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I have a Dream…..


The 2010 Cleveland Browns have little expectations entering their season this fall. With the Rosters almost set with Free Agency and the Draft come and gone, The Browns need a lot to happen for them to make a run at the division and make the playoffs this season. Here is what I believe needs to happen in the season of unknown for the Browns to be successful.

At Tampa Bay and Home against the Chiefs

The Browns need to open the season in Tampa Bay with a victory. They should be able to get a win in week one and need to, if they think they can compete in the AFC North. The Browns then come home against the Chiefs, and what a better way to open Browns Stadium 1-0, with a win over those Chiefs on September 19th. It is very reasonable to think the Browns can start 2-0 and gain a little momentum going into week three. The Steelers, Bengals, and Ravens all have a tough game in the first two weeks of season. I would love for the Browns to go into Baltimore 2-0, leading the AFC North.

At Baltimore and Home against the Bengals

The Browns next two games are going to be tough divisional match ups against the Ravens and Bengals. Going to Baltimore is going to be a hard nose fight and with the Bengals coming to the pound the following week the Browns need to split these two games.

Home against the Falcons and At Pittsburgh

The Browns have the Falcons coming to town and I believe we can beat them at home. The Falcons should be another tall task for the Browns, but at home and with the Browns playing tough, this would be a great victory for the team. The Browns then travel to Pittsburgh to try and beat the Steelers on the road for the first time since 2003. I think they can beat the Steelers twice this year. The Browns are on there way up while the Steelers seem to be on the down fall. That leaves the Browns 5-1 after the first six games. Imagine what Cleveland would be like if they started the season 5-1 and on top of the AFC North.

At New Orleans and Bye

The Browns travel to the Super Bowl Champion Saints and it is going to be an uphill battle all Sunday afternoon. I think the Browns are going to need to get many breaks in this game to get a win. It is going to be tough that Sunday to get their sixth win of the season.

New England and Jets come to Cleveland

These two weeks are going to be hell for Coach Mangini. Coach is going to have to deal with tons of off the field distractions with his former teams coming to town. The Browns former coach comes to Cleveland first, with the Patriots dominating the Browns since there return in 99. The Browns have only beaten the Patriots once since there return, but with the stadium rocking, this might be my upset pick of the year for Cleveland. I think they can get New England after a bye at the stadium. The Jets come to town after the Patriots and that game will add even more story lines then the one before. Braylon Edwards returns to Cleveland, Sanchez getting passed on by the Browns, Mangini against his former team, and the Ryan Brothers.

Browns at Jaguars and Panthers at Browns

The Browns travel to Jacksonville and then host the Panthers in Week 9 and 10. The Browns are going to need to get both of these games and it is very possible for them to do so. They have beaten the Jaguars the past two years and should be able to get them a third time. Then the Panthers are going to come to town and Jake Delhommewill be ready to beat his old team. I really think the Browns can win both of these games in the middle part of the year. The Browns would be 8-3 heading into the last part of the season, and with that record they should be atop the AFC North.

At Miami and At Buffalo

The Browns can win both of these games on the road. The Dolphins and Bills are both very beatable teams for the Cleveland. Neither of these teams have that much talent on their roster and if the Browns are going to make a playoff run they need to win these games.

At Bengals Home against the Ratbirds and Squeelers

All three of these games are going to be tough for the Browns to get wins. If the Bengals struggle to defend their division championship, the Browns could go into Paul Brown stadium and get a win. The Ravens and Steelers at home are going to be tough for the Browns no matter what any of the teams records are. If the Browns are close going into the last three weeks of the season, they will at least have a shot to win the division. In order for this to happen the Browns are going to have to take two out of these last three games.

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8 Responses to “I have a Dream…..”

  1. Kory says:

    May I have some of what you are drinking? I love the Browns but I also live in reality. It is Cinco de Mayo so maybe a little lunch time fun went down at the gab office. I can see beating both TB and KC, as they both suck. I will be at the Tampa game if anyone is heading down… No way we beat Bmore, and the Bengals usually suck after a good year so… but then again, we will not be that great either. We are not going to outscore the Falcons, we would have to get lucky. Going to Pittsburg when they get the rapist back, I really have no idea. He could roll us or be so flustered he throws five pics. Coin flip says we win. Best case we are 4-2, I’m saying 3-3, more than likely 2-4. NO is a loss. Same with New England and the Jets. We are usually good for one shocking upset so we have. Best case. 5-4 me 4-5 worse case 2-7 and the wheels fall off. If the best case or my case come to happen we beat Jville and Carolina. Worst case we lose both, Mangini is lame duck, Gruden dusts off his playbook. 7-4 6-5 2-9. Best case Miami and Buffalo go down, my case we dont win four in a row. Worst case we start interviewing Jake Locker. 9-4, 7-6, 2-11. Best case we win two of last three, my case we beat Cincy and Pittsburgh, worst case, we beat Pittsburgh. So in a best case scenerio we are 11-5 and get the wild card. Bmore, as much as I hate to say it, is loaded. My case we go 9-7 and miss the playoffs. Worst case we have the #1 pick and John Gruden. So after all that, I predict 7-9, you know we are going to blow at least two games we should win.

  2. Jerryown says:

    Not much talent on Miami’s roster?

    I think the Brown’s starting linebacker was cut by the Dolphins wasn’t he?

  3. ClvBrowns says:

    Roth was a hidden gem, outside of Brown and Marshall who is a headcase the Dolphins aren’t that great. I think Browns 9-7.

  4. Denolakes says:

    This is not going to be a year that is measured by record as much as it is by performance. Will their record be better? Yes, I believe so. How much better is anybody’s guess. Is this a team that will be ranked at the bottom of the standings in all major categories? Not a chance. And, Roth was cut by the Dolphs — when he and the coaching staff fell out with each other, as I recall. Playing ability had nothing to do with it. My guess is the reason a pass rusher was not pursued aggressively is because Roth is already in uniform. He also made Wimbley expendable. Had he received a tender, then Cleveland would have had the draft choice to get a pass rusher or would have signed him to a more lucrative deal. Win – win. I have more faith in these guys running the show than I have with any of the previous regimes — including the Modell/Schottenheimer years. These guys will play — and they will play hard. My guess is that football is back in the Land of Cleve.

  5. Rhodes says:

    To think that the Browns have a chance at winning the division or even getting the wild card is like saying Lawrence Taylor has a chance at cleaning up his act. I’m cautiously optimistic that they can win 6 or 7 games in the 2010 season. What will more telling than their record this year, however, is how the past two years draftees perform and how well they fit into the system that coach Mangini employs. I won’t be looking at wins/losses as much as individual performance. We all know that Delhomme is not a long term solution; he’s simply a stopgap for McCoy’s development. I will be more pleased to see Hardesty, Massaquoi, Haden, and the other recently drafted players make significant contributions to the team without serious injury.

  6. Kory says:

    Matt, welcome, its about feakin time. How dare you say the ‘I’ word with this team. Why don’t you just call the clinic and order some staff infection and put it on the team buffett.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Record will not matter this year … With all of our holes that still remain do we want to overachieve like we did in 2007 and lose out on better draft picks? look where that got us. Unlike most everyone during 2007 I realized that Derek Anderson was not the answer. But we won just enough games to not make the playoffs and no one pushed for any major upgrades and what did we do in 2008? oh yeah thats right “we sucked”. I would love to see the Browns do good. But if it takes another year or two to put together a team that can do well for multiple years to come, then i would would take a 1-15 season this year as long as our youth is playing to get better.

    • Denolakes says:

      You are not gonna see 1-15 around these parts next year — or for years to come. This is starting to come together.

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