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Mike Holmgren’s first draft class broke my heart. At least it did while I watched it unfold. Never before had I hoped for the team to make certain strategic picks only to watch names announced that left me reeling. For days I argued that we missed the boat. I said to anyone who would listen that the team could pay me a lot less to make picks that are just as ludicrous. In my mind we had set ourselves back another decade; one I did not have time to sit through rooting for a team with no chance to compete.

Today I feel much more convinced that this team is on the right track. I see that the players taken are smart and hardworking. They were chosen because at the college level they made plays and they helped make their teams competitive. These picks are the players that fill some pretty sizeable holes in our lineup and they were brought on board because in most cases they can make an immediate impact.

That isn’t to say that the ship has been turned and we headed for a season full of wins. Unfortunately, that might be too much to ask for. Oddly enough, we might not see any real advantage until these guys are paired with the Holmgren picks of 2011. At that point we might finally see our bare cupboards filled with some talent and depth. It is still a long road ahead.

Some areas should be solidified though. I think our secondary is now taken care of. For the next five years we shouldn’t have to touch that group. Our running backs, trusting Hardesty is past any injury problems, is now strength. They are young, fast and strong. A real base for success was laid there. Offensive and Defensive lines have been bolstered. This will certainly provide dividends early. We only need to hope our Linebackers stay healthy and that unit too can be considered a formidable one.

What needs to be addressed than is the QB and WR positions. This is a work in progress as we might not be as far behind as we think. But, no doubt this team needs a true flagship field general at the quarterback position and a game breaker at wide receiver. I believe we have the coaching to groom our receivers into a successful unit. However, I think our first pick next year will have to be spent on the franchise QB. This in the grand scheme may be just how we want it as there are some talented quarterbacks that will be available.

So, I haven’t turned in my Browns Fan Card yet. My initial reaction was overrun by my own expectations. I am thankful that time provides perspective. Hopefully any other fans that felt the same way have come around too. This is our team and we need to support them. Let’s just hope the guy they are paying to make these decisions knows what he’s doing, and we’ll see the results on the field! Go Browns.



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