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Grading the Browns Draft……..


First Round 7th Pick

Joe Haden         A-

Browns needed help in the secondary and Haden can step in next season and make a difference. Haden didn’t give up a Touchdown in college and can be that shutdown corner back the Browns have lacked for many years. If the Browns would of landed Eric Berry I would of gave them an A+, but with him off the board they did the next best thing and drafted Haden.

2nd Round 38th Pick

T.J Ward  C+

The Browns decided to fill a need at safety instead of drafting best available, which I can’t  argue with, but with Sergio Kindle on the board and landing in our division it makes me wonder. T.J. Ward is a hitter and hopefully will  make opponents fear going over the middle. There is no question about Wards’ hitting ability, but is he going to be able to cover when needed? Wards, injury history  is a question mark with drafting him so high.  After all that, I do like the pick and think Ward could be mainstay in the Browns secondary for years to come.

2nd Round 59th pick   

Montario Hardesty  C+

The Browns gave up two fifth round picks for this player because of the thinking that Hardesty wouldn’t be available in the third round. Hardesty, a hard nosed runner out of Tennessee was a major role in the Volunteer offense last season. Hardesty also with injury problems was drafted to make an impact next season for the Browns. Hardesty is going to be the hard nosed running back we have been lacking for many years.

3rd Round 85th pick

Colt McCoy A+

The Texas Quarterback was believed to be drafted in the second round. The Browns had three chances to take McCoy and finally took him in the third round. McCoy is a born leader and I really believe is going to be a great Quarterback for our Cleveland Browns. McCoy can play the position the right way and be a leader on and off the field.

3rd Round 92nd pick

Shawn Lauvao B+

Lauvao adds instant depth to the Browns offensive line. Everyone is raving how smart Lauvao is and what a high character person he is. Lauvao is a great addition to the Cleveland Browns family.

5th Round 160th pick

Larry Asante B+

The Browns selected another safety in the 5th round from Nebraska. Asante started 36 of 39 games for the Corn huskers. Asante adds depth to the secondary and should help the Cleveland Browns defense.

6th Round 177th pick

Carlton Mitchell A

Carlton Mitchell has tons of raw talent and size. Mitchell was projected to go higher in the draft but slipped into the six round for the Browns to grab him. I like Mitchell and am interested in seeing how he fits in next season. Mitchell can help the receivers next season and could grow into a nice NFL Wide Receiver. Where the Browns got this guy and with his potential, I love the pick.

6th Round 186th pick B+

Clifton Geathers

This huge defensive tackle, from South Carolina comes from a football family and  is a beast on the defensive side of the ball. The Browns added depth to the defensive line,  Geathers is huge and should be able step in next season with his size and contribute.

My overall grade for the Cleveland Browns 2010 draft is B+. The Browns got a lot better defensively and also added a  talented Wide Receiver. The Browns were able to get Colt McCoy in the third round and will be to let him sit behind Delhomme. The Browns didn’t add a young tight end where I thought they needed to. I like the Draft and hope this where it all turns around for our Cleveland Browns. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl….

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12 Responses to “Grading the Browns Draft……..”

  1. ClvBrowns says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Great Article, I give the Browns an A for the Draft. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Carlton Mitchell and Clifton Geathers are the guys that i look forward to seeing the most. Mitchell is a play maker. I believe the reason he fell to the sixth round was because he only add 770 (give or take 10) yards last season for USF, which is a run first team with a not so talented QB. Mitchell’s a 6’3” 215 pound, athletic prototypical #1 wide receiver. I feel as if he was a huge steal for the Browns. Geathers has an awesome pedigree and comes from a hard working relentless family with experience in what and how to handle the NFL. I was not impressed by selecting TJ Ward or Hardesty but I would love for my doubts to be proven irrelevant.

  3. Denolakes says:

    I’m not so sure about your rating of Ward and Hardesty (they should be higher), and Asante may be rated higher than he should (although I think he is a good pick — more of an “in the box” kinda guy, at this point). Looking at what Baltimore & Cincy added in receivers, Cleveland had to do something serious about their secondary to even have a chance in the division let alone the rest of the league. I could not visualize McDonald lining up against Bolquin without . . . well, let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty picture.

  4. ButchGavlen says:

    admittedly i don’t follow college any more, so it takes me a while to catch up on things. but after last year everyone screaming how bad Mangini did, and I think he did pretty good with Mack; I still think we’re gonna be pleasantly surprised on the receivers cuz Mo was comin on toward the end, and Robo was better than what he showed even when his dad was here. I think the problem is no tutors/coaches good enough to get them in the gaame last year.
    long story sh ort, i have Hi…HI hopes for this group now.(COACH Mangini, Heckert and the big show.)

  5. Kory says:

    The ward pick I’m not sure, I have some buddies transplanted to the left coast and they say if Ward was on USC or an east coast team we would all be cheering this pick. My buddies and I were talking before the draft and Hardesty’s name came up. I live in Tampa so I watched a few games and can remember thinking he was a beast. Everyone down here agreed that we flat out stole Mitchell. The guys at the bar I hang out at are USF guys with season tickets and they say he will be our #1 sooner than later. I really hope Holmgren keeps colt on the bench this year. Lets get a solid core and then let him shred the ratbirds and rapists for years to come.

    • Denolakes says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard this about Mitchell, too. Another guy I would’ve liked to try in a Browns uniform was Konz from Kent State. Lauvao is a very bright guy, Can’t have too much intelligence on the OL, I always say. I heard them saying the Hardesty was envisioned as a feature back. So, kids, we have something to look forward to and , in any event, evaluate performance of the front office in player selection. Feature back is a big horse. We traded up to get this guy — with his injury history and all. Based on his stats when healthy and comments by teammates and coaches, I think this guy has a chance to be the real deal. I like where this team is headed. There is an intelligence at work. They are “forming the thing” in Holmy-speak. In a very quiet, determined and focused way, they are actually building a football team to make it compare with the teams of the 50s and 60s. No small feat..

  6. Rick says:

    I like the picks, but i was really hoping we could get Dexter McClendon in the 2nd Rd. Could you imagine him and Cribbs in the Wildcat at the same time? With their speed and Cribbs being a former QB, the possibilities would be great

  7. Chris says:

    Okay. Loved the Haden pick. Had seen mock drafts had us as a match with him for months before the Combine and was annoyed when that started changing afterward. Glad to see we have a front office who realizes measureables are junk if they don’t demonstrate what’s been shown on the field.

    As a non-college watcher, Ward and Hardesty confused the heck out of me. But I’m more than happy to give both a shot. Reading on on Hardesty it looks like they’re hoping he and Harrison can be a latter day Mack and Byner. Which would work for me.

    McCoy? Meh. I wasn’t all that stressed about QB. But we get the guy all the talking heads thought we needed and we get him cheap enough we can afford to put him away until he’s ready. Works for me. Let Delhomme show he’s truly washed up and Wallace show he can’t be the latest Holmgren Special. Then we have McCoy as insurance to keep the paper bag inflators from going nuts if we need him to step up once he’s prepped good. Makes a lot more sense to me than the QB tugs of war we’ve endured the last several years.

    Now Lauvao, THAT was my third round pick. I stood up and cheered when we took him. That right side of the line has needed addressing badly. Don’t know him as a player obviously but a nice young side of beef to buttress our line? That’ll always put a big ole smile on this fan’s face.

    As for the Day 3 guys, I don’t have too much reaction although I’ve heard some good stuff about Mitchell. But I tell you even with Geathers having the pedigree he does, I was rather disappointed with that move. Nothing against him. But the only prospect I knew enough to care about was still there in Myron Rolle. It’s good to hear about Lauvao being a character guy. But how awesome a statement would it have been to have drafted a Rhodes Scholar like Rolle after the purge of me guys like Braylon and KW2 we did last year?

    Oh well, looks like a really solid draft either way and I look forward to seeing what these boys can do for us.

  8. Kory says:

    I read that same article Rick, except it was with Dexter McCluster. No I would not want to see that. I want a team that can come out and just flat out beat you. A gimmick here or there is fine but using a second round pick on him would have been too much.

    As for Chris saying Rolle would have been nice… lets just invite a Rhodes Scholer as a free agent and then cut him. Rolle was not that good on a bad FSU team before he went to England. Go be a brain surgeon young man. I want football players on this here team.

    So is Lauvao our starter on the right side?

  9. ButchGavlen says:

    I’m starting to think rainman found the blog…

  10. Rhodes says:

    Why is this Chris guy critiquing the players the Browns drafted when he says he’s a “non-college watcher”? Just think that if you’re going to give an opinion, you should have some intelligent insight.

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