the season and now that we’re done playing he wants back at the table. Seems perfectly reasonable to me to start back up as soon as the window re-opened.

    Ideally, should he wait until all the dust has settled with retaining Mangini and letting Holmgren and Heckert get settled? Sure. But as long as he’s been trying already to get the contact sitch shored up, I can’t be too upset at him for “whining”. If this were new as of the final gun going off against the Jags, okay. But this is leftovers from last spring and summer. And as such, it should be tended to sooner rather than later. Either poo or get off the pot.

  3. dale says:

    Normally I don’t like guys wanting their contracts renegotiated,but this is an exception.He should take up 90% of the 2009 highlight film. I heard him on espn(m&m n th mrng)radio today and he was not whining at all.He just feels he was lowballed and I do too.PAY HIM!!!!!

  4. Denolakes says:

    My guess is that Mr. Heckert will talk to Cribbs’ agent within a few days of his arrival. Things have quieted down a bit over the past week, as they should. Everybody will calm down and this whole ridiculous episode will be forgotten come draft time. Sheesh. This feels like a reality show.

  5. ButchGavlen says:

    I’d like to know since when a million and a half dollars was insulting. It’s my opinion that the whole agent thing has gotten out of hand and the OWNERS are the ones being held up and blackmailed. The agents play one team against the other, and conspire to blackball/blackmail owners by threatening that ‘your team won’t get any freeagents cuz you’ll have a bad reputation’; gee, who starts the rumors….the agent. Stop and look around and see how out of control the salaries are, and there is no sign of them backing off. It’s a greed frenzy. This is football, it’s a sport. and don’t give me the short time to play excuse. then stay in school and prepare for real life after sports like the rest of us.
    The player’s greed and the networks greed/takeover of the control of the timing of the game for more commercials (largely to keep up with paying for all those players) are the two worse changes in the game in the last 20 years, period. It’s time we get behind the owners and common sense for a while on this, or you won’t be able to aafford to go to a game OR see it on t.v., cuz it’ll cost too much for that, too.

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