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Its good to be a Browns fan……..





The Cleveland Browns are months away from kicking off the 2010 season, but isn’t  great to bark like a dog sometimes, granted  we have never won a Super Bowl, but what we have is Brown and Orange in our  Blood. There is nothing like the Cleveland Browns on a Sunday afternoon seeing those helmets  running out of the tunnel on a fall overcast day. Whats better then seeing a Squeeler fan out on the town and telling them “Pittsburgh Sucks!!!” Especially now after we drilled them at the Stadium on that  gorgeous night in Cleveland. We as fans stick together like no other fan base in the NFL. For what we have gone through and are still strong as ever the Cleveland Browns means so much to us as fans. I can’t wait to taste the Playoffs and for the Cleveland Browns to be on top of the hill. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl!!!!

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9 Responses to “Its good to be a Browns fan……..”

  1. Denolakes says:

    Well, my experience over the past decade has been that it is not so good to be a Browns fan. Quite the opposite. Supporting a team that leads the league in mediocrity is hardly worthy of a medal or anything. For me, I remain because of what the Browns were — and could be again. I watched guys like Jim Kiniki, Bill Glass, Jerry Sherk, Walter Johnson, Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Dick Ambrose, Gary Collins, Paul Warfield, Milt Morin, etc. They were tough, gritty players in a tough, gritty area of the country. No frills. Just get down and get dirty football. This is still an area of the country that has a solid foundation of working folk. That’s what I want to see on the field. Hard workers who show up to play. That’s why I really didn’t care for Braylon (nothing to do with Michigan) but really liked Thom Darden (also from Michigan). If anyone is going to turn this franchise into what it should be, it is these guys. So, I am Browns hopeful — which means, right now, I do not want to be embarrassed by watching this team anymore.

  2. TheGasMan says:

    does anybody edit this site? That post had at least 5 errors in it.

    professional journalism FTW

  3. Ben Dover says:

    Randy Ward, you are a functioning idiot.
    “Granite” is a stone, you meant to say Granted. “what we have is Brown and Orange in are Blood.” Try “in OUR Blood.”
    That’s not to mention the numerous grammatical and punctuation errors.
    Learn how to spell and write before you try to talk trash on Pittsburgh fans or the 6-Time Super Bowl Champion Steelers you moron.
    The “Clowns” need to have a winning season, to even entertain thoughts of making the playoffs, before douche-bags like you can mention “Destination Super Bowl.”

    • Denolakes says:

      No one from Cleveland has the right to diss Pittsburgh, period. And I say that not because it gives me pleasure; I say that because it is true. Their record speaks for itself. ‘Nuff said about that. But, the way the thoughts were expressed — on a site that is accessible to people of all ages, better judgment is needed, I should think. Respect is something earned. Pittsburgh, the team has done so. Pittsburgh, the fans, have a way to go.

  4. Ben Dover says:

    But the way Randy, the last NFL Championship the “Clowns”, and the Mistake by the Lake, Cleveland won was in 1964. Since then:
    The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls,
    the Penguins have won 3 Stanley Cups,
    The Pirates have won 2 World Series,
    and the Pipers won the 1968 ABA Championship.
    They are 12-2 in Championship games/Series’, to Cleveland’s 0-3.
    But you are right, “Pittsburgh Sucks!!!” Douche-bag.

  5. dale says:

    I hate the Steelers,Bengals and Ravens! With that being said we CANNOT talk S#^T about any of them until we start beating them on a regular basis. That late season win over a beatup Steeler team was our only division win and was not all that impressive.Since our Brownies have been back we have not had a winning record within the division [3-3 twice]. Until this changes I for one will not be a happy Browns fan.Sorry Deno but I cannot resist. I need to know if Ben Dover was in that restroom stall in Georgia with Ben Roethlisberger! Tell the kids you will explain this to them when they get a little older!

  6. Ben Dover says:

    Us Steelers fans don’t even consider the Clowns a rival, they’re a team the Steelers beat around once or twice a season. No threat, just an annoyance and good for comic relief.
    By the way, I wasn’t in the stall in Georgia. I heard that a woman closely resembling your mom was seen leaving the scene though.

    • dale says:

      Ben Dover, my mom is 77 and has never been to Georgia. She told me to just let this go and not respond to your childish remark. She also said with a name like Ben Dover,your mom probably “bent you over” and f#^&ed you with a 12″ strapon di*#o!

  7. ButchGavlen says:

    Ben is obviously a chil. For only a child would not know that the Browns have led the overall winning balance for many years, and it’s taken this recent sell out by Model and the mess it has caused to follow to allow these idiots to tie and eventually overtake us. That won’tlast long. As their team self destructs and falls apart and the Browns are built back up, well, you can hear the fear already become evedent in his PITiful voice as he realizes, it’s over. Only a loser would bother going to someone elses blog to post in the first place. Why don’t you come on down and talk to us face to face. we could meet somewhere and make nice nice.
    And by the way, today, anyone with a high school education knows that all these programs have auto correct features that in most cases are responsible for the changes and incorrect use of are and our and their and they’re, unless closely monitored. so get a life and go find something to play with.

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