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Cribbs Press Conference Transcript………


Joshua Cribbs and Team President Mike Holmgren press conference 3-5-10

(Holmgren opening statement)- “Thanks for coming over. Obviously you know who this young man is sitting right here. I am very happy to announce that Josh Cribbs is going to be part of the Cleveland Browns for a long time. We already kind of hoped and knew that, but I just want to thank his representatives and Matt Thomas and Tom Heckert for the Browns as they kind of combined to get this thing done. We all know what type of a player Josh is. I haven’t had a chance to spend a lot of time with him. In talking with people that I trust and know, he is a quality young man. He really cares about this team and the fans in this city that have been very good to him and he has been good to the fans. Now, he’s got a thing that he has to get to this evening so we are going to have to cut this a little shorter then we would like. I just want to say that we are very happy as an organization that it was worked out. It was something that I really wanted to do when I came.”

(Cribbs opening statement)- “I’d like to say I’m excited, first of all. It’s been a long road and I owe a lot to the fans. I owe a lot to my family. I’ve been praying hard over these last couple weeks, months and it worked out. We reached a good compromise and I’m happy to wear this uniform proudly, as I have been saying the whole time. I’m glad to talk with coach Holmgren. He has a lot of things in store for this team. I’m happy to be here. I’m going to reserve a lot of the questions for the fans and people at the I-X Center. Putting up billboards, I owe a lot to them and I wanted to give them a lot of my attention and time.”

Joshua Cribbs

(On if there ever was a time when he thought he wouldn’t be back)- “Definitely. I’ll have to rephrase that, I knew where I wanted to be and I knew how hard I was going to try to get to stay where I am.”

(On what’s next)- “Football is next. Working out, training.”

(On how relieved he is)- “I’m excited to continue playing for the Cleveland Browns. The fans are a huge support system that I have here in Cleveland. All over in my travels from Miami for the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl, the fan base was there. Every social network, internet site, the fans are there and they speak and I hear them. They give me motivation to go forward, so I owe a lot to them.”

(On if it seemed like it took forever)- “It always seems like that when it’s over and you look back. I feel like it was a necessary road that was traveled and I’m glad to come out on the other side on top.”

(On if he is capable of accomplishing more)- “I’ve just begun. I’m a baby in this league still.”

Mike Holmgren

(On what the key was to getting the deal done)- “I think you start with the philosophy of, we are going to make every effort to keep our core players, our best players, here with the team. Clearly, Josh is one of those. Now, his situation was different because he had a contract. Then you have to ask yourself the question, I want every player we have to want to be here and play and give me his best, give Eric (Mangini) his best. He had, in my opinion, outperformed his contract to a certain extent the more I studied it. How do we reward the player and at the same time maintain our contractual integrity as an organization? Once we kind of figured out how we wanted to do that and I got both sides talking to each other again, we were able to do it.”

(On what else is going on with the team)- “There’s a lot of stuff going on. This day, the start of free agency around the league, the tender situation, all that stuff. We have players coming in for visits. Just so you know, in the future going forward we will try to let you know about that ahead of time. There will be a couple of situations I’m sure where I can’t let you know. So just know that upfront. No one should know. It’s not like I am cutting you guys out of the loop and telling everybody else. Those are business decisions and there are good reasons to do that. On the whole, we will try to let you know who is coming in for visits and things like that. We are as active as we can be. I didn’t expect to make any, what would be considered, a spectacular splash in free agency. You guys all know, you have been covering football for a long time, that the first few days after it starts it is just wild. Then things kind of settle down and a lot of really good work takes place in about four-five days as well. This year we are in a position we have a lot of draft picks. You know my philosophy about building through the draft and making prudent decisions in free agency. Now we have another (higher) draft pick. We have a bunch of picks this year and that’s probably how we are going to do most of it.”

(On the uncapped year and potential challenges)- “It’s a little different, but I will say this, I don’t think we are getting bogged down too much in overanalyzing those things. My hope, and it will always be my hope, that nothing much changes going forward. We iron out the differences and keep playing. You know the rules. There are no minimums or maximums now this year. There are some other rules involved. We are approaching it, hopefully, how we will always approach it. What do we have to do to make our team better in a responsible way? If that means going after a player hard and spending, we will do that. If that means handling it another way, we will try and do that with the idea of making the football team better. I would say we are approaching this year like any other year and hopefully we make good decisions.”

(On why all of the restricted free agents got second round tenders)- “It just kind of came out that way. When we, and we will do this every year, that you analyze a player, you know how it works. It just kind of turned out that way. There’s another rule in place if you tender a certain way then you have to tender everyone a certain way if he’s a lower draft pick and things like that. There’s a new rule in place this year. As far as putting a tag on a player, we don’t do that automatically. It’s just something that we will analyze what we think his market value is, certainly, what we are willing to roll the dice on sometimes and we’re trying to be responsible with the money. Because a player has been tendered a certain number, please don’t read too much into any that. We want the guys back. We want them playing here. We are covered as far as right of first refusal and those things. I think it’s all good. This year, I think, what you will hear and read and see because of the different thing where guys would normally be unrestricted and now they are restricted you will get some push back and you will hear some stuff, but hopefully most of our guys don’t fall into that category. It’s going to be different this year because of that.”

(On the quarterback situation)- “We are actively looking at quarterbacks. That’s fair to say. I will stick with my guns there with the way we will always do with free agency, draft and trades I can’t be any more specific then that right now.”

(On if he has met with Derek Anderson)- “I have not personally. I have not and that’s unfortunate. I had hoped to. We’ve certainly evaluated all of our players. We just kind of have to see where that goes. I mentioned it the other day, those roster bonuses are in there to have the club make a decision in a timely manner for the player. I think that’s fair. If we decide to do that with a player, that all happened before I was here, but if you decide to do that with a player then you have to decide in fairness to the player. We like him. He’s a good guy. He’s either going to be here or we will let him know in a timely manner.”

(On what free agents are coming in)- “Right now (Scott) Fujita is coming in. We will let you know on the day they arrive. Fajita is coming in tomorrow evening, I believe. There might be another player in tomorrow, but it hasn’t been finalized yet.”

(On what made him want to restructure Cribbs’ deal)- “I will be honest with you, the set up was a little unusual. I had never in all the contacts I have seen or done for players that played for me, the ask with three years left is unusual. When you are new, like I was, and you come into situations, I read it today, that certain representatives were talking, ‘Well, promises were made.’ I believe you, but this is a new time, new people. We will get to each case as best we can, be as fair as we can, but we are going to maintain certain principles on how we are going to deal with these things. I trust we are here for a long time and so how we do things will eventually be figured out and maybe we can head off some of these things at the pass. All I can say is I’m sorry if promises we made. If you don’t have a promise from me, which I will hold to my promises, then we have to approach this differently. That’s the best way to put it, I think.”

(On if Cribbs’ case was different)- “In Josh’s case, they made a good point. I can say, ‘No, we aren’t going to do it,’ but that would be kind of silly. He had certainly earned the right to have the discussion at the very least. Once we dove into it, someone’s got to make the call so I made the call.”

(On if it may set a precedent with other players)- “That was brought up many times in meetings I was in. I would say this, we will try and evaluate every player in this organization when the time comes up individually. We will have a set of parameters on how we do things. As special cases, and there are special cases that could come up every year, will I handle them all the same? I am not saying that. They will be evaluated and at the very least they are going to be talked about and looked at, then I will make a decision. I am not too worried about that. Had we torn up the three years and re-done the contract that way, then I think you are setting a little more of a precedent that I did not want to do.”

(On if the team is looking at veteran wide receivers)- “We certainly talked about it at our meetings prior to the start of free agency. We talked about everybody. There is some room on the roster for different people. I would say in prioritizing and how much we talked about it and how much we were willing to dive in, with the receivers it wasn’t quite as urgent. I would say it that way. We have a couple of young guys we drafted last that I think are really good. Our pile of receivers can play. Signing Josh, you can refer to Josh as a receiver if you wanted to. Then we have the draft picks, but we are not done. I’m not saying we won’t, but when we talked about free agency there were other areas that seemed to have a higher priority.”

(On if bringing in wide receivers will help bring in a veteran quarterback)- “I would go the other way. I always go the other way. You need the quarterback. The quarterback gets the ball first. Then he is going to throw it to somebody. If I’ve got all these great receivers and have no one to throw them the ball or we are not doing a good job at quarterback, it doesn’t matter. We are going to try to be balanced with how we do this. In a priority thing, I think we’ll spend more time on the quarterback situation than the receiver situation. That also includes the quarterbacks that are playing for the Browns. Don’t read anything into that, okay? The quarterbacks that are here are in that discussion.”

(On if all of the options are still open at quarterback)- “Yes, (they are) still on the table. There’s stuff going on, kind of fun stuff. I wish I could tell you about it.”

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4 Responses to “Cribbs Press Conference Transcript………”

  1. Janet says:

    Good for Josh and good for us, the fans. Now hopefully Brady will be given a fair chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. brandon says:

    Thank you for keeping Josh – the heart and soul of the team right now!! A throwback if you will to when it meant somethng to be a Cleveland Brown and the players felt it.

    Now, maybe Mr. Holmgren can find time to actually meet the rest of his team…

  3. ButchGavlen says:

    I hope they at least consider talking to Warner about not retiring and doing a mentor-backup role to BQ, and package DA in a trade somewhere that he has a chance to play at least part time.

  4. Gwynne says:

    I’ve had the great pleasure of watching Cleveland Browns No. 32, Jim Brown. Then I had the pleasure of watching Cavs player, No. 23, Lebron James. Now I get to watch Cleveland Browns, No. 16, Josh Cribbs. I consider these three gentlemen the best to put on a uniform of a Cleveland sports team. How proud I am to say I’ve seen some of the best of the best. Cleveland is lucky and so are “OUR” players…because great players deserve a great fan base. Here we are!!

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