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Cleveland needs to believe…….


Believeland needs to be back in full force starting today. The Cleveland Browns are 8 days away from the draft that is going to turn this organization around. We have Holmgren,Heckert,and Mangini in place to help turn this around and it can happen sooner then expected.

The Browns have talent on the roster with some of the additions through free agency and trades. We have a very exciting draft coming up and a lot very smart people to help us get to the top. The Browns also have a plan in place and as fans we need to be supportive with all the moves that are made in this year draft and off season, even if that means drafting QB Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame.

QB’s Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace are going to work out at the QB position with there being potentially having three throwers on the field at the same time with WR/QB Josh Cribbs.

The defense is deep at the linebacker position with 10 LB’s in April, and there might be more. The Browns have a playmaker in Cribbs that enable them to have great field possession to start every possession. We are the Mighty Cleveland Browns!!! Destination Super Bowl!!!!

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8 Responses to “Cleveland needs to believe…….”

  1. Denolakes says:

    Nobody’s played a down yet — and nobody wins a Superbowl in March or April. We will not know a thing about what this team will play like until they actually take the field and start playing against real competition. Until then, my “Believeland” will stay in a box until “Show up and play-land” arrives.

  2. dale says:

    I am very optimistic because we finally have people in place that know what they are doing. But we also need to be realistic and face the fact that this thing will not turn around overnight. I sure hope most people that read and comment on this site are also Cavs fans like me.They have a real shot of going all the way.If they do I will be only slightly upset if our Browns have another lousy season. Don’t get me wrong,I think they will be very competitive. The only problem I have with this offseason was bringing this coaching staff back.If I am proven wrong about this I will be fine with it because I don’t take pride in predicting failure of something I want to succeed.

  3. Newbury says:

    randy, randy, I love your enthusiasm but when are you going to grow up. The browns are losers, that is what we do. It starts all the way at the top. He doesn’t care. As long as we keep filling the stadium; why would he care. Do you want to bet that we don’t win 8 games?

    • dale says:

      I believe the HE you are referring to is Randy Lerner. I think that he has cared all along,but made many bad decisions [ Savage,Crennel,Kokinis,etc ]after his dad passed away. Hireing Holmgren,Heckert & Co are big steps in turning this thing around. All the bad personell moves and tough losses over the years have got me frustrated and very nagative also,but I will cotinue to hang in there and have hope. Unlike that guy in the white house,I believe Holmgren will bring REAL HOPE & CHANGE!

  4. ButchGavlen says:

    just what i need, a headline telling me I have to bellieve…..
    Dude, where you been for 25 years. I…we, have been right here. You think that’s cuz we don’t believe and/or hope?
    Newbury; you are either a younger one of the fans on here and haven’t had time im life to fail and see what it’s like to have too keep trying til you get it right; or you are one of us who have held on through the years of heartbreak and dispair, kept the faith, but are experiencing the inescapable unavoidable occasional letdowns we all go through in our love affair with our football. I’m leaning toward the first, as it is off season and there’s been time to adjust to stuff that happened during the last….whatever.
    Don’t let the media and fair weather fans get to you. Hope and help has arrived. It’s gonna get better, and relatively quickly. the operative word, relatively. but in the next few years it’s almost all …going up.

  5. Newbury says:


    I’m younger so that makes you older right. That means you should have learned from your past mistakes, right. It seems that the browns don’t learn any thing, year in and year out. It just gets old being a loser after time you just have to let it go. I want to keep the faith but it’s hard. I hope the browns win a super bowl before you die ButchGavlen but don’t hold your breath. You will find me at browns game with a labron poster hes the only chances we have in winning anything.. Slim and Jimbo’s

  6. Randy Ward says:

    First off Newbury, the Browns will win a Super Bowl in the next few years. Why even go to the game, if you aren’t going to support the team, and hold a Lebron poster. The Cleveland Browns are what makes us fans stronger then any other fan base in the league.It is easy being a fan of a winner, but win the Browns win the Super Bowl it is going to taste better for us then a lot other teams fans. So lay off Butch Gavlen and Go Browns!!!!

  7. Jeremy says:

    I fail to see what these arguments have produced. Football is one of (if not the) greatest games in the world. I feel there is bad blood between “OLD ASS FANS” and “YOUNG DUMBASS FANS” but for why? Just because you have been around for more heartbreak you are more entitled? Or just because you understand the new business aspect better you are smarter than the old guys? Newbury I love Slim and Jumbo’s and I love these Browns. How can you not get excited about new additions every year, and then the eventual disappointment during the coldest time of year in Cleveland. If nothing else when we tired of being cold, tired of seeing gray skies and bored, the Browns will be there to let us know what real heartbreak feels like.

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