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Falcons fly past Browns 20-10 to Drop team to 1-4

The Falcons flew into Cleveland Sunday and used two late plays, one from the offense and one from an unlikey play on defense to send the Browns to 1-4 after a 20-10 win.

Roddy White’s 45-yard TD catch from Matt Ryan gave Atlanta a 13-10 lead with 7:57 left in the third quarter. The Browns, forced to play a gimpy Jake Delhomme after Seneca Wallace left with an ankle sprain, couldn’t generate much offense, and in the end fell after a great play by Falcons DL Kory Biermann.

The Montana native batted a Delhomme pass in the air, and made a diving pick on a 3rd down play with about 4 minutes to play. Biermann alertly got up, and raced towards the end zone, scoring to put the Falcons up for good 20-10.

Michael Turner kept the Browns offense off the field for the most part, rushing for 140 yards, including a season-long 55-yarder in the second. Ryan was 16-for-28 for 187 yards and the TD to White with a passer rating of 89.4.

The Browns offense is a mess. Peyton Hillis made a niffty 19-yard TD catch to put them up 7-3 in the second quarter, but was held in check for the most part, rushing for just 28 yards on 10 carries. The Browns had just 48 yards on 20 carries.

Wallace was hurt when he was run over on a sack by John Abraham, who abused Joe Thomas all day. Wallace was throwing well, going 11-for-15 for 139 yards and a score. “I felt like everything was clicking, we were hitting on all cylinders offensively in the first half, and then something like that happens and you get frustrated,” Wallace said.

Delhomme, who was very rusty couldn’t move very well, and was 13-for-23 for 97 yards with two picks.

Delhomme admitted after the game he is going to have to wait to see how his ankle feels tomorrow, but from all accounts, it’s either him next week in Pittsburgh, or the team is going to have to either put the ball in the hands of Colt McCoy or another veteran.

The 1-4 Browns will look to regroup as they play their rivals and returning QB Ben Roethlisberger next Sunday at 1pm.



  1. D. Bienko

    October 10, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    There was a reason that Carolina got rid of Delhomme and today was a perfect example of why! They should have put McCoy in, he couldn’t do any worse than Delhomme did, if he did, he would have an excuse at least. More wasted money on a has been player who will do nothing but bring this team down even further!

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  3. Dan

    October 10, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    Mangini, Daboll and Delhomme must all go. What the hell have the Browns done since their return? Not a thing! It does not take a storied franchise like the Browns, 13 years to rebuild from SCRATCH. I’m counting this as 12 because we have nothing to look forward to the rest of the year. 3-13 for 2010? And to think, we very easily could be 5-0 right now. The fans are getting sick and tired of “rebuilding” years. Poor draft picks such as Hardesty. My gawd, he had an injury plagued college career. What made Heckert think things were going to be any different in the NFL? Thats exactly right DB. There is a reason Carolina got rid of Delhomme. HE IS DONE in the NFL!!!
    I wrote for BrownsGab for the 3 years prior to this year. I complained about the Browns elevated number of injuries for the last 3, now 4 years. You have to think the Physical Training Coach is alot to blame for the poor shape these players are in. Since I don’t believe in curses, I have to think it’s poor conditioning.
    I’m praying that I wake up in the morning to find that we have a new head coach and offensive coordinator, to go along with Wallace or McCoy as next weeks starter.

    • Denolakes

      October 11, 2010 at 10:52 am

      You will get your wish regarding Daboll and Mangini. Wallace has shown me, at least, that he can start in this league and play well. Even though this team has lost games they should not have, they have played better overall than last year. As I recall, many of the pundits (imagine that, getting paid to follow a kids game played by grown men — and expecting to be taken seriously in life, at that!) stated that Cleveland would be better, but it would not show up in their record. Meanwhile teams like San Diego, Dallas, Carolina and Buffalo are quickly headed to the 2010 scrap heap — if not already there. This looks to be true, from my perspective. If anything, Cleveland’s record will be worse than last year — but there should not be any blow-outs like we were subjected to repeatedly last year. Here is the core I would build around as I see it at this point of this season: Hillis, Cribbs, Thomas, Roth, Brown, Ward, Haden, Mack, Steinbach, Fujita, Benard, Vickers, Rubin, Watson, Moore. Question marks include Jackson & Hardesty (both injury prone), Massaquoi & Stuckey (though both have shown the ability to catch balls thrown to them), Harrison, Wright (hopefully, his flops are over and he will settle down), Elam, Adams, Luvao (too little time to evaluate), Bowens & Barton (only because of age), Pashos (better than what we had, but injury leaves too little to assess), Rogers, Royal. As to Hardesty’s injury history, the same was said about Ward — and that seems to be working out just fine. By the end of this season, three of our first 4 picks will be starting and contributing. We have not yet seen McCoy — and hopefully will not see him this year. I would not be so quick to trash him yet. Add Mack from last year — and our recent drafts don’t look all that bad to me. Wright was a second round pick, as I recall, and Rubin was a low draft pick, as well. We have seen teams with this kind of core croup turn things very quickly in this league. A WR here, a LB there and DL thrown in for good measure. Yes, this is Cleveland. Nothing happens fast or easily. Mismanagement has crippled this team for many, many years. I’m tired of waiting, too. We have an established football mind in charge now. So, let him run it. NO matter what, it is far better than what we have seen up to this point. Fortunately, I have a life and this is little more than a diversion, which is as it should be, these guys being entertainers and all.

  4. D. Bienko

    October 10, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Hallahua Brother Dan! I live in San Diego and eat more crow for being a Browns Fan, too bad the organization is not as good as their fans! Holmgren the savior? Why did Seattle let him go if he was so great? Same for Hecckert. Daboll couldn’t coordinate his wardrobe if his life depended on it let alone an NFL offense! All teams have injuries, we have more because of the age of our players, possibly the strength coach as well. Before you say I am crazy, or a fanatic, what about Kosar as an OC? The man made the offense go when he was QB and took things out of the OC hands with his audibles, just a thought.

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