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The Cleveland Browns, next weekend are entering the most important draft since their rebirth in 99. The Browns, have many holes to fill, and have an opportunity this week to hit a home run with ten picks in the draft. It’s obvious the Browns are going to pursue a Quarterback this weekend and  it might be smart to take a long look at McCoy,  in the second round. If McCoy is available I want the Cleveland Browns to jump all over him. I think McCoy could be the best Quarterback in this draft and also could be the man who takes the Browns to the promise land one day. McCoy started as a freshman for the Longhorns and did a helluva a job for Texas in his time there. McCoy has all the tools that a Quarterback needs to have  to be successful in this league, and won’t cost multiple draft picks like Sam Bradford. I enjoyed watching Grudens Quarterback camp on ESPN, seeing the different Quarterbacks with the former coach. McCoy was straightforward and didn’t pass blame on mistakes like Clausen did. I hope that pushes the Browns away from Clausen, the Notre Dame Quarterback blamed the coaches at Notre Dame for taking to long to get plays in and also a Wide Receiver for not running the right hot route. Even if that is true you shouldn’t throw anyone under the bus like that and Clausen did. We do not need that anywhere near the Dawg Pound. McCoy on other hand took blame for mistakes and also vowed to be the  best Quarterback in this years Draft. I would love Colt McCoy in the second round of this years draft. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl!!!!

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9 Responses to “Colt McCoy”

  1. Janet says:

    Who writes this stuff? I unscribed from Waiting Til Next Year because the articles were written by someone about 18 yrs. old. Now this junk……………….

    • dale says:

      Janet,women should not be leaving comments on football related websites,anyway! I know you are trying to be cool,so you can talk with the guys like you know something about the Browns. You and others like you are the reason I quit going to the sports bar where our Browns backers group gathered. Women and their whineyass kids need to go to the mall or the pizza & game fun place while we watch the damn game! Go sew a quilt or something!!

  2. ButchGavlen says:

    Bottom line is this could be an amazing draft. It could and should be history for the franchise. More importantly this could be history making for the league. What we have here is an opportunity for greatness in the realm of pics. If the Browns do what i think they’re gonna do and trade down and aquire a couple more pics, these more than capable fishers of men will have the chance to turn it all around in a fashion and time line that is unprecedented. It’s not gonna be quite like anything else we’ve seen. Close, and i’m sure the opportunity for the negative thinkers to jump on me and compare teams of the recent past, but this is gonna be a little different and a little better.
    And Janet, while I think your blog didn’t really say anything of substance; it’s too easy just to complain and say it’s all bad, I respectfully back your choice to say it. Dude is wrong in my opinion. I will always side with people’s right to voice an opinion and side against those that try to use the format to either harass us as fans, or argue someone down. Disagreement and discussion to voice that opinion is what it’s here for, but not to belittle or ruin the blog.

  3. Dan B. says:

    Nicely said Butch. As for Dale, I remember being a Browns Fan since I was a kid. What’s wrong with bringing your kids? The only problem I see is the place where my son and I was going was filled with foul mouth, obnoxious “fans”. Too bad they could not behave like adults and ruined the fun for others. Just because you pay for your drinks does not give you the right to act the fool or poorly in public. I was in the Navy for 22 yrs and have heard cussing, but I and most of my fellow sailors knew to keep it out of our vocabulary when we were out in public.

    • dale says:

      DB,I sincerely thank you for your service to our country. It’s okay to bring your son as long as he is old enough and smart enough to know the game. But, absolutely no daughters, wives or girlfriends! I’m guilty of cussing many times while watching the Browns,but have encountered guys way worse than me at sportsbars. This is just one of many reasons why families don’t belong in drinking establishments. Even though these places are also restaurants, they rely on their alcohol sales to stay in bussiness. I also think McCoy would be a great fit with his mobility, accuracy and attitude.

  4. Dan B. says:

    Now to McCoy. Everything I have heard about this young man has been good, and he would fit well in Holgrens system, hopefully he will be there for us in the second round.

  5. Dan B. says:

    Thanks for your appreciation, it is not why I did it, but I do appreciate the thought none the less. Yes my son does know football, and yes he has heard the language, but there is no need for it. Now as far as womwn and football, my wife probably nows more than alot of men, as does my Mother. gender doesn’t matter, if you know and love the game, that is what matters.

  6. Dan B. says:

    Christ I can’t spell! here is the corrected version.dale,
    Thanks for your appreciation, it is not why I did it, but I do appreciate the thought none the less. Yes my son does know football, and yes he has heard the language, but there is no need for it. Now as far as women and football, my wife probably knows more than alot of men, as does my Mother. Gender doesn’t matter, if you know and love the game, that is what matters.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Janet … Why? Anyways I realize that this article is about Colt McCoy but I am going to talk Matt Hasselbeck. I wish I knew who the coach was who manufactured his weak but very accurate arm, with some mobility and good decision making, oh wait that’s right … It was Mike Holmgren. Should I spell out the comparisons between McCoy (who is a little farther along physically) to Hasselbeck? I don’t see a need you have all made good points … besides Janet’s confusing one, I don’t see the relevance in that at all. Oh one more thing swearing does not make you cool, but when watching some Browns games it is really hard not to.

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