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While the Browns once again proved they could stick with one of the better teams in the NFL, they now may have to deal with a major injury that could prove to be a disaster based on the severity of it.

The injury is to backup QB Seneca Wallace, who due to the poor play of Joe Thomas against Falcon John Abraham got his leg pinned under him resulting in an ankle sprain.

While Wallace seemed to be upbeat about the injury, there’s no doubt that if it’s anywhere near as bad as Jake Delhomme’s, the Browns are in a whole new heap of trouble.

Wallace had gone 11-of-15 for 139 yards in the first half. His passer rating was 124.0 — only once in his NFL career did he post a rating better than that for a game. Wallace never came back. He suggested the ankle was “70 percent.”

Now the question is – can he and the ankle be back to or very close to 100 percent against the Steelers Sunday in Pittsburgh?

Let’s face it, Delhomme isn’t the answer. At least not now. He is a statue standing in the pocket, and easily could have had 3-4 picks instead of the two that he did have, the one being a pick six on an amazing play by Falcons DL Kory Biermann to make it 20-10.

Delhomme said that he will have to see how his injured ankle responds to having to play when he was not ready. He claimed he was frustrated based on how well things seemed to be going in preseason, and then to get hurt in the first game, it was tough.

For the Browns though, they are facing something no one wants to see right now – Colt McCoy having to take snaps against the best defense in the NFL. If McCoy has to go against the Steelers, it could be worse than any horror movie out for the upcoming Halloween season.

The best case for the Browns would be for Wallace to make a quick recovery. If not, the one win last week against the Bengals could be the only one the team sees for some time.



  1. Denolakes

    October 11, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Y’know, from what I have seen and heard in the NFL this season, Cleveland is far from alone in the mediocrity category. Teams like Buffalo and Carolina are in total disarray. While Detroit is better than its record, it is still 1-4. When guys like Tom Jackson look despondent and disgusted about league play in general, the problem transcends our narrow little world of incompetence and lack of execution. It looks like the wheels have come off in Dallas, while Cincy has similar QB foibles. Delhomme is faced with his career spiraling steadily downward, while Wallace was looking more like the starter we could live with. When was the last time we saw a QB rating of 124, completing 11-15 (and 2 of the incompletions were spikes)? And some of the completions were to WRs! BTW, where is Robiskie in all this? Each week, it is a different blow up; this week it was Thomas who was used and abused. He has not been playing at the level we are accustomed to seeing from him. But, the defense still gave up big pass plays to a WR — for the third week in a row. The offense is unimaginative, predictable and prone to error. And, the defense only gave up a single TD. Injuries, lack of execution and lack of coaching have sapped the life out of this season already. There is no way this team is going to compete with Baltimore or Pittsburgh — unless those teams somehow implode.

  2. Jeremy

    October 11, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    I noticed in this article and in an article from yesterday that you do not know who Kroy Biermann is. You have officially spelled his name wrong in consecutive atricles.

  3. Jeremy

    October 11, 2010 at 1:41 pm


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