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Aponte and Keenen Next to Go for Browns

The Browns have said goodbye to Mike Keenen and Dawn Aponte on Friday. Mike Holmgren started with clearing out house with the Player Personnel department now moved to making other moves on Friday. Aponte was the Vice President of Football operations while Keenen was the teams’ President before the “Big Tuna” came to town.

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18 Responses to “Aponte and Keenen Next to Go for Browns”

  1. Dan says:


  2. dale says:

    Randy,I believe Parcells is called the “Big Tuna”,not Holmgren. He is called “The Walrus”.I’ve read at least a dozen articles of yours and most are full of errors or ignorant opinions{some have both}.This is supposed to be a hardcore Browns fan website, so please get your act together! I too believe Daboll needs to be the next one to go,but I believe Holmgren gave Mangini the authority to shape his staff,so who knows what his fate will be.

  3. Denolakes says:

    If he is not gone already, I suspect Daboll will be back. I’m ambivalent about this, as I don’t know how you can evaluate anyone with the mess this team, was for the first half of the season combined with the horrific QB play throughout the year.

  4. ButchGavlen says:

    I feel like he was learing on the job last year, and improved drastically near the end. If he’s the genius Mangini claims, lets see what the kid’s got next year; again, if he fails his backup is supposed to be very experienced and good.

  5. Dan says:

    I don’t see how Mangini could call him a genius. The guy literally had no experience as an offensive coordinator. Case in point, how many screens did we see this year? How many sweeps did we see? How many times did Daboll line everyone up in the box and run Harrison into the line? That’s common sense to put a couple receivers out to draw some of the defenders out of the box. Is it easier for Harrison to break through 7 or 8 defenders or 11? Learning the job or not, he had a lot of idiotic plays called this season. We as Browns fans are sick and tired of the stupid coaching staffs we have had since the Brownies return. I would can Daboll and get an experienced offensive coordinator into the system. “Wait until next year”, has over stayed it’s welcome. We’re tired of waiting until next year. Let’s get something going in Cleveland.

    • Denolakes says:

      I can appreciate your feelings. Having survived the Modell era with its rampant repeat mistakes (Baltimore didn’t win until he sold his share of the team, don’t forget), I am more than anxious to see something other than futility every Fall. I don’t know about Lerner, but he seems motivated to succeed although his decision-making process looks awfully suspect. The last decade has been devastating on my heart. I know I am not alone in this. But, you gotta respect both Holmgren and Heckert. Their professional resumes speak for themselves. Lerner was able to sell this organization to Holmgren who was in turn able to sell it to Heckert and others. I have yet to win a game in the NFL in any way, shape or form, but these guys have — and big. So, one last time . . . let’s build this team. They are ours — and for better or worse, we are theirs.

      • dale says:

        Hate to have to always correct people on here,but Modell was still the majority owner the year they (Baltimore)won it all! Everybody needs to have their facts straight before they add a comment. Thank You….

  6. ButchGavlen says:

    I think it is more correct to say he had very little to do with anything that had them win. He moved them for one reason; 50 million dollars. he effectively lost control and the writing was on the walls when he moved. and you really don’t need to correct people who are on a forum. this place is so much nicer than the pd forum with all the superior attitudes and bs; let’s just let people state their opinions and if you know something is not quite accurate, give them and us the benefit of the doubt that others know as much, if not more, than you might. or do it tactfully so as not to belittle someone. after all, we all make mistakes; unless you are the very first in the history of the world, besides Jesus himself.

    • dale says:

      Ok,Ok I’ll be more tactfull next time. Sorry Deno.But I might add that we all need to move on from the Modell thing.Much of it was the local politicians fault anyway. They made a promise they could not keep and he in turn did it to the fans.How bad of a guy could he be. He paid a large portion of the late Eddie Johnson’s medical bills and donated millions to make the Cleveland Clinic the great facility it is today.

  7. dale says:

    One more thing on this subject(Modell). He should be in the HOF.He was on the TV commitee for many years. He,Tex Schram and Rozelle are the reason the NFL is the giant it is today. OKAY NOW WE CAN MOVE ON! Hopefully Holmgren,Heckert &Co can bring THIS team to new heights{SUPER BOWL!}

  8. Denolakes says:

    At some point, I’ll actually check this all out, but while I believe Modell was still the majority owner, but the agreement for him to sell the remainder was already executed and in place. That is, the transfer was nothing more than the final administrative act to an agreement already made. So, as I recall, I guess officially he was the majority owner – but was being shown the door.

  9. ButchGavlen says:

    That’s right. Art was asked to wait one year so as not to tax us, the fans, for two projects at the same time. I’m not saying he didn’t have a heart and he did do much good for the community whiile here; but he left because of debt and the final deal making promise of 50 million on top of the other pluses he got for moving our team. while i agree everyone has some good, or some bad, i’ll never agree to put him in the Hall.

  10. ButchGavlen says:

    Oh, and don’t forget; these guys, most of them with big money, donate what the tax man will take anyway unless given to charity. They realize that the 20 percent or so that they can either send to uncle sam or the cleve slinic, it makes for great bedfellows, friends, and general good PR to give it to local charity; and it does. But it’s not like (in mose cases) they are donating that part of their profit that they would get to keep.

  11. dale says:

    I know I said we can move on,but I have to jump back in on this one.I hardly think helping Eddie and his family was for tax purposes.He also helped out Rich Kotite(He was a Rutigliano ast coach before he was a HC for egls&jts){brain surgery}When he was head of TV cmt he was a great negotiator W/network guys because of his NYC ad exec experience.I read where Rzl & Schram said that.He should absolutely be in the HOF!The people who vote on this need to put their personal feelings aside & vote him in.The “old guard” owners thought he was one of the most influential men in the league.Besides the fact that he deserves to be in the hall,he has a bad ticker and doesn’t have much time left on this earth!

  12. ButchGavlen says:

    Well that’s why I said that in spite of everything, I think we all have some good and some bad. And I agree, helping Eddie J. and some others was the right thing to do. So we’re in agreement there. But the fans are the ones he sold down the river. the loyal fans who all through his ownership, during terrible weathe and terrible teams, filled that stadium. And I think they get the last say in if he goes in. I believe to forgive is devine; I think to forget is stupid. And I think being an important and influential character does not really play on the same field as HOF qualification. Just my take on it. But I see your point of view.

  13. Denolakes says:

    Dogs by Nature has a pretty decent piece (posted Jan. 22, 2010) on the Modell move and the reasons for it. I’ll get out of the way of this one, because there are clearly people who are far better informed on this than me — but for my money, Modell is not in the HOF.

  14. dale says:

    I will FINALLY move on as it pertains to this subject (unless it comes up again),but like I said the move was also the fault of some [lousy] politicians.His entire body of work (TV cmt chrmn,etc)is HOF worthy.I PROMISE I WILL MOVE ON!{for now}You guys need to take the time to look at J Namath stats(laughable compared to other HOF QB’s)He is one guy who should NOT be in the hall.

  15. ButchGavlen says:

    That;s what happens when you get in for character; in his case being one!!

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